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It’s the comeback from the 90s. What was a total fashion sin a few short years ago is now the hit among bags. The fanny pack for men is super stylish and modern. It is versatile and adapts to any style of clothing, whether it is sporty or elegant.

The most diverse aspects make your bag one of the most popular fashion features. Whether large or small, your most important items will always find their place in the compartments of your fanny pack. They are suitable for any kind of outing, be it a party or a walk in the park. Especially for travelling or longer trips, the bag is a must-have! So if you prefer practical and at the same time trendy small bags, you should definitely not do without a men’s belt bag in your wardrobe.


The best Belt Bag: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look out for when buying men’s belt bags

Fanny packs are very much back in fashion these days. This fashion accessory, among others, is not only stylish and goes with just about any outfit, it is also super practical. Before buying, however, you should think about a few factors. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about the individual criteria to make your choice easier.

Upper material

There are different materials for men’s belt bags. These include water resistance and, of course, appearance, which is of great importance in terms of style. Durable materials that are well suited for outdoor excursions in nature are, for example, nylon, polyamide or polyester.

Most men’s belt bags are made of polyester. It is not 100% waterproof, but it lets very little water through and is therefore well suited for light rain. Waterproof materials are, for example, neoprene or bags that have plastic inserts. The plastic inserts naturally serve to protect against moisture. In these belt pouches, all your important items or documents are safely protected.

Things that should be kept well protected are, for example, money or phones. Good-looking belt bags are usually made of leather, canvas or cotton or even polyester. Leather, or bags made of imitation leather, are often the fashion accessory, as they can go well with many outfits.

Inner lining

The lining of a belt bag can be made of different materials. Most often it is a textile fabric. Taffeta is a mixed fabric made of silk or chemical threads. This material is found in very many men’s belt bags, as it is also a very strong fabric that is difficult to damage.

However, there are also bags that are not only made of leather or imitation leather on the outside but also on the inside. These are priced a little higher, whereby the inner lining made of imitation leather is not of very high quality. Cotton is a very popular fabric. Many men’s belt bags are made of cotton on the inside.

This fabric also takes on different colours most easily. The quality is better than with imitation leather linings. The fabric is not easy to tear or otherwise damage, so people often resort to this material. One disadvantage is that the material is easier to get dirty, although you don’t necessarily carry items in men’s belt bags that could contaminate the bag.


Fanny packs for men come in different sizes. From very small ones that carry more of a stylish use to very large ones that have a lot of storage space, there is everything on the market. Small belt bags have more of an optical value. You can’t store much in them.

However, they are very practical for walks or outings where you only want to stow money or a mobile phone. They are therefore well suited as a small substitute for your trouser pocket. Especially during sports, they are a good companion for stowing your things. Flat pockets are mainly suitable for sports. These can be worn under clothing. Another option is to take treats with you when you go for a walk. Large men’s belt bags, on the other hand, have enough storage space. When travelling, you have enough space for travel documents, IDs or money.

Even your smartphone will find its place in the bag along with the other documents. Even when you arrive on holiday, you can pack a camera for your excursions if you prefer more than just smartphone pictures. Of course, the size of a bag also determines its weight. The bigger the fanny pack, the heavier it is. So think about what you want to use the bag for, as a heavy bag would not be advantageous for sports, for example.

Number of internal compartments

Depending on your use, you should pay attention to how many internal compartments your belt bag should have. The compartments are used to keep your bag tidy and to separate your items from each other. For example, bank cards and smartphones should not be placed next to each other.

Therefore, card compartments in the fanny pack would be of great use. But there are not only card compartments but also traditional larger compartments. Here you can separate your documents from each other, or stow your money in a separate compartment. You should also separate your keys from your mobile phone so as not to scratch the screen of your smartphone.

Logically, the larger the bag, the more possible internal compartments. Small bags usually don’t have extra compartments, at most card slots, because they are very flat. Large bags have enough space for several individual compartments on the inside as well as extra compartments on the outside.

Fanny pack for men: The most important questions answered

Before and after buying a men’s belt bag, you should ask yourself a few questions. We have collected the most important styling and care questions for you and answered them in the following paragraphs.

In which styles are men’s belt bags available?

Many people may think that belt bags are already completely out of fashion. But they are currently making a comeback. Men’s belt bags can be combined in different variations and look super stylish. They are available in the following styles:

  • Sporty: Among other things, belt bags are above all sporty. Almost all sports brands produce these bags. You can combine them with a sporty outfit, for example a tracksuit, but also wear them while doing sports. They are particularly practical when cycling because you don’t have your hands free and the belt bag sits firmly on your hip or across your chest.
  • Elegant: Elegant men’s belt bags are rather rare, but do occur. The surface material is usually leather or high-quality materials. They can be combined well with a classic look.
  • Casual: Casual belt bags go well with any everyday outfit. They can be combined with jeans, for example, but just as well with a sporty, casual look.

Depending on the occasion, you can match a wide variety of men’s belt bags to your outfit.

What are the advantages of a belt bag?

Men’s belt bags are above all small and compact. They are always at hand and close to your body. Your hands are free because the bag is tied to your upper body. Unlike a backpack, they sit at the front of your body, giving you more security as you always have the bag in view. This security is especially needed at festivals or concerts.

A fanny pack can also be stylishly worn around the waist. (Image source: Ksenia Varapaeva / unsplash)

The inner compartments allow you to separate the individual items in the bag from each other and thus keep them in good order or keep track of them. Most belt bags have a zip, which also offers more security than a magnetic button.

The adjustable strap adapts very well to any body and thus offers a wide variation of sizes in one and the same bag. Another advantage of the belt is that you can adjust it so that it sits most comfortably on your torso or hips, which is very important when doing sports.

How do I clean my belt bag?

Cleaning a men’s fanny pack depends on the material. Before you want to wash your bag, you should ask about the fabric.

  • Washing label: It is best to read the label to find out whether you can put the bag in the washing machine or how to do so. It’s best to use a washing net and a gentle wash cycle.
  • Sponge: Polyester is best cleaned by hand. Use a sponge and lukewarm water to wash the dirt off the bag.
  • Impregnation: Before using the belt bag, it is recommended to impregnate it. You should do this especially with leather bags. You can use an impregnation spray or a care balm for this purpose. This helps to make the bag more water-resistant.

Fanny packs are very easy to wash and care for yourself if you do your research properly.

What belongs in a man’s belt bag?

The most important utensils for everyday life that you can pack in your belt pouch are, for example, your smartphone, wallet and your house or flat keys. There is also enough space for your personal identification. When travelling, you can stow all your tickets or travel documents in general.

While on holiday, the belt bag for men offers enough space for your camera so that you can capture the best moments of your holiday. To make your dog happy, you can always have his beloved treats ready to hand when you go for a walk in your fanny pack.

Styling tips for men’s fanny packs: How to achieve the perfect fanny pack look

The fanny pack is best combined with a casual sports outfit. Tracksuits and sneakers that match the bag will make you the eye-catcher in your city. You can either tie it around your waist or hang it over your shoulder. Both variations go well with a sporty outfit.

Match the colour of the belt bag to the colour of your clothes to create a uniform overall look. On the other hand, you can also contrast with bright colours to draw all eyes to you. You can also hang matching pendants on your bag to give the outfit that certain something.


Men’s belt bags can be combined with any outfit. Whether sporty, casual or elegant, the bag is always a trendy fashion accessory. The materials are easy to clean on your own, so you save on external cleaning costs. Besides the stylish background, they are also a good companion for every outing.

Whether you’re exercising, walking or travelling, your essentials are always close at hand and safe close to your body. What’s more, they are size-adjustable and fit well to any person.

Image source: Popov / 123rf