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It is one of the most popular drinks in the world: beer. Beer comes in many varieties, flavours and variations. For real beer connoisseurs, there is one thing that should not be missing: The perfect beer glass. Whether you want to buy it for your own beer enjoyment, just want to inform yourself or are looking for the perfect gift for a beer lover: In this article you will know everything about beer glasses and could shine with your knowledge at the next party.


Because we value your time, we’ll keep it short and sweet and list a few of the most important facts. These are, so to speak, the central points of this guide. Your most important questions will be answered right at the beginning. However, there is much more information that you can acquire in the course of the article.

  • Beer glasses are linked to the beer to be poured. There are certain beer glasses that are used with certain types of beer.
  • Beer glasses have a lot to do with beer culture and are therefore often taken seriously.
  • The best beer offers are in the medium price range.

The Best Beer Glass in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for beer glasses

After you have looked at all the offers, it is possible that you are now at a loss. Which beer glass should you choose? What should you pay particular attention to? We’ll clear this up for you too. Because here in this section you will learn everything about the criteria that should play a role for you if you are interested in buying a beer glass.


One of the naturally not too complicated critics is the appearance of the beer glass. This appearance does not, of course, have a great effect on how good a beer glass is, but it is nevertheless a part of the purchase that should not be underestimated. Anyone who has ever bought a product of which they were completely satisfied with the performance, but not with the appearance of the product, knows why. If you don’t feel good about the way your beer glass looks, then you will probably use it very little, or at least less often.


Now we come to the more important aspects of a beer glass. This includes the capacity of the beer glass. After all, you want to buy a beer glass that can not only hold a few small sips of beer, but also has a bit more volume to offer. Depending on the type of beer glass, the size of the available beer space differs.


No matter for whom and no matter what the occasion: engravings are in most cases a very nice gesture and also an aesthetic side effect. Engravings are a very nice idea especially for gifts. You can have a personal message or a specific name engraved on some beer glasses. In this way, you also give a beer glass with a lot of meaning.


For some beer fans, it could be that they only drink the beer of a particular brand. It could be that this particular beer tastes better to them than beers from other brands. If you are such a person yourself, or are thinking of giving a beer glass to such a person, then it would certainly be worth your while to buy a beer glass of that particular respective brand. This way you show that you know the person particularly well.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about beer glasses answered in detail

We’re sure you still have a few questions about beer glasses. If not, then you are certainly a real beer glass connoisseur. But if you are, then you’ve come to the right place in this section. Here, the most frequently asked questions about beer glasses are answered in detail and to the best of our knowledge.

Who is a beer glass suitable for?

Buying beer glasses is suitable for almost anyone who has anything to do with beer. You like to drink beer? Then it makes perfect sense to buy your own beer glass. You only like to drink a beer now and then? It can also be worthwhile for you to get the perfect glass for an occasional after-work beer. You don’t like beer yourself, but have friends who do? It might be nice to have proper beer glasses in case you ever invite your friends over to your house. It’s also a good idea as a gift for passionate beer drinkers.

What types of beer glasses are there?

Since there are many different types of beer, there are also many different beer glasses. We will introduce you to a few of the most popular and most frequently used types of beer glass. There are beer tulips, goblets, wheat beer glasses, goblets, mugs and various cylindrical beer containers (Altbierglas, Kölscher Stange, Becher).


Beer tulips are among the most frequently used beer glasses, as many types of beer can be served in them. (Image source: George Cox / Unsplash)

The beer tulip is one of the best-known beer glasses. The wide and rounded belly and the slimmer tapered rims of the glass are reminiscent of the shape of a tulip blossom. There are also goblet-shaped beer glasses. A pilsner is usually served in a beer tulip and a goblet. A wheat beer glass is an elongated and larger beer glass and is used for wheat beer. The Irish pint, the Kölscher Stange and the Düsseldorf Altbier are cylindrical beer vessels. Goblets have a round belly and a long stem and are suitable for noble beers. Beer mugs can hold any beer if it can take up the space.

Which beer belongs in which glass?

As already mentioned in another question, Pilsner beer belongs in the classic beer mug. Occasionally, Schwarzbier is also served in this vessel. A wheat beer is drunk in long-shaped beer glasses. These are also called wheat beer glasses. Beer goblets are usually used for noble beers or beer tastings. Goblets are again mostly used for pilsner beers. Beer steins are used when you want to pour and drink a large amount of beer at once. However, such a beer mug is not limited to just one type of beer.

Why are there different beer glasses?

Through culture and history, different vessels have become established for certain types of beer. Different beer glasses have also led to the development of different beer personalities. For example, when you drink a wheat beer, it is appropriate to serve the matching wheat beer glass. Different cultures have created their own beer culture with the glasses.

How do you drink light beer?

Pale beer is not the same as Pilsner. It is two different types of beer. Pale beer is also called Munich beer and is usually even lighter than the Pilsner. Despite the fact that the two varieties are different, they are both served in a beer tulip.

How do you drink dark beer?

Dark beer is usually served and drunk in mugs, goblets or also in a so-called swivel. A mug is a cylinder-shaped beer glass, the goblet a rather elegant one and the swivel is a mixture of a beer tulip and a goblet. Schwarzbier can also be enjoyed from a beer tulip.


If you want to give yourself or someone else a beer glass or several, then you definitely have a lot of choice. There are many different types of beer glasses: from wheat beer glasses to elegant goblets to swanky beer mugs. Which of all these beer glass types is the best for your choice depends on your beer drinking preferences and your taste. Beer glass types are linked to the content. So ask yourself which type of beer you like best and then decide which beer shape is best for you, depending on the type of beer. Depending on whether you are a beer brand fan, you can also choose these models. In any case, make sure that your beer glass can hold the right amount of beer for you. (Cover photo: Jon Parry / unsplash)