Last updated: 16/10/2022

Bosch lawn mowers stand out for their quality and versatility. Bosch only offers lawn mowers that are powered by battery or cable instead of the usual petrol supply. Lawn mowing is possible with manual lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers as well as regular lawn mowers.

In this Bosch lawn mower review 2022 we compare different types of Bosch lawn mowers to help you make your purchase. Different models are compared that are made for different conditions. Bosch offers a wide range of lawn mowers depending on garden size, function and power supply.


  • Bosch lawn mowers are available as manual lawn mowers, robots or regular lawn mowers. All of these models operate by hand or electricity, which sets Bosch apart from other brands.
  • What makes Bosch lawn mowers stand out is their quality. Not only does Bosch offer a warranty of 2 to 3 years, but they also offer a spare parts shop as well as a repair service.
  • Bosch lawn mowers are available for individuals, families and large grounds. Attention should be paid to the cutting width and, for cordless mowers, the recommended lawn area.

The Best Bosch Lawnmower: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for Bosch lawn mowers

Bosch lawn mowers are available in a wide variety of models. The individual product variants can be distinguished according to the following criteria:

The following paragraphs explain what is important in the individual criteria.


One of the most important selection criteria is the extent to which you want to operate the lawn mower yourself. The effort and exertion are greatest with manual lawn mowers, as you do not have an electric cutting blade here, but have to push the lawn mower yourself and thus turn it.

You also have to push the regular lawn mowers yourself, but these have an electrically operated cutting blade that cuts the grass and transports it to a collection bucket by turning it.

Depending on the weight of the lawn mower, this can also be a little strenuous, but the specially designed handles from Bosch offer a high level of working comfort.

A robotic lawnmower is the easiest to operate, as it works completely independently. The lawnmower is smart enough to retract and recharge itself when the battery level is low and otherwise mows the garden at the set times.

In doing so, it leaves the mown lawn lying, similar to a manual lawnmower.

Lawn area

If you decide to buy a Bosch lawn mower with a rechargeable battery, you must pay attention to the capacity of the battery. The range and thus the possible area of the lawn to be mown differ depending on the model.

If you live in a house or flat with a small garden, a model with a small area of 100 to 200 m² is sufficient.

However, if the lawn is to be mowed for an apartment building, hotel or similar large complex, it is advisable to buy a lawn mower that covers a large area.

If the decision is made in favour of a lawn mower with a cable power supply, there is no need to pay attention to these data. However, the distance to the nearest socket and thus the length of the cable should be taken into account to ensure that all corners can be mown.

Size of the collection basket

The size of the collecting bucket is almost the same as the lawn area that can be mown. To collect the mown lawn, baskets of about 30 to 50 litres are offered.

If the garden is larger, it is advisable to choose a larger collection basket. This ensures that the basket needs to be emptied less often and that lawn mowing is more efficient.

If you only want to mulch the lawn and do not need a catcher box, both the inexpensive hand lawn mower and robotic lawn mowers are an option.


The volume of the lawn mower has an impact on the times during which it can mow. This should not be a problem for most users. However, this point should be considered if you have to work long hours during the day and on Saturdays.

A walk-behind lawnmower is quietest and very flexible. Bosch robotic lawnmowers follow with sound levels of around 63 decibels and are still below the 88 decibel limit. Regular lawn mowers are often louder than this limit and therefore offer limited working hours.

Cutting width

In rare cases, it makes sense to pay attention to the cutting width of the mower. If you have a narrow area in your garden where a large lawn mower would not fit through, only a narrow mower is suitable.

For wider areas with a multiple of the cutting width, it is also suitable to choose a lawn mower with this cutting width so that the number of lanes travelled is used efficiently.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Bosch lawn mower

If you are looking for a reliable lawn mower and want to find out more about Bosch lawn mowers, the following guide will help you find answers. Even if you already own a Bosch lawn mower, we can help you with possible problems here.

What distinguishes Bosch lawn mowers from other manufacturers?

Bosch lawn mowers are high-quality and reliable lawn mowers with innovative features. Bosch offers a three-year warranty due to the high quality, has a spare parts shop and offers repair services.

Bosch lawn mowers are exclusively electric or hand-operated lawn mowers and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

They also have a lawn comb that enables clean mowing of lawn edges, especially along walls, and have a leaf control function that shreds and collects leaves that have been left lying around.

What types of lawn mowers does Bosch offer?

Bosch offers both conventional and robotic lawnmowers and manual lawnmowers. Robotic lawnmowers differ from conventional lawnmowers in that they independently mow a lawn area.

Bosch Rasenmäher
Bosch also offers the effortless robotic lawnmowers that independently mow the garden. (Image source: Markus Distelrath / Pixabay)

However, they have no way of collecting the mown lawn.

This leaving of unrotted organic material is called mulching.

Manual lawnmowers work without a power supply or battery and are operated by hand. This is done by an efficient scissor cutting principle. Bosch offers the following product types:

  • Regular lawn mowers
  • Robotic lawn mowers
  • Manual lawn mower

To give you an overview, here is a brief description and possible decision criteria for your ideal type of lawn mower.

Regular lawn mower

The standard Bosch lawn mower is an apparatus that is pushed along by man and is powered by cable or battery. This power supply differs from the petrol supply of other brands.

  • Collecting container
  • no recharging time with corded version
  • environmentally friendly

  • Cable can get in the way
  • limited range with cable

This Bosch lawn mower comes in a wide variety of models and sizes. This makes it particularly suitable for individuals with small gardens as well as for large properties.

In addition, this is the only type of lawnmower that catches the grass directly after mowing, so there is no mulching.

Robotic lawnmower

Robotic lawnmowers work independently and do not need to be pushed by hand.

  • safe due to stop mechanism
  • saves working hours by being self-sufficient
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • quieter than regular lawn mowers
  • anti-theft device

  • no collection basket
  • more expensive than regular lawn mowers

Bosch models are “smart” and recognise which plot they have to mow. This function and anti-theft protection make it possible to leave the robot alone. It also drives itself back to the charging station when the battery is empty.

Manual lawnmower

Manual lawnmowers are used without a battery or power supply and operate solely by hand. They are pushed in front of the body.

  • almost noiseless
  • inexpensive
  • environmentally friendly
  • energy-saving

  • no catch basket
  • invested working time and own initiative
  • more suitable for small areas

The forward movement causes the blades to rotate and thus cut the lawn. Since they operate without electricity, they are almost noiseless and thus bound to the restricting hours. This type of lawn mower also has no collection basket.

Are spare parts and accessories available for Bosch lawn mowers?

Bosch offers a spare parts service where original spare parts as well as replacement batteries and chargers can be conveniently purchased online. These parts can be easily ordered online and delivered within a few days.

If you prefer to have your lawn mower repaired by professionals or are at a loss when it comes to defects, you can make use of the Bosch repair service and have your device repaired within a few days. Shipping and return shipping are free of charge.

With the repair service, you have the option of having the lawn mower collected directly from your home.

At what prices are Bosch lawn mowers sold?

Manual lawn mowers from Bosch are available from around €80 and are therefore the cheapest option. Regular lawn mowers are slightly more expensive. These start at around €100 and go up to around €700 depending on the power, functions and mowing area.

Robotic lawn mowers are the most expensive types of Bosch lawn mowers, with a price range from €850 to €1300.

Bosch Rasenmäher
Manual lawn mowers are by far the cheapest models of lawn mowers! (Image source: Ulrike Mai / Pixabay)

It may be worth waiting for discounts on certain occasions or at certain times of the year to save a little money on the purchase of a lawn mower.

If you want to save even more money, you can always buy a Bosch lawn mower second-hand.

What are the alternatives to Bosch lawn mowers?

If you would like to look at other brands, we have selected an alternative from another brand for each type of lawn mower:

Fiskars hand lawn mower

This hand lawn mower is the only reel mower with four wheels and therefore offers particularly good stability. The height-adjustable handles provide more working comfort and thus offer a good alternative to the Bosch manual lawnmower.

Gardena Smart Sileno 19060-60 robotic lawnmower

This robot is suitable for both larger and smaller areas, making it a robot suitable for individuals, couples or families with small gardens.

It also has one of the few displays that can show the volume mown, the height of cut and the battery status despite the sunlight.

Grizzly EM 1130

The Grizzly EM 1130 stands out because it is one of the lightest lawn mowers on the market. It has a foldable handle bar that also serves as a carrying handle. This offers excellent carrying comfort. It also features a turbo engine.

However, if you are inclined towards a petrol lawnmower despite the advantages listed, these naturally also offer an alternative to the Bosch electric lawnmowers.

How can I set up my Bosch lawnmower correctly for use?

The lawn mowers usually have several stages for setting the correct cutting height. The number of steps and the available cutting heights vary depending on the model.

To adjust the heights, there is a lever on the front of the lawn mower that can be set to different levels and is easy to operate.

By adjusting the lever, the head of the mower is raised or lowered and thus the blades are at different cutting heights.

What heights can I adjust Bosch lawn mowers to?

Bosch lawn mowers can often be adjusted to different heights by several steps.

Type Steps Height
regular lawn mower 3 to 7 steps 20 to 80 mm
manual lawn mower stepless 12 to 40 mm
robotic lawn mower 3 steps 30 to 50 mm

The height adjustment is particularly convenient and allows you to adjust the cutting height to your own liking.

How do I clean a Bosch lawn mower?

It is important to store your lawn mower in a dry and dust-free place when not in use. It is recommended that all moving parts are oiled and greased over time.

First, disconnect the lawn mower’s power supply and lay your lawn mower on its side. Then use a spatula or similar object to remove the dried lawn residue.

Why won’t my Bosch lawn mower start and what should I do if it is faulty?

The most common cause of a non-functioning lawn mower is a lack of power from the battery or cable. This should be checked, especially if the mower has been standing for a long time or has been idle.

It is also possible that the blades are blocked by too much lawn debris and cannot rotate.

However, if your old unit is defective, you can have it collected by a Bosch service and thus dispose of it at no cost. Your device will then be recycled along with the batteries and usable parts will be reused.

How do I sharpen the blades of my Bosch lawnmower and how often do I have to change them?

Often specialist dealers or DIY stores offer services for sharpening the blades and knives of a lawnmower. It is not advisable to sharpen the blades yourself as it requires a lot of skill and can easily lead to injuries.

As a rule, blades need to be replaced every 1 to 3 months to achieve optimum mowing results. Star-shaped mowing crosses only need to be replaced once a year.

How do I change the blades on a Bosch lawn mower?

To change the blades on a Bosch lawn mower, you must switch off the lawn mower and disconnect the power supply or remove the battery. You must then lay the lawn mower on its side.

What lawn area can I mow with Bosch lawn mowers?

The lawn area that a Bosch lawn mower can mow depends very much on the type and model of the lawn mower. The length of the mown lawn also plays a major role here.

Type Lawn area Volume of collection box
Regular lawn mower 150 to 850 m² 31 to 50 litres
Robotic lawn mower 350 to 700 m²

With regular lawn mowers, the lawn area varies from 150 to 850 m² and collection baskets from 31 to 50 litres. With the robotic version, the area is approximately 350 to 700 m².

How do I secure my Bosch lawn mower against theft?

A manual lawn mower or a regular lawn mower is not usually stolen from the garden due to the human labour required. In this case, it is advisable to store the lawn mower in a lockable garage.

To protect the robotic lawnmower against theft, Bosch has installed an anti-theft device that guarantees carefree abandonment of the robotic lawnmower.

If the robotic lawnmower is picked up and placed back on the ground, a code must be entered. If this is not entered within 30 seconds, an alarm sounds and the owner and any neighbours are warned.

When the robot is raised, the blades stop automatically after 2 seconds.

In what weather can I mow the lawn?

Lawn mowing is possible even when the lawn is wet. However, mulching by the robotic lawnmower is not possible after rainfall.

How noisy is a Bosch lawn mower?

A manual lawn mower is almost silent due to its engine-free operation and therefore does not disturb the family or neighbours

Type Volume
Manual lawn mower almost noiseless
Robotic lawn mower 63 decibels
Regular lawn mower 93 decibels

Bosch robotic lawnmowers are usually around 63 decibels. The regular lawn mowers are the loudest with a volume of around 93 decibels and therefore require certain quiet times.

What warranty do I get from Bosch on my lawn mower?

The regular Bosch warranty is two years. During this time, your lawnmower is covered against loss of quality and defects.

MyBosch also offers you a warranty extension to three years if you register for this service.

How can I dispose of my Bosch lawn mower?

You can have your old appliance collected by a Bosch service and thus dispose of it without any effort. Your device will then be recycled along with the batteries and usable parts will be reused.

Image source: Денис Старостин / 123rf