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If you are in the habit of riding on two wheels, you know that comfort and safety are fundamental for this activity. That is why it is necessary to dress appropriately. And no item is as important in this combination as the biker jacket.

A good motorbike jacket needs to protect you from the weather as well as from possible shocks or contact with the ground or other surfaces. All this without taking away the freedom of movement and, of course, without losing style! Do you know how to choose the ideal jacket?

There are many materials, linings, types of closure and other variables that must be taken into account at the time of purchase. But don’t worry, in the next lines of this article, we will answer all your doubts!


  • The use of a special jacket when riding a motorbike is essential. Only this will provide all the necessary protection.
  • You should always pay attention to the presence of key features such as protection to vulnerable areas and reflective strips or details.
  • The most common materials for motorbike jackets are leather and cordura. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Eventually, you may have one of each to make use of in appropriate situations.

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Now that you know some top quality models, how about we find out more about what makes a biker jacket special? We will bring many details for you to become a real expert on the subject and hit the nail on the head when buying!

 Imagem mostra um homem parado ao lado de uma moticicleta e vestindo uma jaqueta de motoqueiro.

For many, the motorcycle is a lifestyle. (Source: Duong Nhân/

What is a biker jacket and what is it for?

Riding a motorbike is very enjoyable. Feeling the wind, the sense of freedom, the world as all yours. However, on very cold or rainy days, all this can become uncomfortable. The body temperature decreases and what is pleasant becomes terrible. Besides, the possibility of accidents exists, and on a motorbike the impact is much greater than in a car. Contact with asphalt can cause serious injuries to limbs and vulnerable parts such as shoulders and elbows.

According to the dictionary, a jacket is a short coat, fitted to the waist. For bikers, it is much more than that! Its use is more than necessary! The first function of a biker jacket is protection. Both for the weather conditions, preventing water from becoming a nuisance or the wind from getting in the way, and for possible accidents, as it has thicker materials and special linings.

A motorbike jacket differs from a common jacket because it is made of thicker materials and has special protective linings, in addition to other features such as reflective strips. Of course it also helps with riding comfort, allowing fluid movements and keeping body temperature at ideal numbers.

Did you know that the 1969 film “No Destination” (“Easy Rider” in the original title) is a landmark for motorcyclists and influenced many people to follow this lifestyle? But before that, Hollywood had already played an important role in popularising “biker fashion”. “The Wild One” (1953) has Marlon Brando in the main role as a biker who wears a leather jacket and jeans. From then on, this clothing that was very specific became a huge fever!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the biker jacket?

Of course you can use another style of jacket, like a windbreaker, to ride a motorbike. But the positive effects will not be the same. The main advantage of biker jackets is that they are made with riding in mind.

Therefore, they have several special features that help with the weather or in case of accidents. Among these features that we don’t find in other jackets are special linings, elbow and shoulder protection and reflective strips. We cannot fail to mention that motorbike jackets help with the identification of a social group.

They are a fashion that helps to demonstrate the personality of those who live on the road and love their vehicles. Even more when combined with a band t-shirt! The only problems are the high costs and the difficulty of use in very hot days. Check below the table of advantages and disadvantages of the biker jacket:

  • Indispensable for motorbike riding
  • It has special protection for sensitive parts of the body
  • It is comfortable and helps with the fluidity of movements
  • It is part of social identification as a fashion accessory
  • High cost
  • It may be difficult to use on very hot days

What are the best materials for a motorbike jacket?

The most commonly used materials for making motorbike jackets are leather and cordura (polyester). Both are resistant to abrasion, which is very important. It is what will reduce an eventual impact with the ground, together with the appropriate linings.

Leather is the champion in this respect. Apart from that, there are differences. Cordura is almost always waterproof and leather tends to absorb a lot of humidity. Leather is also heavier and warmer. The hotter it gets, the more you should opt for a lightweight material. But, of course, it is unquestionable that when it comes to style, nothing beats leather. As this is not the only characteristic to be taken into account, we have created a table to help you:

Leather jacket Cordura jacket
Abrasion resistance Very high High
Waterproof Not waterproof and absorbs moisture Usually waterproof
Main advantages Style, abrasion resistance, protection on cold days Lighter and cooler material, waterproof
Main disadvantages Heat and moisture retention, bad for rainy days May not protect as much on cold days

What features are essential for a good and safe motorbike jacket?

A foresighted motorcyclist knows that there are objects and pieces of clothing that help his life. The helmet is compulsory and indispensable, the jacket needs to be worn at all times, an intercom can be very useful, and so on. And when we talk about a biker jacket, we have to highlight some essential features. They help a lot with security.

  • Elbow, shoulder and back protection: These parts of the body are very sensitive to impacts and need extra protection. Whether it’s in the lining, foam padding or neoprene, don’t buy a jacket that doesn’t offer it.
  • Reflective strips: When riding at night, motorcyclists need to be seen by cars. Reflective strips, usually in bright, shiny colours, help to make the lights stand out and prevent accidents.
  • Zip closure: Zipper closure is much better on biker jackets than button closure. This is because it allows less wind to enter and has less chances of generating injuries in case of falls or strong impacts.

To know a little more about the fundamental characteristics of motorbike jackets, we recommend the following video from the Duas Rodas channel:

How much does a biker jacket cost?

Because of their special protection, lining and unique characteristics, motorbike jackets are more expensive than simpler models or those used in daily life by people who do not ride motorbikes. The cheapest models we find cost around £ 60, but they may not have good finishing or durability.

Buying criteria: how to choose your biker jacket

Now that you already know several details about biker jackets, know their advantages and importance, let’s discuss some criteria that may be important when buying.

Below, we explain a little bit each one of these criteria!


There are several types of lining used in motorbike jackets. The presence of one is important, but if there is foam or neoprene protection in the most vulnerable areas, you can opt for a model with a removable lining.

The removable lining allows the jacket to be used both in the hottest and coldest days, giving it extra versatility. Being washable also helps a lot and prevents the appearance of bad odours. Always opt for jackets with lining, whether it’s removable or not.

Imagem mostra um homem andando de motocicleta e usando uma jaqueta de motoqueiro.

Always opt for jackets that combine safety and comfort. (Source: Kevin Bidwell/

Presence of pockets

It is often difficult to carry your personal items, such as documents or mobile phone, on a motorbike trip. Sure, you can have a motorbike trunk or something, but putting everything in the pockets of the jacket makes the job easier.

Biker jackets usually have a good amount of pockets, but be sure to check that there are enough. It is essential that at least one of the pockets is waterproof, which can help on rainy days.


Now we get to the aesthetic part: it is clear that besides comfort and protection, you also want a jacket model that represents you and makes you feel good.

There are jackets designed for fans of certain bands, members of motorbike clubs, or football fans. There are those that are more sober, for those who do not like to attract attention, and others that are full of details. Just find the one that best fits your personal characteristics!


To choose the size of the jacket, you need to take some things into consideration: Motorcycle jackets need to be very tight to the body, which gives more protection, and the length reaches the hip.

With this information, you can take the measurements to know exactly what size you need to buy. The ideal is that the protection characteristics mentioned above are combined with maximum comfort!

(Source of the highlighted image: Harley-Davidson/