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Hello and welcome to MoneMexico! We know you love to read and delve into fascinating stories, incredible worlds and absorbing characters. Therefore, we wanted to bring you an extensive review of the best books you can find and cultivate that curiosity to know more through paper.

We want you to know as much information as possible about the products you are interested in and you can always count on a review to guide you. And we want you to be fully informed so that you can choose the best possible option according to your tastes and needs. Ready? Then join us!


  • Books are published writings and texts on any subject, from personal impressions, advice, guides, stories that can be told, fictions, tales, among many others. The main advantage of reading a book is the ability to learn and stimulate the mind.
  • Currently there are two ways of acquiring books, the traditional way which is buying a physical version of these or the electronic way where they are acquired through downloads or the use of specialised applications for reading.
  • To choose a book it is important that you consider your personal tastes and preferences, as well as the year it was published, who edited or translated it and above all the reason why you are reading it.

The Best Books: Our Picks

Buying guide: what you need to know about books

It seems like an easy task to buy a book and in theory it is, but it often happens that when we buy one we have the idea that we are going to like it and we end up leaving it after 20 pages. That’s why it’s essential to know what to expect from a book, the advantages of reading one and, above all, what kind of reading you’ll get out of it

Libros acompañados de una bebida caliente

You can read a book anywhere and there is nothing more peaceful than doing so with a cup of coffee on the side. (Photo: ToughtCatalog / Pixabay)

What are books and what are their advantages?

Books are published texts on any subject, from personal impressions, advice, guides, stories that can be told, fictions, tales… anything that can be written and told through words. Thanks to this versatility one can find books on everything imaginable.

In addition to the advantages of knowledge and stimulation of the mind, it is a healthy pastime that does not represent physical harm like playing sports or abusing substances. Also the constant use of books will make your spelling improve and the way you speak will become more and more complex. Every way you look at it, you end up winning.

  • They provide knowledge to the user
  • They stimulate the imagination
  • They improve spelling
  • They improve oral expression
  • They represent a healthy pastime
  • You acquire more detailed information than in series and films
  • The price of some of them can be very high
  • People with eyestrain need glasses for their use

Physical or electronic books – what should you pay attention to?

With the advancement of technology and access to mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, books have also evolved. Nowadays you can find electronic books or e-books that are downloaded in PDF format. However, the printed presentation of books is still the first choice of many.

Physical books. The ordinary book that you have always seen and read, and that is made with the fundamental elements of the book such as the front and back cover. Depending on the edition you can find some with larger print, introductions by other authors and also hardback.

Electronic books. Also known as e-books, electronic books are purchased via the internet and can be read by downloading the file or through applications such as Kindle. Many of the applications have a night mode that darkens the screen so as not to damage the eyesight after hours of reading.

Physical books E-books
Platform of use Paper Computer, tablet, mobile
Accessibility High with shortages in older or limited editions Medium, missing titles to be digitised
Power consumption Null High, depends on the brightness of the device screen
Risks Spillage of liquids, bites Loss of the device lack of battery

Libros en formato electronico

Electronic books or e-books are becoming more popular with each passing day. (Photo: Free photos / Pixabay)

Should I buy non-original books?

Thanks to the easy access to multiple files via the internet, illegal downloading of books has been on the rise in recent years. It may seem convenient and after several attempts and some viruses you might be able to download a book, but this act is illegal. Besides, you would not be supporting the work of the author who does not receive royalties.

We strongly recommend that if you are going to get a book on the internet you should buy it, this way both the publisher and the author will profit from their work and you are also avoiding doing an illegal act. You know what they say, don’t be a pirate reader.

Hombre sosteniendo libro

Speaking of buying books, the obligatory question is: How much do they cost? And in this sense you are going to be surprised because when it comes to books, the range of prices available is very wide. (Photo: Wattanapichayakul/

Buying criteria

We will now tell you what factors you should consider when buying your book so that you can compare and rate the various types and styles that exist. Take note of this information as it can make the difference between being satisfied or not with your purchase.


The type of reading you are going to have will depend on the literary genre your book is about. It is very important that you know what to expect from the different genres as this will determine whether or not you enjoy reading. The most popular genres are: fiction, mystery, historical novels, science fiction, romance and fantasy.

Fiction, romance novels. They are recommended for all types of readers, but these books deal with complex issues such as social inequality, gender equality, love, among others, so they are read by young adults and adults who can read at a semi-slow pace. And while we’re on the subject of love, what could be more complex than that?

Mystery and historical novels. Although they are different genres, they share a common factor, their stories tend to generate intrigues or references that are appreciated by people who like unknowns and the constant development of the plot. These books are perfect for anyone who likes to solve exposed problems.

Science fiction and fantasy. In the same way, different genres but that share common aspects such as the creation of realities and worlds different from the one we live in. Here much use is made of the imagination, so people who like to take their minds further will love reading these books that transport them to another world.

Composición de libro en naturaleza

To read fantasy or science fiction is to enter a reality never thought of before. (Photo: Mysticsartdesign/ Pixabay)

Year of writing, publishing and editing

An extremely important point you need to consider when buying a book is the year it was written, published and edited. Why? Because words and expressions change over time, and this is reflected in books. There is a big difference between reading “you are” and “you are”, don’t you think?

writings from the 19th century onwards tend to be much more complex

19th century and earlier. Books that were written from the 19th century onwards are usually much more complex than current ones because of the way they are written. Whoever tells you that reading Don Quixote is simple is either lying to you or is a genius. It doesn’t mean that with a slower pace you won’t enjoy them and they may even become your favourites.

Books from 1900 to 2000 also have their charm

20th Century. Books from 1900 to 2000 also have their charm and much of the literature we read today comes from this century. You can find more similarity of grammatical forms in these books and the topics covered are numerous. The wars, for example, provided a lot of material for writers.

the new generation of writers will be an experience that will bring you good results

21st century. There is not much difference between the grammatical forms of the books of the second half of the 20th century and this century. So if you want to give the new generation of writers a chance, it will be an experience that will bring you good results.

Language of origin

Believe it or not, the original language in which the books were published matters a lot as there are phrases, sayings or situations that cannot be translated with absolute precision. It is therefore important to consider that, when buying a book by a foreign author that has been translated, you may find references that you do not fully understand.

We also recommend that if you know the languages in which the books you want to read are written, try to read them in those languages. For example, being able to enjoy books as elaborate as The Lord of the Rings in English is an incredible experience and if you know the language you can’t miss the opportunity to read it.

Mujer caucásica leyendo libro

Believe it or not, the original language in which the books were published matters a lot as there are phrases, sayings or situations that cannot be translated with absolute precision. (Photo Shironosov/

Translators and editors

Does it matter who translated and edited the book I want to buy? Yes, it matters a lot. It matters because a book is only as good as who translated and edited it. Although the author’s work is essentially the same, there are details that vary depending on who has the task of making the book even better.

That’s why we recommend that when you buy your book you look at who translated or edited it and give it a quick Google search. Why? To make sure that the person is an expert on the author, knows the author or at least is a scholar of the genre.

Purpose of reading

We all read for a reason and it is important to keep in mind why we are reading. What do we want to achieve? What do we expect from our book? And above all, why am I reading it? These are the questions you always need to ask yourself.

Books can be read for reasons of learning, guidance or recreation and depending on the reason is that you will have the desired result. So before you read, ask yourself Why this book? And you will see that it will be easier for you to finish it.

And you know, the next time you are about to buy a book remember to check this review to guide you and you can choose the option that suits you best. We hope you can soon be enjoying this wonderful adventure that is reading. See you next time!

(Featured image photo: Comfreak / Pixabay)