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You may not have a lot of patience to work on your outfit, but making your skin blush changes your look, right? That’s why it is important to always have the best blush close by.

It ensures that the pale look stays well away from your day to day! If you’ve come to this article looking for the ideal blush, you can stop searching. Here, we’ll show you everything you need to know to choose the product that will make you look your best. Follow us!


  • Blush is a cosmetic product that can be used to give effects in makeup, such as brightness or the feeling of flushed cheeks.
  • The shade of blush can vary according to the desired effect, giving a bronzed or “health” look.
  • Choosing a quality blusher ensures that the product will stay on your skin throughout the day, without the need for retouching.

The Best Blushes: Our Picks

Buying guide: all you need to know about blushes

It’s easy to find tutorials on the internet explaining the correct way to apply blush. But what about the best products and the advantages of having them on hand? Who’s talking? We do! That’s what you’ll see from now on!

Moça passando blush

Blush is a cosmetic product that can be used to finish the make-up. (Source: tomwang/

What is a blush and what is it used for?

The name, in English, means “to blush”. That already says a lot about blush, doesn’t it? This product, which our grandmothers called rouge, brings more colour to the face and complements the make-up.

Whether on a daily basis or in high style productions, it is always present in make-up. Initially used to give a rosier look to the cheeks, as a sign of health, today it can illuminate, tan or help define the contours of the face.

What are the most common blush colours?

Blush colours usually vary according to the desired effect. But, in general, they range from pink tones to brown and gold, which promote a bronzed effect that is the face of summer! To illustrate, we’ve prepared a chart with the main blush colours and the effect they provide and the skin tone for which it’s best suited:

Blush colour Skin tone Effect
Coral or coppery Yellowish Warm the skin tones
Pink and peachy White Blushed skin, with a healthy look
Bronze and earthy tones Brunette Leaves it flushed, with an illuminated appearance
Red Black Enhances the contour of the cheekbone and gives an “air of health”

Despite these indications, it is always good to keep in mind that there is no “cake recipe” for your production. You can combine shades, innovate in colours and find the blush shade that suits you best.

What are the most popular types of blush?

Although they are very similar and basically perform the same function, there are different types of blush, especially when we talk about texture and ways of application. That’s why we’ve made a short description of each of them:

  • Powder: it is the most traditional, sold in individual cases or in palettes, it can be mineral, which guarantees more fixation;
  • Stick: with a denser texture, it is almost a cream. Despite being more durable, it can accentuate skin greasiness;
  • Liquid: light and easy to apply, it is indicated for mature skin that tends to crack.

Can blush be used without makeup?

Yes. As we said, there is no strict rule when it comes to makeup, especially for day-to-day use. If you just want to make your skin blusher to go to work, you can use it as an ally. However, it is good to remember that the effect will be much better when the blush is applied on skin with uniform texture and tone. Our tip, in this case, is that you opt for a BB cream. It protects the skin and leaves it ready for mascara, blush and lipstick!

mulher usando blush

Choosing a quality blush ensures that the product will stay on your skin throughout the day. (Source: Roman Samborskyi /

What are the advantages of blush?

We’re talking about a product that will stay on your skin all day – at least, that’s the idea! —. Thus, it is worth investing in a quality product. This way, you’ll be able to count on advantages that aren’t limited to rosy cheeks!

  • Leaves the face with a healthier look
  • Complements the production, helping to define the contours of the face
  • Highlights the cheekbones, refining the expression
  • May have skin protection agents and anti-ageing compounds
  • Specific products for long duration are usually more expensive
  • May cause irritation
  • Depends on appropriate brush for application
  • Requires basic knowledge to provide the desired effect

What is the correct way to apply a blush?

It seems that there is no secret, but it is not quite like that. The application of blush can transform your expectation of princess skin into a typical June party make-up reality! Joking aside, following a few basic rules, and according to your face shape, you’ll achieve the desired effect with ease:

  • Oval: apply the blush with light strokes on the cheekbones and go up slightly to the temples;
  • Square: to attenuate the lines that mark the face shape, apply the blush in a more rounded design, always smudging it with the brush so it doesn’t get too much marked;
  • Triangular: apply the blush also in round movements starting from the apples, going up a little towards the temples;
  • Round: apply the blush in a thin line at a distance of two fingers from the nose and go towards the tip of the ear.

If you want to develop more skills when it comes to preparing your skin, getting ready and taking care of your face, a good option is to take a make-up course. There are excellent options, without even having to leave home!

Buying criteria: What to take into account when choosing blush

We’re sure that by getting this far, you already have in mind the blush you intend to buy. Now, we just want to highlight some practical criteria to choose the best product and shine even more!

Skin type

Earlier we showed you the main types of blush, classified according to the way of application and texture. As you saw, each skin type can respond better to a specific product. So consider your skin type and the conditions it presents right now to find the best blush. If you are going through a period with acne, for example, a looser powder will bring better results.


Everyone can wear all blush colours, regardless of skin tone. However, as we talked about in the previous section, the same shades can harmonise differently according to your skin tone. So, if you’re looking for a great blush for your day-to-day, the best option is to choose the one that matches your skin tone, as described in that chart.

pincéis pulverizando blush colorido em fundo escuro

The blush tone may vary according to the desired effect. (Source: Tetiana Zbrodko/


The function of the blush has gained new attributes in recent times. This way, it is no longer required only for the cheeks area and can help to highlight or disguise some features of your face. If that is your intention, consider opting for a blush palette that brings more options of shades, including the darkest for contouring and the ultra-light, to illuminate the makeup.


If you suffer with some kind of allergy or sensitivity, you need to pay attention to this point. Many cosmetics use thickeners, colorants and even flavorings that can trigger some allergic reaction. Therefore, it is always good to act with caution, reading the product formulation carefully before buying. If, during use, you notice any adverse symptoms, stop using the blush and seek a dermatologist.


There’s nothing like leaving the house looking like healthy, rested skin even on the toughest days, right? And, if you don’t want to do the full make-up, having the best blush will help to highlight your natural beauty.

To help you find the ideal product, we have prepared this guide with the indications for using blush, its advantages and the care that is indispensable for a good purchase. We also give you a selection of the bestsellers of 2022 on Amazon. We hope you have enjoyed this material. If yes, take the opportunity to share it with your friends. Cheers, see you soon!

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