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Hello and welcome to Monederosmart! Having a dog requires special care, they need to be fed, entertained, groomed and, in addition, we have to find them an optimal place to sleep. Dog beds are designed to cover this last need, as every dog deserves a good resting place to have lots of energy and good health.

Here we are going to guide you to learn what are the most important features to look for in dog beds. Read on, because we assure you that by the time you’re done, you’ll be looking for the best options on the market.


  • A dog bed is a special place designed to satisfy a dog’s need for rest.
  • There are beds for all types of dogs, whether they are small, medium, large or extra-large breeds. They can be made of cotton, polyester, plush among other materials and they usually come in different presentations.
  • The good rest of a dog has an impact on their development, energy, health and mood, so it is necessary that they manage to find the perfect bed to sleep.

The Best Beds for Dogs: Our Picks

Buying Guide

A dog bed is a special place designed to satisfy a dog’s need for rest.
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What are dog beds and what are their advantages?

Dog beds are items intended to be the place where your dogs can find comfort and security to sleep and rest properly. Some pets have been accustomed to sleeping in their owners’ beds, however nowadays it is known that this is not the most advisable thing to do due to the consequences that this may imply, that is why dog beds are indispensable in your home.

Dog beds should also be chosen according to your dog’s breed, age, size and sleeping preferences, as this will ensure that the product is most effective. Small breeds will need a smaller bed, while larger dogs will need a larger one.

Dog beds are available in many materials such as plush, polyester, cotton, soft fibres, different types of plastic and some can be waterproof to prevent accidents. These items are in great demand, so here are some of their advantages and disadvantages.

  • They allow dogs to sleep and rest properly
  • They are usually quite comfortable, practical and useful
  • There are beds for all breeds, sizes and tastes of dogs
  • There is a variety of prices and they are usually very affordable.
  • Dogs may not adapt to the beds if they are used to sleeping on the bed or elsewhere
  • They can harbour bacteria, viruses and parasites if they are not constantly and properly cleaned
  • If not chosen correctly they may be too small or too big for your dog
  • Their lifespan will be greatly reduced if you and your dog are not careful.

Fixed or folding dog beds – what should you look out for?

Buying a dog bed is not as easy as it sounds. It is normal to get confused when choosing one of these because they can physically vary from each other, even though they have the same purpose of being. There are fixed and folding dog beds and both have important characteristics that should be taken into account to know which is the best option.

Leisure Professional
They are more elaborate and their designs can be more comfortable They are not as elaborate in their design and may not provide the greatest comfort.
Washing them is not so easy because of their multiple number of parts Washing them is easier because they are usually simpler and do not have many parts.
Due to constant and rough use they wear out more quickly.They can be very resistant if they are treated properly. They are not practical for travelling, as they take up a lot of space.
Your dog can get used to sleeping in them and have a permanent and safe place. If the bed is not present all the time, your dog may not develop an appropriate taste for it.

In summary, if what you are looking for is the greatest comfort for your dog, with the advantage of being able to find in his bed a place of his own and safe, then what you should buy is a fixed bed, but if what you want is to be able to move the bed easily and wash it without inconvenience, then your best option is a folding bed.

Remember that both types of bed are good, however, one of those two options may be better suited to your needs and requirements.

The prices of dog beds are usually quite affordable, as there is a great demand for them, however, there are designs that are not usual or belong to more recognized brands, have a higher price than normal.
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Buying criteria: What features should I consider?

To choose the best dog beds you need to know the most important characteristics that encompass these, so you can identify which one will be right for your four-legged friend. As we want to save you headaches, we are going to explain each of these characteristics.


The size of a dog bed should be adapted to the size of your pet. If your dog is a puppy or even a small breed, then you will probably need a small bed, approximately 38 centimetres wide by 28 centimetres long and 19 centimetres high.

If your dog is an adult and a medium-sized breed, then you should look for a bed that fits and has a little room to move around freely, but still makes him feel safe and tucked in. The measurements should be approximately 90 centimetres wide by 70 centimetres long and 20 centimetres high.

For large or extra large breeds, the ideal size is 102 centimetres wide by 76 centimetres long and 22 centimetres high.


Weight refers not only to the weight of the bed, but also to the weight of your pet. Some beds can usually support quite a few kilograms, but others, such as raised mesh beds, have a resistance limit because they can be easily overcome.

If your dog is a small breed then you won’t have to worry too much about this feature, but if your dog is a medium or large breed, you’d better pay attention to the label or instructions on the item so that you buy the strongest bed possible.


Dog beds are made of different materials. Although you can find a wide variety of beds on the market, they are mostly made of plush and polyester.

Plush is often used precisely because it is very warm and comfortable, however, due to its weave, it tends to absorb a lot of dust, can suffocate dogs and is also prone to harbouring a lot of bacteria.

Polyester is another common material for dog beds, as it is hard-wearing, pleasant to the touch and inexpensive. Cotton is another element that is constantly used for its softness and warmth, although it is not very firm.

Beds that include foam rubber are usually very comfortable, however the firmness of the material is average, so it would be better to consider a material such as Memory Foam, which adapts to the shape of your dog, returning to its original state when not in use.

We recommend that you consider how much warmth your dog needs when sleeping and how resistant you require the bed to be, as this will determine the material that best suits your pet’s needs.

It is essential that your dog has his own dog bed, as it will be his personal space where he can rest, sleep and relax to recharge his energy and live a full and healthy life.
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Washing options

Some dog beds have the advantage of being able to be disassembled and easily machine washed or hand washed part by part, however, there are others that come in one piece, which makes this task very difficult.

We recommend that you look for a bed that can be taken apart, even in two pieces, to make the cleaning process less tedious and more effective.

Indoor or outdoor beds

Dog beds can be placed either indoors or outdoors. Consider the location you want to give your dog’s bed so that you can determine factors such as material, for example.

Additional Features

When buying a dog bed we recommend that you consider whether the item comes with a warranty. Generally these benefits are up to one year, however, it is good to consider it in case the product is not what you expected or has a manufacturing defect.

Also, there are some dog beds that come with spare cushions, for example, so we advise you to keep this in mind in case you want to be forewarned and buy one beforehand or if you ever need it, you know you can buy it.

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