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A Blue Mules is a drink made with blue curacao, vodka and ginger ale. It’s also known as a “Blue Hawaiian.”

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Blue Mules: Frequently asked questions

What types of Blue Mules are there and what determines a good product?

There are two types of Blue Mules. The first is the original, which was bred by crossing a donkey with an American mule and then breeding that cross back to donkeys for several generations. This type has been around since at least 1852 (when it was called “American Half-Blood”) but fell out of favor in the early 1900s when people started using Thoroughbred horses instead of donkeys as sires because they were faster and more refined looking than their donkey counterparts. In recent years there has been renewed interest in this type due to its hardiness, smaller size, ability to thrive on poor quality hay or pasture grasses, good disposition and low maintenance needs compared with other breeds such as Fjords or Percherons used for draft purposes today.

The second breed is what most people think about when you mention blue mules – those that have had gray added into them through selective breeding over many generations until they became almost entirely gray except for black hooves and skin pigment (which can be seen on some animals). These are sometimes referred to as “blue roans” although technically speaking if we want something truly accurate we should call these “gray roan.” They look like

The quality of the Blue Mules is determined by its ingredients and preparation. To be considered high in quality, a Blue Mule must have an excellent taste with no artificial flavors or colors added to it. It should also contain natural sugar that comes from fruits without any preservatives used during the manufacturing process.

Who should use a Blue Mules?

Anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness. It’s a great way for people of all ages, genders, sizes and athletic ability levels to get started with exercise or continue on an existing program.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Blue Mules?

The first thing you should look at is the price. If a Blue Mules has an extremely low price, there’s probably something wrong with it. Many times, these products are nothing more than cheap fakes from China.

Always take the time to read product reviews before buying a new Blue Mules online – this will give you a much better idea of what to expect in terms of quality and performance.

The first thing you should check is the quality of the product. Ensure that it’s made from a durable material and has been built to last. It also needs to be easy to use, so look for features like an ergonomic design or non-slip grips if your Blue Mules will see a lot of action.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Blue Mules?


The Blue Mules are a great way to get around town. They’re fun, easy and convenient. You can hop on or off at any of the stops along the route for as long as you like – no need to plan your trip in advance. Plus, they’re affordable with low fares that start at just $1 per ride (kids ages 6-17 pay 50 cents). And if you have an ETS bus pass, it works on all routes except Route 99 LRT/Route 747 Express between Churchill Station and NAIT station during peak hours Monday through Friday.


The Blue Mules are not as fast or agile as the other two types of mules. They also have a tendency to be stubborn and hard-headed, making them difficult for inexperienced riders.

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The cheapest Blue Mules in our review costs around 8 pounds and is ideal for customers who are conscious about their money. However, those who are willing to spend more money for better quality can also spend around 75 pounds for one of the more expensive products.