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There is confusion about the use of the bidet. In some countries it is used as a replacement for toilet paper; however, it is recommended only as a supplement. There are many popular types of bidet and people prefer it because it is proven to save money, energy and is much more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper alone.

We want to highlight the key points to buying the best bidet on the market, one that suits what you are looking for and your needs. After doing extensive research on product features and user reviews, we’ll discuss the results below:


  • A bidet is an implement found in the bathroom, very similar in appearance to a toilet, but functions more like a washbasin. It is used to take care of the hygiene of the genitals after relieving oneself and is especially recommended for situations of illness, infection or pregnancy.
  • Bidets have been adapted to modern times and can even function as an ordinary bathroom accessory. Don’t be confused by the different types available and choose the one that best suits your needs, such as an electronic, manual or portable one.
  • Once you are clear about the space you have available to place your bidet, you can consider other equally relevant factors such as the type of fixing or type of lid, for example. This information will help you decide whether you should hire an extra service or install it yourself. It will also help your comfort.

The Best Bidet: Our Picks

Buying Guide

What we promised is what we promised. In this section we will show you everything you need to know about bidets: their main features, the differences between the different models, where to buy and where to find the best bidets on the market. Don’t miss this opportunity to choose the product that guarantees your personal hygiene.

The different types of bidets can be electronic or manual. Both of them do their job perfectly (Photo: Nophamon Yanyapong /

What is a bidet and what are its advantages?

A bidet is a bathroom fixture very similar in appearance to a toilet, the difference being that it is made to cleanse the genitals in a deeper, quicker and easier way. It consists of an oval bowl, a drain and a water outlet. Its name comes from French, which means little horse, because of the position at the moment of use.

It is ideal for pregnant women, male and female toilet; some doctors recommend it in the process of a disease such as haemorrhoids or to take care of vaginal infections, as it does not produce erosion due to the rubbing of the paper. Another wide use is to wash the feet, because of its small size, it is perfect for effortless use.

  • Environmentally friendly product
  • Helps maintain hygiene
  • Improves the feeling of cleanliness
  • Does not cause skin erosion
  • Uses less water than a shower
  • Takes up twice as much space
  • May require professional installation
  • Does not replace toilet paper

Mechanical, electronic or portable bidet – what should you look out for?

As we’ve already given you some insight, bidets are available in a wide range of prices, qualities, models, functions, etc. For every type of person. In the following section, you can easily compare the features that make the most popular types of bidets stand out.

Mechanical bidet. There is a wide variety of models of this style and basically refers to the fact that you must manually operate the mechanism. They often come integrated with the house. They can also be added as an accessory and make a simple connection.

Electronic bidet. This is the most modern, it has an electronic panel on the side with which you can regulate the water temperature, the type of jet, air drying, flavouring and the options are very wide. It is usually in the form of a free-standing seat.

Portable bidet. This type of bidet is ideal for travelling or when you are not at home. It basically consists of a bottle that you can squeeze and adjust to the angles you require. You only have to fill it with cold or warm water and squeeze it as required.

Mechanical Electronic Portable
Main feature Manual hot and cold water Manual hot and cold water Temperature regulator, Water pressure regulator, Jet angle regulator, Jet angle regulator
Extra functions Horizontal jet, Vertical jet, Reverse shower Air dry Not applicable
Installation Separate pipe connection No separate connection required. Adjustable to toilet No installation required
Models Floor-mounted, wall-mounted, hand-held, non-electric seats Adjustable seats, Adjustable device Spray bottle

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Bidets

Many people find it difficult and uncomfortable to think about using a bidet. Others believe that it is a matter of habit and that there is a bidet for everyone. Before you spend money on models you don’t like, here are the following buying factors; they will help you to evaluate the different bidet models for yourself.

  • Accessory
  • Types of cover
  • Fixing types
  • Materials


Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space or if you don’t know anyone who can do the installation for you; nowadays the most modern and popular bidets consist of a simple accessory that is added to the original toilet. These can be electric or non-electric and are as follows:

Toilet seat. They usually have many more functions, are more expensive and exclusive. You should pay attention to the measurements so that they fit perfectly with the toilet. They may have a control panel on the side or a remote control. Some electronic models will require electrical power.

Adjustable bidet. This is the most popular. Because of its affordable price and quality. It offers the basic benefits of a bidet and some even have a hot water option. They usually have a control panel on the side to regulate the pressure and angle of the jet.

Lid types

These types of accessories can make your bidet stand out from the crowd. By using the lid, you can give your bathroom decor a much more discreet and elegant finish. If you are passionate about this theme, you can also use other decorative accessories. Some models have the lid included and others can be attached to them.

Specifies. As the name suggests, this refers to the cover that is made for a specific model and is already adapted to its design. If you wish to replace it, you should take care to choose the right one.

Shock absorber. This cover has an added silencing system located on the hinges. It is very useful to prolong the life of the bidet and to avoid annoying noises. The lid closes automatically and slowly.

Universal. This lid is easy to find and is supposed to fit any bidet model. Of course, aspects such as shape and approximate size must be taken into account. They are easy to install and replace.

Type of fixing

The different types of bidet that exist are classified according to their fixing. You have to decide this by looking at the space you have for your bidet and how you want the bathroom to look. Generally, the models we present here come as standard in the home or require professional installation.

Floor-standing bidet. This is a traditional model, which works in much the same way as the toilet; even if you want to replace it, you won’t need to change the connections as the tap is exposed and the whole plumbing system is located behind the bidet. It is anchored to the floor.

Compact bidet. Very similar to the previous model, it is also wall-mounted, with the difference that the taps and connections go inside the bidet. Making it look more elegant and with a minimalist style that will easily combine with your bathroom. It is also anchored to the floor.

Floor-standing bidet. This model is recessed into the wall. All connections are concealed and it is an ideal design to blend in with the overall style of the bathroom. It is much easier to clean and uses less space.


You can also choose your bidet according to the material you prefer. Some are more expensive but elegant and durable; others are more affordable and of good quality. Whichever you choose, be sure to consider all the options available on the market.

Ceramic. Bidets made of this material are usually freestanding models that sit next to the toilet. These can be floor-standing, wall-mounted or compact models. The design is classic, elegant and also ideal for modern environments.

Earthenware. This material is usually found in the bidets that are included in the toilets. As a kind of 2×1. As they come from the factory, you won’t have any problems with fit and comfort. They last longer and their innovative design makes personal hygiene easier.

Stainless steel. This is the best material for hoses and taps. This material is especially important in manual spray models. As they function as a hose that is in constant contact with water, they are rust-resistant, durable and easy to move.

Plastic. This is the material par excellence of the most popular and economical bidets, generally of the portable and adjustable models as an accessory. They are durable and do not need as much care. They can be fitted to any toilet with a do-it-yourself connection.

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