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Bottle holders are appreciated on bicycles, but they can also be very useful in the kitchen. With them, bottles can be stored or also displayed. This saves space and, depending on the model, the bottle holder can also serve as decoration.

With our bottle holder guide, we want to help you find the best bottle holder for your household. We have compared free-standing bottle holders as well as those with fasteners. We also show you the respective advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we want to make your choice and purchase decision easier.

The most important facts

  • Bottle holders are a valuable furnishing element for any kitchen. They allow you to store and display a variety of bottles.
  • Practical bottle holders can be used as draining racks. Decorative holders are used to present wine bottles or spirits.
  • There are free-standing bottle holders or holders that can be attached to the wall. The latter are a good variant for saving space.

The best Bottle Holder: Our Picks

There are many different bottle holders on the market. To make it easier for you to decide and find the right holder for your kitchen, we have picked out the six best models.

Bottle holder: buying and evaluation criteria

In the next sections, we will show you what to look for before buying a bottle holder. The following criteria will help you make your choice:

In the following sections, we will explain what exactly you need to look for in the criteria.


You have to pay attention to two things when it comes to size. On the one hand, the capacity of the bottle cage, and on the other hand, the appropriate bottle size. Depending on your needs, you will need a different model.

When buying, pay attention to the size and dimensions of the holder

If you are not sure how many bottles you want to store, it is worth buying a stackable bottle holder.

This way you can easily expand it when the need arises.


Bottle holders come in a wide range of accessories. Bottle holders for drying bottles have an integrated drip mat or tray, depending on the model. This prevents puddles from forming and the bottles are dried hygienically.

Drip mats and extensions are model-specific accessories.

Other models can be stacked and thus extended as desired. Still other bottle holders can be used free-standing, but can also be used as wall holders.


The material plays a role in the application. If you need a bottle holder for drying bottles, a holder made of plastic is suitable. Make sure that it is dishwasher safe. This will save you a lot of work.

If you use your bottle holder to display bottles or to store wine, other materials are suitable. Holders made of precious wood or bamboo look rustic and can enhance a kitchen. Bottle holders made of metal have a modern look.

Bottle holer: frequently asked questions and answers

In the following sections, we would like to answer the most important questions about bottle holder. We have selected the most important questions for you and answered them briefly and concisely. This guide will help you to get comprehensive information about bottle cages.

Who is a bottle holder suitable for?

In principle, a bottle holder is suitable for everyone, because almost everyone has bottles in the household. Depending on the model, the holders can take on different functions. On the one hand, a bottle holder can be used to store the bottles and by storing them upside down, they are hygienically dried right after washing.


Bottle holders save a lot of space in the kitchen. (Image source: / Adam Wilson)

A bottle holder can also be decorative, for example, wine bottles can be displayed. Finally, bottle holders can also be used for dosing. These models have a portioner that helps you to measure out exactly the ingredients for a cocktail.

What types of bottle holders are there?

There are three different types of bottle holders to choose from. In the following, we will show you the differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Free-standing bottle holder for decoration Can enhance a kitchen, beautiful bottles can be displayed Often have limited capacity
Functional free-standing bottle holder Can be moved quickly, large capacity Can take up a lot of space
Wall-mounted bottle holder Space-saving, often eye-catching and decorative Cannot be moved once fixed

Free-standing bottle holders offer a good addition to the kitchen. They can be decorative or simply functional.


Bottle holders also serve to display your bottles decoratively. (Image source: / Vera Cires)

Wall-mounted bottle holders can be placed almost anywhere, saving a lot of space. They also often add visual value to a kitchen.

What are the alternatives to a bottle holder?

Bottle cages are simple constructions that serve their purpose. But if you are still unsure whether you need one, there are some alternatives. We show you the most important ones in the following table:

Alternative Description
Drying rack Without a bottle holder, you can also dry your bottles in the draining rack. Just leave it upside down.
Drawer rack You can also store your bottles in a drawer without a bottle holder.

As an alternative to the bottle holders, you can dry bottles on the draining rack or store them in the drawer. However, this requires more space and, depending on the design, the bottles may fall over.

How do I clean a bottle holder?

The cleaning of your bottle holder differs considerably depending on the model or material. Bottle holders for drying bottles are usually made of plastic.

Cleaning the holder is simple

They can either be washed quickly with soap and water or, depending on the model, put in the dishwasher.

Bottle holders and shelves made of wood or metal can be dusted from time to time or cleaned with a damp cloth. They do not need to be washed regularly.


Bottle holders allow you to dry or store your bottles in a practical way. Stackable models save a lot of space and still offer a very large capacity. Bottle holders for the wall also offer a practical way to store your bottles in a space-saving way.

However, bottle holders are not only suitable for practical use. They can also be used to display individual bottles or even entire wine collections. They can act as an eye-catcher and conversation piece.

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