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Boxing gloves are padded gloves that are used to soften the impact of blows during boxing matches. It is not only athletes who use boxing gloves. In many gyms people choose to include boxing segments in their training routines.

With so much variety on the market, we wonder which are the best boxing gloves? That is why here we will present you with all the information you need to make the best purchase decision.


  • Boxing gloves are safety sports equipment used in boxing.
  • Their use reduces the severity of facial injuries to boxers. Modern boxing gloves can be varied to suit different activities within the sport. They are normally used with bandages to protect the hands from possible bone fractures.
  • Their main purpose is to protect the muscles of the hand and to mitigate the impact of each punch. It is intended to protect the athlete’s hands from scrapes and bruises when the fist impacts against the boxing sideline.

The Best Boxing Gloves: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Whether you’re training to reach the level of Julio Cesar Chavez, or just for the sport, boxing gloves are an essential part of the sport. Thanks to them we can protect our knuckles from impact. However, they are not all the same, so here is some more information to help you make a good buying decision.

Boxing gloves are safety sports equipment used in boxing.
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What are boxing gloves and what are their advantages?

Boxing gloves are padded protectors that cover the hands of boxers. They are also used by people who combine physical fitness training with certain boxing moves.

They are used in boxing in order to soften the impact caused by punches during boxing matches. It helps to reduce the severity of facial injuries and to minimise the force of the blows executed by the fighter by 70%.

For routine training, it is used as a shock absorber and knuckle, hand and wrist protector when practising with a boxing bag. There are several models of boxing gloves that differ mainly according to their weight.

  • Protects your hands and wrists from the impact of blows. Cushions up to 70% of the force of the blows. Some models are made of very durable materials. Most incorporate technology to disperse moisture and perspiration.
  • May accumulate bacteria if not provided with adequate hygiene measures. If the padding is of poor quality, they can be very uncomfortable to wear. Care must be taken to choose the correct size of gloves. Sometimes it is not enough to use a boxing glove but also to apply a bandage to protect your hands from friction and impact.

Speed boxing gloves, sideline boxing gloves or sparring gloves – which one to choose?

There are many options of boxing gloves on the market that will probably confuse you. You will be able to find them in different presentations and here we will tell you what each one entails so that you can make the best purchase decision.

Speed Sideline Sparring
They are usually made of vinyl or leather.
They contain more padding to protect the fighter’s hands when hitting the punching bag with force. They are used in the ring
They prevent bruises and scrapes when hitting the “speed bag” during training.
Ideal for all boxing uses. Designed for professional use
Designed exclusively for knuckle protection
They weigh between 8 and 10 ounces. They are the heaviest of the three categories usually between 14 and 20 ounces.

These are just some of the features you may want to consider when buying boxing gloves. However, you may also notice that there are some with different designs or quality fillings. These extras you may or may not want to consider depending on your tastes and needs.

How much do boxing gloves cost?

The variety of boxing gloves on the market today is extensive. You can find them in different sizes and designs. However, as with other types of products, their price will depend on several factors such as:

  • Brand
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Ergonomics

The prices of boxing gloves that have a certain standard of quality can start from 600 MXN, while those of more recognized ones, with durable material, and a longer lifespan are around 2,900 MXN.

Its main purpose is to protect the muscles of the hand and mitigate the impact of each blow. (Photo: lightfieldstudios/

Buying criteria: Factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of boxing gloves

It is normal that when choosing the best boxing gloves, we are not sure what criteria to take into account. Therefore, consider the following aspects when choosing them:

Main design

Keep in mind that according to the use you want to give to your boxing gloves, they will have a certain design. For example, those that are focused on training have quality designs and padding.

However, they are not as shock-absorbing as the combat models, which may even incorporate gel to cushion the blows. This also involves the size of the boxing glove, and it is very important that you choose the right size.

Outer materials and support

Boxing gloves are usually made of leather, which can be natural or synthetic. In the higher quality models, the leather is made of pure cow grain, which tends to be more resistant and comfortable. It is necessary for this material to be properly bonded with the rest of the set to provide maximum comfort.

It is also important to check the fastening system of the glove. This is usually a Velcro fastener that adjusts the equipment properly to keep it stable. The wider and tighter the fastening area, the more secure the glove is to wear, as you don’t want the glove to move or wobble while you are wearing it.

Inside of the gloves and hand protection

Inside the boxing gloves are the key elements that protect the hand when punching. In those gloves designed for combat, the inside is harder and of a higher quality than those used for training.

The padding on the inside is usually foam, to provide a level of protection. You can also opt for foam models that have a greater capacity for shock absorption and moisture ventilation.

Boxing gloves with gel inserts provide the most protection and shock absorption. Regardless of the material used for protection, it should be located in the main body of the glove, on the knuckles and on the thumbs.

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