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The modern home appliances are used to simplify our daily routine in saving our time. Today, the washing machine is an essential helper at home. At the variety of contemporary washing machines with different functions and features, it is easy to get confused and hard to choose a real space miracle for yourself.

Beko washing machines have been taking the leading place among other manufacturers for a long time. The modern design, ease of use and excellent value for money – all these aspects can be mentioned regarding a Beko washing machine. With our Beko washing machine test 2023 we want you to get to know this washing machine and make the right choice.


  • Beko washing machines are characterised by the combination of innovative technologies, modern features and ease of use. They are available for purchase in different sizes, colours and prices.
  • Although Beko focuses only on top-loaders, they have different dimensions and shapes, making them easy to integrate into the room. Moreover, Beko washing machines are easy on your wallet as well as on the environment due to their energy and water saving models.
  • Beko washing machines offer some unique features that other manufacturers lack. These include pet hair removal, Hygiene+ programmes and child lock function.

The best Beko Washing Machine: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Beko washing machine

Before buying a Beko washing machine, you should acquire some background information. We have summarised this information in the following paragraphs.

What distinguishes Beko washing machines from other manufacturers

The Beko company sells household appliances in more than 140 countries and is known for its high quality products. To always prove themselves as a top-notch manufacturer, they keep the customer needs firmly in mind and try to give birth to the appliances that are time-saving as well as convenient to use and innovative. The range of Beko household appliances includes refrigerators, dishwashers, kitchen appliances and washing machines.

Beko washing machines are distinguished by their top quality and a wide range of features unique to each Beko washing machine model. The washing machines are mainly manufactured in such countries as Turkey, Russia and Romania. The innovative design combined with simple application principles makes the Beko washing machine an attractive option for your home.

How big is a Beko washing machine?

The Beko washing machines are nowadays presented in different sizes so that they can be perfectly integrated into your household.

Most Beko washing machines have the following dimensions: 40 x 62 x 87 cm.

It is important to keep in mind that the weight of a washing machine does not indicate its capacity.

The weight ranges from 60 kg. to 80 kg. As already mentioned, the weight of the whole washing machine is not a determining factor that affects its functionality in any way.

Are spare parts and accessories for Beko washing machine available?

If you need the spare parts or some accessories for your Beko washing machine, their service is at your disposal. On the official website of Beko, you can choose any original item for your appliance. This will make it possible to improve the performance of your appliance or eliminate its defects. Below you will find some examples of spare parts for your Beko washing machine.

Item Use
Lint filter The lint filter helps you identify all the things that prevent your washing machine from working diligently. It especially concerns coinage that we often forget in our pockets, or lint
Drain pump The lint pump allows water to drain properly and protects the floor from water damage.
Door seal The door seal logically serves to keep water in the appliance and prevent it from leaking

These and many other necessary accessories or spare parts for your Beko washing machine can be ordered either at hardware stores or online. Most of them are quite cheap.

How much does a Beko washing machine cost?

The Beko company offers washing machines in different price categories. The price range for Beko washing machines is between 230 and up to about 750 euros. Considering the variety of functions and innovative features, we believe that Beko washing machines are extremely affordable.

Even the Beko WUX61032W Slim, which according to can be the cheapest, has more than 15 programmes, unique features such as pet hair removal or child safety, and is highly rated by customers. This means that even at the low price, Beko washing machine can fully meet your individual needs.

What is the alternative to Beko washing machines?

Of course, the Beko company is not the only one that deals with washing machines. In this section, we would like to introduce you to other renowned brands and their products, so that you have comprehensive information under your arms and can make your decision easier.

Gorenje washing machine

Gorenje is a Slovenian manufacturer of household appliances, including washing machines. Unlike Beko washing machines, Gorenje washing machines can be purchased as top and front loaders. Some unique features characterise exactly this brand of washing machines. These include the Inverter PowerDrive motor and the SENSOCare mode, which automatically selects the optimal programme for your laundry. The different programmes of the Garenje washing machine are designed to save your time or energy and to achieve the uniform cleanliness of your laundry.

Compared to the Garenje washing machine, the Beko washing machine offers several advantages. Although Beko does not produce top-loaders, it has a small design and can be installed in narrow spaces. You can also buy a washer-dryer from Beko, which combines both washing and drying.

Bauknecht washing machine

Another leading brand known for its home appliances is Bauknecht. Just like Gorenje, you can buy both a top loader or front loader. The Bauknecht washing machine offers you a variety of programmes. Among them is, for example, a Super Eco programme, which is particularly economical and environmentally friendly. A dosage indicator, which shows you exactly how much detergent you need, is one of the other additional features of the Bauknecht washing machine.

Bauknecht washing machine is similar to Beko washing machine in many aspects. However, both also offer unique features. We advise you to always keep all the buying criteria in mind when comparing the different brand models, and go by your preferences.

Haier washing machine

The Haier washing machine gets many positive reviews on Although not so well known on the European market, Haier washing machines enjoy a high reputation in China. These washing machines are also designed to be environmentally friendly and easy to use. Pre-set programmes save you a lot of time and you can choose a preset in seconds.

Just like Beko washing machines, Haier washing machines have the child lock programme, which prevents the buttons from being used during operation, and AquaStop function, which protects your floor from water damage.

As Haier washing machines are relatively new on the European market, there is not a wide range of models like Beko. Also, Haier washing machines do not differ as much in colour or design as Beko washing machines.

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Beko washing machines

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many Beko washing machines.

The criteria you can use to compare Beko washing machines include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what each criterion entails.


All washing machines can basically be divided into two types: Top loaders and front loaders. Top-loaders allow you to load laundry from the top. Front-loaders have their door in the front, and the laundry is put in at the front. Top-loaders are ideal for narrow spaces, as they are usually 40 cm wide. As they open from the top, they cannot be installed underneath.

Front loaders, on the other hand, can be underbuilt, have a larger capacity and offer a greater variety of functions. Beko only produces front loaders that are more universal and innovative. Nevertheless, you can find this washing machine in different models.

Beko Waschmaschine-1

The front loaders let the users load the laundry from the front.
(Image source:

They can be freestanding, which means they can easily blend into any room and you can do the laundry at any time.However, if you want to put the washing machine out of sight, there are a variety of built-in models of Beko washing machines available. Built-in washing machines can always be integrated into your kitchen with a worktop. A distinction is made between under-counter and fully integrated built-in washing machines.

You can either slide the under-counter washing machines from Beko under the worktop or use them as freestanding with the cover plate. Beko’s fully integrated models disappear completely behind a cabinet door. If you have a colourful kitchen, the fully integrated Beko washing machines are a perfect choice for you, as they are hidden behind the cabinet door after loading.

Drum depth

Another noteworthy aspect when choosing Beko washing machine is a drum depth. Sometimes some families find it difficult to put a standard washing machine. Not only the size and width, but also the depth of a washing machine play an important role in integrating your future washing machine and getting the cheap centimetres.

Beko washing machines are designed according to the needs of their customers, and are presented on the market with different depths. If you have a small family, are single or do little laundry overall, go for the models that are only 41.5 cm. deep. On the whole, they work just like standard models, but save a lot of space. Washing machines with a shallow depth are also cheaper and have a low consumption value.

Beko Waschmaschine-1

The drum depth determines the capacity of a washing machine.
(Image source:

Nevertheless, if you have a large household, it makes sense to buy the Beko washing machine that has the larger dimensions. The standard depth of Beko washing machines is 60 cm.

Nominal capacity

Rated capacity refers to how much laundry can actually be processed in your washing machine. The rated capacity is directly related to the depth of the drum of a washing machine – the deeper it is, the more laundry it can hold.

It should always be noted that the rated capacity given in the product description is only based on a standard programme.

Usually, this programme is “Coloureds 60 degrees”, and means a maximum load. However, all programmes extend an individual capacity, which is often less than a standard capacity.

The most common capacities of Beko washing machines are between 6 and 9 kg. Before you start shopping for a Beko washing machine, think about how big your household is and how often you do the laundry. This will help you determine the right load for your family.

If the number of people in your family is up to 5, the load capacity between 6 and 8 kg. is the best option for you. However, if your family has more members, you should look at some models with the rated capacity of 9 kg. and above.

Spin speed

The spin speed affects how dry your laundry is. The more revolutions your washing machine makes, the harder your laundry will spin and the drier it will come out at the end of the wash. Nevertheless, the higher number of spins also means that your laundry will be more stressed. We always advise you to choose a washing machine with an adjustable spin speed.

The maximum number of spins on a Beko washing machine is between 1000 and 1600 spins per minute. The spin speed varies depending on the programme and the characteristics of your laundry.


Of course, the programmes and functions of Beko washing machines are a decisive factor, because in this way you can make a quicker decision and find a model that would fulfil all your wishes. Depending on the model, different programmes and functions are available to you. Nevertheless, in this section we would like to introduce you to the most popular Beko washing machine programmes.

Programm Description
Boil/Colour wash A suitable programme for your cotton textiles (sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, etc.)
Easy care With this programme you can wash your synthetic textiles
Hand wash The cotton textiles and the other delicate textiles, which usually should not be washed in the washing machine, can be cleaned with this programme

Among other things, always pay attention to the temperature of your laundry that you can select in your Beko washing machine.

Beko Waschmaschine-2

The programmes and functions are a decisive factor when choosing a Beko washing machine.
(Image source:
  • 90 degrees. Suitable for very heavily soiled cotton and linen.
  • 60 degrees. Suitable for normally soiled cotton or synthetic textiles.
  • 30-40 degrees. Suitable for delicate textiles, synthetics and wool.

Energy efficiency class

The energy efficiency classes include the factors that help us to estimate the energy consumption. In total, 10 energy efficiency classes are introduced, with G being the highest and A+++ the lowest.

The range of Beko washing machines includes the models that have both energy class B and A+++. Of course, the more energy the washing machine consumes, the lower the price on it. However, it has been proven that the A+++ energy efficiency class saves up to 32% energy compared to the A class appliance. Of course, to save your wallet, it is worth buying the washing machine with the A+++ class.

Water consumption

Another aspect that should be in the portfolio of every washing machine is an economical use of the environment and such resource as water. Your household account would also be pleased with a low water bill.

Logically, the deeper the drum of your washing machine, the more water it uses. Still, the lower number of washes puts this into perspective. The range of water consumption for each individual programme is quite different. Annual water consumption depends on a variety of factors: The size of your family, the amount of laundry and the programmes you use.

In a description of a Beko washing machine you can always see an average annual water consumption. The value assumes that the washing machine is used about 220 times a year at 40 and 60 degrees. Beko machines, most of which have an energy label of A to A+++, consume about 40-50 litres per wash cycle.

Airborne noise emissions

Quiet household appliances improve our quality of life, as you can take time out to talk to someone or carry out your daily activities without distractions. To be able to switch on your washing machine at any time during the day, it is always advisable to pay attention to the airborne sound emissions in the product description. 44-48 db airborne sound level is considered usual, more than 50 db – quite disturbing.

When choosing a washing machine, two types of noise levels should be distinguished – emissions during waking and emissions during spinning. Washing machines emit different levels of airborne sound depending on the age of the model and the depth of the drum.

For example, the older model washing machine Beko WML 61423 has the airborne sound level 60/77 (60 Db during washing and 77 Db during spinning). The newest machines have low airborne sound levels – from 50 to 55 Db during washing and 70-73 Db. during spinning.

Additional functions

The modern world is changing extremely fast, and so are the new innovations and technologies. The Beko company always tries to keep up with the times and to include the latest functions and programmes in their appliances. In this section we would like to briefly show you what unique features can be discovered in Beko washing machines.

  • Colour wash Eco. This programme offers higher electricity and water savings. Suitable for normally soiled cotton and linen laundry. If the load is less than present, the time for the wash cycle is automatically reduced.
  • Hygiene+. A unique Beko washing machine programme that enables washing of particularly delicate textiles such as children’s clothes, bed sheets, underwear and others that should be washed anti-allergically and hygienically. The high level of hygiene is achieved by applying the steamer before the programme starts.
  • Down. As the name suggests, this programme allows you to wash your down jackets.
  • Express or Super Express. This programme is suitable for quick washing of lightly soiled clothes. If you select the quick wash function, the combined time of the wash can be reduced to 15 minutes.
  • Curtains. A perfectly suitable programme for curtains and drapes.
  • Shirts. The programme for washing shirts.
  • Lingerie. With this programme you can wash the most delicate women’s items, such as underwear.
  • Outdoor sports. With the help of this programme you can easily clean your sports clothes.
  • Pet hair removal. A unique programme for all animal lovers. With this programme you can easily remove the hair of your pets from your clothes.
  • Child lock function. The electronic child lock can be easily activated and, in such a way, lock all the function and prevent the small children from using it.

Of course, there are other programmes that Beko washing machines have. From this description, we can already conclude how innovative a Beko washing machine is and how many aspects of a washing process are taken into consideration with its help.

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