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Often, waste bins do not look nice and spoil the appearance of the driveway or front garden. As a result, bin boxes are becoming increasingly popular; these serve as a cover for the bin and thus conceal the bin or container. In addition to being a cover for the waste bin, the waste bin box also serves as protection against wind, rain and other external influences.

This also prevents animals from getting into the bin and possibly knocking it over. In this article, we will introduce you to different bin boxes, what types there are and what criteria you should pay attention to before buying.


  • Bin boxes are available in various materials, such as wood, stainless steel, plastic, sheet metal and concrete. They can either be fitted with doors or serve as a semi-open shelter.
  • Bin boxes offer you additional privacy and protection from outside interference. A bin box protects against animals in particular, but also against odours if you choose a plantable bin box.
  • Bins are available in different sizes. These vary depending on the number of bins that are to be accommodated. Some boxes have additional feet or a reinforced base.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for waste bin boxes

In order to find a suitable bin liner for you, we have picked out some buying criteria that you should consider before buying. The criteria you should compare before buying a bin liner include:


When it comes to material, there is a choice between wood, plastic, sheet metal and stainless steel. Wooden bin boxes are particularly impressive because of their appearance. However, this material is the most maintenance-intensive. Depending on the processing and model of the wood, you can find quite inexpensive boxes here. Plastic bin boxes are similar to sheet metal bin boxes.

These are very light in weight and require little maintenance. Plastic waste bin boxes in particular are in the lower price segment. However, plastic fades quickly and the sheet metal can quickly become dented. Stainless steel wheelie bins are more likely to be found in the higher price segment, as they are extremely weather-resistant and rustproof.

Base reinforcement

A reinforced base ensures the stability of the bin box, even if the ground is uneven. In addition, the bin box is also protected from below, so that no moisture or cold can get in. You should buy a floor reinforcement especially if you have a bin box made of a heavier material, such as concrete. For bin boxes made of lighter material, there are feet that can be individually adjusted.

Weather resistance

Bins made of concrete, stainless steel or sheet metal are generally very weatherproof. Plastic also keeps water out well, but the colour soon fades due to UV radiation. Additional impregnation is only necessary for wood.

Guide: Frequently asked questions on the subject of waste bin boxes answered in detail

In the following, we have selected and answered the most frequently asked questions about bin lids.

Who is a bin liner suitable for?

As a rule, dustbin boxes are suitable for every homeowner who wants to protect their rubbish from the eyes of others and at the same time ensure that no animals can get into the rubbish. In society, people talk about rubbish only rarely and also unwillingly. However, this topic should not be ignored in any case. Often, a normal rubbish bin ruins the appearance of one’s home. In addition, unpleasant odours arise, especially in summer, which most people are disgusted by.


This is how it looks in front of many houses. For a nicer look, a dustbin box is a good idea. (Image source: Csaba Nagy / Pixabay)

The solution to this problem is a dustbin box. The dustbin box gives you the option of hiding your dustbin completely or partially.

What types of bin boxes are there?

Probably the most commonly sold bin boxes are the fully enclosed ones. Although this type is in a higher price range, it provides complete privacy and good protection against external influences and odours. This type of bin box can be opened through doors or via a lid. There are also bin boxes with a plant roof.

This type can be purchased as a half-open or completely closed box. Here, too, privacy is provided. The bin box is opened and closed by a door. Plant trays or a large plant tray are located on the roof of the bin box. These can then be planted quite easily. The plants ensure that the smell of the rubbish is reduced.


As you can see, there are a number of things you should consider when choosing a bin liner. Which material, which type, how much capacity and which design you ultimately choose depends above all on where the bin box is to be placed.

You may also want to consider additional features, such as a drainage pipe for rainwater or snow. A bin box is particularly suitable for you if you want to make the entrance to your home more attractive. It also reduces the risk of animals climbing into the bin or the bin tipping over due to strong winds.

Image source: Rawin Tanpin / 123rf