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Greetings! This time we will show you the best Bluetooth Keyboards on the market.

Being able to type without problems will always be a priority for people who love the internet, professionals who use computers every day and even for the most competitive gamers, because there is no better way to communicate with a computer than with a good keyboard.


  • A Bluetooth Keyboard can connect to compatible computers, tablets and phones.
  • Bluetooth Keyboards with the ability to connect via USB can save battery life when not needed for remote use.
  • Some are capable of folding for portability.

The Best Bluetooth Keyboard: Our Picks

Buying guide

Don’t like having to be at the same distance from your monitor all the time? A bluetooth Keyboard can be the perfect solution for you, as there will be no cables to limit you. It can also work with your tablet. However, before you choose yours you need to know more about the product, and we will help you with that task.

A Bluetooth Keyboard can connect to compatible computers, tablets and phones.
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What are Bluetooth keyboards and what advantages do they offer?

A Bluetooth Keyboard is nothing more than a keyboard with the ability to communicate instantly with other devices wirelessly, via Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth has become synonymous with portable technology and that is why today it is found in all devices designed to be taken everywhere, because in addition to being a very simple system to use, the communication capabilities it provides allow different devices to exchange data easily.

A Bluetooth Keyboard provides freedom of use and portability, and is ideal for tablet and smartphone users who need a little more speed when typing their messages, it is also useful for people who get tired of being at a desk and decide to use their computer remotely.

  • They allow a more comfortable way of typing on tablets and smartphones
  • Some models are designed to be carried in bags
  • They allow more freedom of movement when used on computers
  • They are compatible with a large number of smart devices
  • Their batteries may need frequent recharging with prolonged use
  • They can be annoying to use when they do not sync properly
  • Using Bluetooth drains the battery of the transmitting device
  • There may be some delay when typing

Bluetooth Keyboard or USB Keyboard – Which one do I need?

There are a few things to consider when you are looking to buy a new keyboard, depending on how you are going to use a keyboard you may want to choose one over the other. Take a look at this comparison chart to give you an idea:

Bluetooth Keyboard USB keyboard
Highly portable No interference or delays
They can be used at a good distance from the transmitting device, allowing more freedom of use They can be used continuously without worrying about batteries
They eliminate the need for cables Being powered by a USB cable they can bring extras such as RGB lights without affecting their performance

When you need a keyboard that is portable, or that you can use with your tablet or smartphone, your best option would be a Bluetooth Keyboard. However, if you need a keyboard that works better with your computer, then a USB keyboard would be a better choice, although of course you can also opt for one that has both options and have the best of both worlds.

Bluetooth Keyboards with the ability to connect via USB can save battery life when not needed for remote use. (Photo: Neonbrand/

Buying criteria: What to look for in a Bluetooth Keyboard

As mentioned above, Bluetooth Keyboards are very simple devices that generally do not have many extras, as their only function is to serve as a means of inputting information.

That’s why we’ve put together the reasons why certain wireless keyboards are considered better than others.


How comfortable a keyboard is to use depends on its design. Some larger keyboards have the option to adjust their height to better fit your hands, others are smaller and designed for portability.

The way the keys are laid out also matters, as it will decide how well they react to being pressed and how many extra options (playback control, shortcuts, etc.) they offer.

Some are capable of folding for portability.
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Bluetooth version

The version of Bluetooth Keyboards defines its compatibility with other devices, so it’s always a good idea to know what Bluetooth version the keyboard you want has, that way you’ll know if it’s compatible with your devices.


As with any portable device, the battery life should give you a good amount of time before needing to recharge. The life of a Bluetooth Keyboard will depend on its power saving mechanisms. Some will always be “on” which will quickly drain their batteries, others have automatic sleep mechanisms with sensors that make them turn on when the user presses a key.

Multi-device connection

A good Bluetooth Keyboard will allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, then you can choose which one will receive signals from the keyboard, so you can do things like switch from your computer to your phone and then to your tablet with just a couple of key presses.

Bluetooth has become synonymous with portable technology and that’s why today it’s found in all devices designed to be taken everywhere.
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Additional Features

Certain models can come with a few extra things to make them a lot more interesting, here are the most common ones:

Lights: While most keyboards tend to avoid using a lot of lights because they put a lot of strain on the battery, some models will have illuminated keys that will come in handy when you need to type something with the lights off.

Touchpad: Some keyboards will have a touchpad to dispense with the use of mice, although they are not necessary for use with tablets or phones, they will make it more comfortable to use the computer from a sofa or bed.

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