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Welcome to Monederosmart UK, the site with the best reviews on the internet. Today we are going to help you select the best bookmark template to keep everything well organized in your life, both personal and professional. Originally used only to mark the stopping point of the book, today the bookmark has transformed and goes beyond, both in functionality, practicality and versatility. In this article, we bring the models most desired by consumers, the differences between them and the main factors to buy the ideal bookmark for you.


  • Bookmarks are a great organisational tool for both your home and office.
  • The best-selling models and most sought after by consumers are adhesive bookmarks, having much smaller dimensions than traditional bookmarks.
  • Type of use, material, size, colours and themes are factors to be considered at the time of purchase, in addition to price.

The best Bookmark: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The bookmarks make life easier for many people, from those who need to study to those who want to remember on which page of the book they stopped reading last time. The product is universal and can be used in the school environment, in the office and also at home. To help you in the acquisition of the best option for you, we bring below a buying guide.

Um livro aberto com um marcador de página dentro dele. O livro está sobre as pernas de uma pessoa em cima de uma cama. Estão presentes no quadro uma coberta, uma bandeja de madeira de café-da-manhã, uma caneca, uma chaleira, um pacote de chá e um pequeno vaso com planta.

The most traditional bookmarks are made of paper and serve mostly to remind you where you left off in the book you are reading. (Source: Emily Rudolph / Unsplash)

What is a bookmark?

Bookmarks are objects with a few purposes, such as identifying parts of a text, organizing sections in various items (such as binders, notebooks and diaries), as well as marking the pages of your book. Their purpose is to help with your organization. They come in various sizes and are more common in the memory of book lovers – after all, it is difficult to finish a reading of more than 400 pages, for example, without marking the stopping point. Because of this, bookmarks have been known to mankind for many centuries.

Some of the oldest were found in monasteries, made from vegetable paper similar to papyrus. In the middle ages, between the 13th and 15th centuries, bookmarks made from calf and leather were recorded. There are historical accounts of a bookmark made from ivory in India, and another made from silk in England in the 16th century. Today, the main materials are paper and polypropylene (plastic) film, although there are other examples. And finding them has become much easier.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bookmarks?

Bookmarks have advantages for you if you want to keep your life organised. They can help you find that recipe in your grandmother’s cookbook more easily, highlight the most important passages for your studies, as well as serve to better plan and organize your agenda, such as highlighting where each month stands. The markers are adhesive and stick to any page, are repositionable, accept writing and have very attractive colours. In addition, they are easy to store, as they are very small and fit in almost any drawer or cupboard. In general, the markers do not bring disadvantages. The only “but” is in relation to those whose material is made from paper, so there are chances of being crushed or even torn, not having long durability.

  • Organization at home and at the office: used in books, folders and agendas
  • They stick to any page, are reusable and have various colours
  • They occupy little space and are easy to store
  • Paper models are more fragile and less durable

Adhesive marker or individual marker?

There are crucial differences between adhesive and individual bookmarks, from their dimensions to their attachment to the sheets where they will be used. To help you understand the main differences between the models, below is a table comparing the two models.

Adhesive markers Individual markers
Sizes Generally have 12 mm x 42 mm, reaching up to 76 mm x 15 mm and 25,4 mm x 43,2 mm Varies between 7 cm and 18 cm in length
Material May be paper and polypropylene film (plastic) They can be made of paper, plastic, aluminium, magnetic blanket and fabric
Fixing They are glued on any type of paper Some are clipable and others stick, but not all stick to the pages, varying with the model
Recommended use Books, handouts, diaries, notebooks, documents, folders, binders Books

How much does it cost?

The bookmarks have very affordable prices, in general, with some exceptions. The paper stickers have the lowest prices, around £8 to £14. The plastic sticky bookmarks are still affordable, with some models costing £9 and others going up to £34. For those looking for larger and individual models, more used for books, there are also variations. There is the magnetic version, which costs around £4 alone.

There is also the aluminum, which costs on average £12. There are individual bookmarks even made with polyester fabric and structured with acrylic blanket. These models can be found for around £7, while paper models can be found easily in bookstores, usually for free, with the purchase of some product.

Vários marcadores de páginas de papel amontoados sobre uma superfície.

When you buy a book, you usually get a bookmark, but they contain advertisements and are quite fragile. (Source: DutchAir / Pixabay)

Purchase criteria: What to consider before buying a bookmark

Before you go shopping to purchase your bookmark, it is good to first keep in mind what purpose you will give to it. Therefore, nothing could be fairer than to bring some criteria to offer you a safer choice. Check below some items to be taken into consideration before buying your new bookmark.

  • Type of use
  • Material
  • Size
  • Colours and themes

Below, we will detail each of the items mentioned to optimize your purchase.

Type of use

Before anything else, it is good to keep in mind what the purpose of your bookmark is. If you only want to mark the page of the book you are reading, it is recommended to buy the individual one. If the idea is to go further, to organize study material, divide a family album by sections and/or indicate where that cool magazine article is, we recommend buying the adhesive bookmarks, which are the most sought-after and best-sellers.


The material will determine the durability of the product. The bookmarks made of paper are the most sensitive to use and time. They can be damaged if they get wet and are more likely to tear, for example. Markers made of polypropylene film have a better resistance than those made of paper. In the adhesive version, they are generally easy to remove and relocate. However, there are chances that they may stop sticking depending on the number of times you relocate them.

Um caderno com dois blocos, um de anotação tradicional e outro de marcadores de página em quatro cores diferentes. Ao lado do caderno está uma lapiseira e ambos estão sobre uma superfície de madeira.

Adhesive bookmarks can be made of either paper or polypropylene (plastic) film. (Source: KABOOMPICS / Pexels)

As for individual bookmarks, magnetic and aluminium ones are more sturdy and are preferable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be careful, okay? The fabric markers also have good durability, but they get dirty more easily.


The sizes of bookmarks differ and are also determined by what you hope to achieve with them. Adhesive bookmarks are not as large, most commonly 12mm x 42mm, but you can still write on them. For those who need bookmarks with more space, larger 76 mm x 15 mm and 25.4 mm x 43.2 mm can be found. Those who seek to use the individual bookmark, it usually ranges from 7 cm to 18 cm in length. If you are one of those who can’t stand to leave part of the bookmark outside the book, the recommended purchase is one under 18 cm, which is the average length of a pocket book.

Colours and themes

Among the bookmarks, there is a good variety of colours. The most common are yellow (the most discreet of all), orange, green, blue and pink. Among the adhesive bookmarks, it is possible to find packages with various colours (up to eight different ones) and also with only one palette.

Uma mão segura quatro marcadores de página individuais em um fundo branco.

Individual bookmarks can be made of various materials, such as plastic, paper, aluminum, magnetic blanket and even fabric. (Source: Kasturi Roy / Unsplash)

Among the larger bookmarks, for books, the variety is not only in colours, but also in shapes and images, even having some themed, either with Disney princesses to the Harry Potter saga.

(Fonte da imagem destacada: Bich Tran / Pexels)