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You are very welcome. It’s always a pleasure to have you here. Get ready to dive deep into some delicious liquid. Today’s subject is beer mugs.

Widely used in various parts of the world, draft beer is gaining more and more space anywhere in the world, thanks to the trend of artisanal drinks and the search for originality in the experience.

Present in virtually all places where chopp is sold, mugs come in different sizes and styles. Continue with us to learn more about the chopp mugs!


  • Beer mugs can be made of various materials, the most common ones being currently made of aluminium and glass. Before, the manufacture was exclusive in porcelain.
  • Serving as a beverage container, its magnificence and style also provide an option for decoration. These mugs call attention in the glass case or coming out of the freezer, covered with ice.
  • They are great gift options, often the perfect set to give with those craft beers for that special someone.

The Best Beer Mug: Our Picks

Choosing a mug may seem like an easy activity, but its different sizes and materials will make the task a little more complicated. Not to mention the risk of choosing a stylised cup instead of a mug. We will help you with that.

Buying Guide: everything you need to know about beer mugs

Drinking is one of the most performed social activities. In a small scale, alcohol is capable of relaxing the body and bringing a slight sensation of euphoria. To have a beer mug for this is to be differentiated in several aspects. And we will explain why.

Fotografia de uma festa, onde há um homem carregando quatro canecos com um litro de chopp para servir.

At the Oktoberfest, draft beer mugs with one litre are the most used. And there are those who can carry several at once! (Source: motointermedia / Pixabay)

Beer Mug: Why use it?

Since childhood you are guided to drink liquids, especially water. The container was the one most at hand: coffee cups, glass cups, children’s cups with a spout on the end, soft or hard plastic cups.

So you grew up with the idea that the container was enough to drink the liquid. Of course, time and discernment teach you some things, but we are raised that way.

The result is that we are surprised when we are served in different containers. Whether it is coffee, juice, water or alcoholic beverage, we usually give “value” to the presentation of the liquid.

One of the great pleasures of tasting is the visual aspect. You don’t usually see beer in a cup, or wine in a glass of cream cheese, right? In the same way, one of the functions of a beer mug is the aesthetic presentation.

Imagem de um caneco de chopp cheio, em cima de um barril com decoração de lúpulo e cevada, logo atrás.

A full beer mug attracts attention, no doubt about it! (Source: carolineandrade / Pixabay)

According to beverage experts, the glasses in which they are served have the ability to alter their taste. And this is applicable in some proportions also to the beer. Want to know if it’s worth having a draft beer mug? Let’s consider together.

  • Less temperature change
  • The handle allows a firm grip
  • Avoid skin heat contact with the part where the drink is
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Reusable
  • More resistant
  • Heavy (compared to normal glasses)
  • Some models occupy a large volume of space

Beer Mug: Are there different types?

Different from beer, in which each style of drink has a different recommendation for the shape of the body, the chopp mug is something more rustic.

It fits the standards of other spirits, such as whisky or even cognac, where there is a glass/bowl model for tasting.

Foto de dois canecos de chopp cheios, lado a lado, sob uma mesa.

A draft beer mug is a draft beer mug, simple as that. They do not have much difference in shape. (Source: leeyounghee / Pixabay)

Chopp mugs have a circular shape and a straight base for support on surfaces. They have a wide opening handle (unlike cups, for example), where you can put most of your fingers, to facilitate the lifting of the weight.

Chopp Mugs can be manufactured in several materials:


They can be similar to common glasses, however, generally they are more robust with thicker walls and handle, mainly due to the volume they are able to hold.

The bigger the mug, the thicker the glass usually is. The consequence is a robust and heavy accessory, ideal for you to imagine that you are at least working out a little while you drink.

The main effect of a glass mug is the total focus on the drink, enhancing its colour and appearance. It is also easier to control the amount of collar (foam), which has an ideal size and “steals space from the liquid” if not used correctly.


Aluminium mugs have as main advantage the resistance of the material. They can be toasted with strength and even fall on the floor. In this case, the only problem will be the spilled liquid.

The aluminium mug also uses double wall, meaning a lower influence of the external temperature on the liquid, which will heat up more slowly. However, the aesthetic appeal of the drink is lost, as it will be hidden inside the metal.


It used to be one of the most used mugs, but today it is more decorative. They are usually well stylised with drawings and moulds, and are also painted in different colours and allegories. It is the most fragile of all types.

They are usually found in different sizes, as they also have a great decorative appeal. As we strongly believe in the power of charts, we will present you one comparing these three materials.

Glass Metal Porcelain
Resistance Medium High Medium
Aesthetics Beautiful Regular Beautiful
Volume capacity Usually from 300 to 1,000 ml Usually from 500 ml Usually from 300 to 500 ml
Transparency High None None

Beer Mug x Regular Glass

In most parties and public events, there is a huge waste of glasses by the use of plastic model, which directly impacts the nature where we are inserted.

They may be light to handle, it’s true, but that makes them fragile to any kind of shock. Likewise, the walls of normal glasses (plastic, crystal, even glass) are usually much less thick than the mug.

This means that the 36.5°C of your body temperature will be in almost direct contact with the glass. The result is a drink that needs to be consumed quickly. To give you an idea, the ideal temperature to drink a draft beer is between 6 and 8°C.

Let’s compare the beer mug with a normal glass:

Chopp Mug Glass
Wing Has wing for greater safety in use Have no wing
Heat transfer Reduces heat transfer between hand and drink Allow greater heat transfer between hand and drink
Aesthetics Are aesthetically beautiful Are usually simpler
Material Made in resistant materials Made in various materials, resistant or fragile

Purchase criteria: Comparison factors for beer mugs

Let’s face it, a beer mug is exactly what it appears to be. Just like the beer that goes in it, the main condition for both is: either it’s good, or it’s not.

And to ensure that you get a good chopp mug, let’s make it clear what you really need to take into consideration for your purchase:

  • Durability
  • Size (and weight)
  • Weight
  • Personalization


A beer mug will have its durability proportional to how it is used, it is true. Of course, sturdier mugs (or metal mugs) will allow for a longer lifespan, with the necessary care.

Imagine where you intend to use (or take) the mug, and what are the conditions of the place. If there are many risks, the best option is an aluminium mug, which will provide you with more safety and resistance.

Another durable option are the glass mugs with wide walls. Some are even over 0.5 cm thick!

If you intend to use them at home and at small social gatherings, you don’t need to worry too much about durability. Just make sure reliable people will wash and dry your mug. Just in case, wash it yourself.


You are buying a beer mug to enjoy your beer, aren’t you? Well, you should know that most stores have a standard size. It is common to find these options: 300 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml.

Choose a mug that is adequate to the standard volume of what you intend to drink. If you are at home, it is likely that you are drinking from a growler, so the volume does not make much difference.

But wherever you go, it’s always a special moment to see a stein of chopp fill up, or turn an entire bottle of chopp in it without anything spilling out.

Brinde de três canecas de chopp.

The right size of the chopp mug will depend on where you are going to use it. (Source: dolgachov / 123RF)


Prepare your muscles, as beer mugs can weigh quite a bit. Especially the glass and porcelain ones, because the greater their strength and size, the heavier they are.

The only one that does not have so much variation in weight is the aluminium mug, due to the lightness of the material.

Therefore, evaluate your capacity to lift weight and how much you want it for all the drinking moment. The biggest and most beautiful glasses are usually the heaviest ones.


Either by printing on the container or by using heat-sensitive letters (something very cool), there are several customization options. There are even mugs that have a bell installed, for its user to inform when it is empty.

(Source of the highlighted image: Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay)