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This time we will tell you all the things you should consider when buying a Boomerang. Yes, this instrument originating from the Australian indigenous people, which has become very popular in the world of sport, competition and recreation.

The first image that comes to mind of a boomerang is a sort of curved object that is thrown and then comes back to us. And yes, the reality is not so far from that idea. However, this instrument has many nuances related to its shape, material and use. So we will tell you about each of these so that you can learn more about it.

In the market we will find it as boomerang, bomerang and boomerang. As you prefer to name it, you are referring to a sporting instrument that offers benefits to the emotional and physical health of individuals. It is also a piece that can be enjoyed by everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. Let’s get started!


  • It is a piece of wood, carbon fibre, plastic or foam rubber, with curved ends. It is thrown into the air and then returns to us. Among its advantages we will find that the throws are practised in the open air and that it represents a contribution to our motor skills.
  • Given the infinite variety of models of boomerangs, it is necessary to classify them according to their traditional forms: return and 3 to 4 blades. Both could be made of different materials but they have specific characteristics that will influence the decision of the perfect one for you.
  • There are factors to consider when choosing a boomerang: which one is right for my experience? should I invest in the most resistant material? how many designs will I find? Are there boomerangs for left-handed people? We’ll tell you all about it.

The Best Boomerang: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Before you start buying your dream boomerang, you need to know more about it, its uses and variables. We want to provide you with all the information because we value the fact that you purchase a product that meets your expectations. Whether you want to play, compete or start it as a hobby, ideally it should work according to your needs.

A boomerang will always be great for fun with friends. (Photo: Andrii Starunskyi /

What is Boomerang and what are its advantages?

It is a very popular sports and recreational tool. It is basically a piece made of carbon fibre, plastic, wood or foam rubber. The purpose of the boomerang is to be thrown into the open air to return to the starting point. There are currently twelve countries with national boomerang throwing teams.

Among its main advantages is that it allows you to play outdoor sports, as well as to improve the motor skills of your hands and legs. At the same time, it will be the perfect guest at get-togethers with friends or an attractive way to start a new hobby or sport. Finally, its multiple designs make it suitable for almost all ages.

However, like everything, it has some disadvantages that will be big or small depending on your criteria. Among these we find that its costs can be a little high, as well as the danger that some of its designs represent when used by children or adults without experience in the practice of throwing.

  • Recreation and fun
  • Relaxation. Outdoor exercise
  • Increases motor skills. Increases concentration.
  • Some designs are dangerous
  • Only practiced outdoors. Can not withstand very strong winds
  • Can be expensive
  • Individual practice

Return boomerang or three to four blades – what should you look out for?

Although there are many boomerang designs, we can classify them by their shape: return and three to four blades. Each has advantages, whether for racing or spending an afternoon in the park. At the same time, they have particular characteristics to suit the tastes of all professional pitchers and enthusiasts of the sport.

Backstroke. This is one of the most traditional forms of the boomerang, and is probably the first one with which you associate it. It is a curved triangle-shaped piece that when thrown into the air returns to the thrower. Although there are forms that derive from it, the return boomerang is still a classic favourite for everyone.

Three to four blades. As its name explains, it is a piece that has between three and four ends, so it can resemble the shape of a triangle (for three) and a cross (for a square). One of its main characteristics is that it offers a greater possibility of grip. Like the return, it returns to the thrower.

Return Three to four blades
Children (5-10) Yes, in foam rubber and plastic Yes, in foam rubber.
Grip Left-handed and right-handed Left-handed, right-handed and ambidextrous.
Common material Wood, carbon fibre Foam rubber and plastic.
Area Competition, recreation Recreation.

Accessories for our Boomerang?

If you are thinking of starting to practice boomerang throwing frequently, we advise you to get yourself a small set of accessories. Among these, you could buy gloves for your grip and a backpack where you can store your boomerang.

The point about gloves is very important when you throw gloves that are made of wood, for example. Especially when they are handmade. Remember that not all boomerangs have soft edges, so you should take that into account when buying them to avoid accidents.

Traditional Aboriginal boomerang?

Indigenous Australians used boomerangs and their variations for a variety of purposes, mainly for hunting. Nowadays, although the use of boomerangs is focused on sport, you could get designs inspired by those made by Aboriginal people.

Their handcrafted wood carving, as well as the painting and illustrations, give a truly symbolic touch to these boomerangs. So it could be considered as an excellent gift and even as a decorative object, fulfilling a double function in the home.

It is always a good idea to opt for a boomerang that can be used by the whole family. ( Jean Schweitzer / )

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Boomerang models

Buying a boomerang may seem simple, but it is not. In fact, the success of your purchase will depend on whether you take a few factors into account. These are oriented to the material in which they are made, the level of complexity, their design and origin; and of course, the benefits they could have for your health.

  • Material
  • Grip
  • Age
  • Use
  • Origin
  • Health and fitness
  • Design


Choosing a boomerang made of a specific material is very important. This is because, for example, traditional wooden boomerangs may be too dangerous for children under the age of eleven to use. A foam rubber boomerang might not appeal to an experienced thrower.

Carbon fibre and plastic. These boomerangs are the most common today. In fact, you will find many, many designs on the market, ensuring that you will find the perfect one. Their main advantage is that they are very durable, so they represent a good investment. However, we don’t recommend it for children as the material can be too solid for their hands.

Foam rubber. Here the boomerangs made for the use of boys and girls take centre stage. They are ideal as they are made of such a soft material, so their edges will not be aggressive. You will surely be able to be calm while your child plays with one. Another remarkable aspect is that they are usually smaller than conventional boomerangs.

Wooden. Those that are carved in wood are the ones that will remind you the most of traditional models. Without a doubt, when you not only want to practice boomerang throwing, but also want to live the full cultural experience, it will be an excellent option for you. However, they tend to be a bit dangerous when you are inexperienced.


This is one of the most important factors to pay attention to when buying your boomerang. Many times we get carried away by the design or the material, leaving aside something very important: it is a throwing instrument. This means that it is essential to know whether it is suitable for right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous users.

Right-handed. If you are right-handed, you will have no problem finding the boomerang of your dreams. In fact, most are designed with this grip feature. However, you should be aware that you won’t be able to share it with someone who is left-handed, as they might find it a bit frustrating.

Left-handed. All left-handed people know how terrible it is to handle objects that were only designed for right-handers. This is not the case, as you will be able to get a boomerang that is ideal for you. However, you need to verify before you buy it that it is in fact a left-handed boomerang, otherwise you might be disappointed.

Ambidextrous. This is the least common option, but if you have the opportunity to buy it, do it. You won’t regret it as it will be a boomerang you can share with your friends. Now, if your purpose is for individual use as a sport, it is not worth buying an ambidextrous model.


Yes, we know that experience is not necessarily related to age. However, it seems to us that classifying this factor by that characteristic will give you a clearer idea about the ideal product for each level, depending on its material and size.

Children. For children between five and ten years old it is not recommended to buy heavy boomerangs with sharp edges. This could be very dangerous. Ideally, opt for one made of plastic or foam rubber, with curved and soft edges, and a little lighter than the conventional ones. Oh, and don’t forget the bright colours!

Youngsters. The ideal one for a youngster between eleven and fourteen years old will depend on how much experience they have in throwing. If he has already practiced the sport before, he could opt for one made of carbon fibre and plastic. However, it is never advisable to buy those with sharp edges or very extreme designs, such as axe-shaped.

Adults. In this category it is more important what you need, when it is a hobby you can try different designs and materials until you find the one you like the most or the one you are most comfortable with. Remember that, the important thing is that it is easy and safe to use. Wood or carbon fibre, either could work.


When investing in a boomerang you should consider how often you are going to use it: is it just for a family holiday or for competition? You should never rush into buying one that is too expensive or made of a material such as wood, not without experience. Let’s look into this a bit more.

Competition. Professional boomerang throwers or those who are on their way to becoming professional boomerang throwers can indulge themselves with the one of their choice. If this is your case, we recommend opting for a carbon fibre one, whose material will ensure durability, taking into account that you will use it frequently in practice.

Game. On the other hand, when you want to buy a boomerang to try it for the first time or to share with friends and family, we recommend buying one made of soft materials such as plastic and foam rubber, in the form of three or four blades. The latter will allow for more grip, perfect for both children and adults.


Earlier we told you that there are countries where boomerang throwing is considered a competitive sport. Therefore, it was to be expected that not only in its country of origin, Australia, these instruments are made. We would like to tell you about the characteristics of boomerangs according to their place of manufacture.

Australia Brazil France Germany USA
Shape Return and 3 blades Return and 3 to 5 blades Return and 3 to 4 blades Return and 3 blades Return and 3 to 4 blades.
Material Natural wood Wood, foam rubber, carbon fibre Carbon fibre, wood and plastic Wood Various.
Models Trimagic, Albatross, hornet Matilda, Womba, Bladerunner Bumblebee and Zebra Volker, Bigman, Thor Black Mamba, Tiger, Aspen.
Design Multicolour, minimalist, traditional Unicolour with hand painted details Tribal designs, glow in the dark Colour gradient with glitter Handmade. Gradient colours, glow in the dark.

Health and fitness

Undoubtedly, one of the benefits of boomerang throwing is reflected in our health. Starting with being a sport that takes place outdoors, passing through the agility that we will develop at the moment of catching the instrument, and finishing in the degree of relaxation that it would give us.

Motor skills. When it comes to throwing and catching, motor skills are an aspect that is involved. This is why if you want to overcome sedentary lifestyles or do some physical therapy that requires the movement of arms and legs, practising with the boomerang will be perfect for you.

Therapeutic. Another relevant factor is the impact it could have on our mental health. Think about it, a sport where concentration, contemplation and full awareness of your body combine. Sounds perfect for draining heavy energies and having a moment of peace.


Yes, this is a feature that could tempt us to make a lot of purchases, and why not? You will find an infinite number of boomerang models on the market, from traditional to the most avant-garde and crazy. It all depends on your taste, but we’ll tell you about some specific designs.

Aboriginal. This object is perfect if you want to practice with it and at the same time be a decorative object at home. They are really eye-catching, which makes them perfect as a gift for a loved one. They are usually carved in natural wood and illustrated by hand with tribal figures.

Eccentric. We could talk a lot about this one. It turns out that in addition to the companies dedicated to making boomerangs, there are craftsmen who make the most curious designs you’ll find. If you look hard enough, you’ll see everything from axe shapes, to NBA, to Batman. However, we don’t recommend them for beginners.

Glow in the dark. This style of boomerang is one of the most wonderful. If your plan is to stand out, this is the one for you. Yes, they tend to be a bit more expensive, but it will be worth it. It’s perfect for use both day and night. Just imagine a luminous boomerang rising up into the night sky, wouldn’t that be cool?

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