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A bird house is a shelter for birds. It can be made of wood, plastic or metal and it’s usually mounted on the outside wall of your home.

Bird House: Bestsellers and current offers in the UK

The best bird house in the UK: Our selection

The perfect title for this product’s ad would be: Chick Haven: The Ideal Bird Home for Raising Chicks

This bird home is the perfect snug, safe and dry shelter for raising chicks for any small garden bird. It’s an attractive feature in any garden with its traditional post box design and stunning red and gold lettering. The hatch at back opens for easy cleaning, plus it has a screw mount so it can be attached to a sheltered fence, wall or veranda. When siting the nest box, make sure it’s at least 1.5m – 2.5m above the ground in a place where cats and predators cannot access it. The ideal aspect is facing east but se and ne are also fine. Leave the box empty as wild birds will bring their own nest material into the box.

Hang this bird house hotel in your garden.

Looking for a creative way to recycle those wine corks? Look no further than this hanging bird house hotel. Made from wood, wine corks and jute string, this unique bird house is perfect for small birds. The hole size is 3.3 cm diameter, so keep an eye out for seagulls trying to sneak in. This eco-friendly bird house makes a great addition to any garden. Dimensions: H17 x W15.5 x D20cm

Introducing the built to last pressure treated bird nest.

Introducing the built to last pressure treated bird nest. This product is made of fully pressure treated and stained wood, so that it can withstand the elements and be used for many years. The sloping roof allows for rain runoff, keeping the bird house dry during wetter periods. The 30mm bird hole is suitable for common wild and garden birds such as blue tits, coal tits, marsh tits, great tits, tree sparrows and pied flycatchers. This product also comes with an information leaflet that will help you get the most out of your handy home and garden pressure treated bird box. Product dimensions (approx): (base) (h x w x d): 22cm x 11.5cm x 11.5cm (roof) (h x w x d): 22cm x 11.5cmx 15.5cm

4 Kingfisher Bird Nest Boxes

This set of 4 kingfisher bird nest boxes is ideal for a variety of small wild birds such as robins and blue tits. They are wall mounted, making them ideal for a garden wall, shed or tree. The overall size is approximately 21cm x 12cm x 14cm including the roof.

Bird House: Frequently asked questions

What types of Bird House are there and what determines a good product?

There are many different types of bird houses. Some have a hole in the top, some on the side and others have an opening at both ends. The type you choose will depend upon your location and what kind of birds you want to attract.

A good bird house is one that has been designed for the species of birds you are trying to attract. It should be made from a material that will not rot or deteriorate in any way, and it must have an opening large enough so the bird can enter easily but small enough so predators cannot get inside. The entrance hole should also be located at least 6 inches above ground level to prevent flooding during heavy rains.

Who should use a Bird House?

Anyone who wants to attract birds and wildlife into their yard.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Bird House?

The most important factor is the quality of materials used in making it. You can use this Bird House as a gift for your loved ones and friends, or you can also buy one for yourself to enjoy its beauty.

One of the most important factor of any Bird House is its material. It has to be durable and easy to clean. If you want a bird house that will last for years, then wood or metal are good options but if you just need something temporary, plastic might be better suited. Another important aspect is the opening on top which should not only fit your birds but also allow them in and out easily without getting stuck.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Bird House?


Bird Houses are an excellent way to attract a variety of birds into your yard. They provide shelter and food for the birds, as well as being aesthetically pleasing in their own right.


The disadvantages of a bird house are that they can be expensive to buy. They also require maintenance and cleaning, which some people may not have the time or inclination for.

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