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It is a reliable companion in everyday life and an expression of our personality. To store your favourite items in a space-saving and elegant way, you need a matching bedroom wardrobe. In addition to the classic hinge- and sliding-door wardrobes, there are also inexpensive wardrobe systems that offer you completely new storage space options.

Wardrobes made of wood score points with their long life and antibacterial effect. Which bedroom wardrobe is right for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. To make your purchase decision easier, we have evaluated various models for you and worked out the most important purchase criteria. At the end, we answer the most frequently asked questions in our guide. Enjoy reading!


  • Bedroom wardrobes are designed to store your clothes in a practical but also visually appealing way, most models are equipped with hinged and/or sliding doors.
  • The most important buying criteria are the type, size, material and features.
  • The price ranges for bedroom wardrobes can vary greatly, but very good quality is available from the mid-price segment upwards.

The Best Bedroom Wardrobe in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for bedroom wardrobes

So that you are not overwhelmed when buying your new bedroom wardrobe, we have clearly summarised what we consider to be the most important buying criteria. These factors should make it easier for you to compare the different types of wardrobes and give you a good overview. The criteria with which you can make your choice objectively and well-founded are:

  • Wardrobe type
  • Size
  • Material
  • Features


There are basically seven different types of bedroom wardrobes. Many of these types are similar in their basic structure, but differ in the way they are presented and arranged. The larger furniture stores differentiate between:

  • Sliding-door wardrobes
  • Hinge-door wardrobes
  • Folding door wardrobes
  • Corner wardrobes.
  • Solid wood wardrobes.
  • Wardrobes with mirror.
  • Wardrobe systems.

The sliding-door wardrobe impresses with its space-saving design and the sliding doors that can be operated without handles. Hinge-door wardrobes require more space in terms of depth because the doors can be opened and closed, but they have pronounced functional properties. Folding-door wardrobes as a combination of both types of wardrobes only require as much space as their slats are wide.

Corner wardrobes are the ideal way to make use of unused corners and nooks in the bedroom. The solid wood wardrobe as a sub-category is one of the most stable and sustainable wardrobes. It scores with its durability and natural look. Wardrobe systems such as the shelf system shine above all with their high flexibility and are ideal for bedrooms with sloping ceilings.


The size of your bedroom wardrobe depends largely on your space and the layout of your bedroom. Most models vary in height from 100 to 300 cm. We recommend a minimum depth of 50 cm so that you have enough storage space to hang your clothes.

The width of your bedroom wardrobe depends not only on the space but also on your personal storage needs. So that you know how wide your bedroom wardrobe should be, we have provided the following rules of thumb for you.

  • Single wardrobes: A good 1.50 m wardrobe width
  • Couples: At least 2.0 m wardrobe width
  • Families: At least 3.0 m wardrobe width


When it comes to materials, you should find a good mix between functional properties and your personal taste. Smooth surfaces, possibly equipped with mirrors, embody a modern look and are usually easy to clean. For those who prefer a warm and natural atmosphere, a wooden cabinet is a good choice. Note, however, that this should also be maintained over time.


There is now a wide range of equipment options, depending of course on the particular wardrobe model. Clothes lifts and inserts for ties and accessories make storage much easier. Shirts, skirts, dresses and coats can be hung crease-free on clothes rails. Shelves offer storage space for T-shirts and jumpers, for example.

Pull-out trouser racks, laundry baskets, shoe racks and utensil holders help you keep your wardrobe tidy. A set of door dampers or a soft-close system lets your wardrobe doors open and close almost silently. With a practical TV holder, you can easily hide your screen in the wardrobe. Lighting creates a stylish effect inside the wardrobe and makes your clothes stand out.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bedroom wardrobes answered in detail

In the following, we will answer the most important questions about bedroom wardrobes. This will give you a deeper insight and provide you with useful information.

What does a bedroom wardrobe cost?

The price of your wardrobe is mainly determined by the material and the size. The prices vary from very cheap to very expensive. The following table gives you a good overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (50 – 200 €) Mostly smaller wardrobes with few additional functions
Medium-priced (200 – 500 €) Functional wardrobes with lots of storage space and good quality
High-priced (500 € and more) Quality wardrobes made of high-quality material and elegant design

In our ranking, it becomes clear that respectable bedroom wardrobes are already available from a medium price range, which have a sufficient range of features. People with limited space can easily find a suitable variant in the low-price segment.

How difficult is it to assemble a bedroom wardrobe?

The assembly of a wardrobe cannot be generalised because the furniture industry uses different techniques and fittings. For wardrobes that can be assembled by yourself, assembly instructions are usually included. These explain the assembly step by step. In general, assembly begins with positioning the floor.

Then the side panels are fitted. Then the top part is fitted and the back wall is attached. In the case of hard shelves, however, it is important to ensure that they are fitted before the top section is put in place. This is important because, depending on the fittings used, it may not be possible to attach them later.

What types of wood are available?

The natural product wood is good for your health. Due to its calming effect, it lowers our stress level and ensures a better sense of well-being. It also absorbs excess moisture and releases it again in dry air. A wooden bedroom wardrobe immediately radiates light and warmth in the room. The typical grains and individual colour tones make each piece of furniture unique.

Thanks to its calming effect, wood can lower our stress level. (Image source: Joel & Jasmin Førestbird /

Solid wood is one of the most robust and durable materials, making it ideal for furniture making. There are a variety of wood types, which differ in their colour and pattern as well as in their resistance. Below we have listed the best-known types and their most important characteristics.

  • Maple: The medium-hard wood is usually light-coloured, very homogeneous and is one of the most valuable domestic precious woods.
  • Birch: The birch is finely structured, almost white and comes mainly from northern European countries.
  • Beech: The wood of the beech is slightly reddish, hard and pressure-resistant. Beech is the most versatile wood species among the domestic woods.
  • Oak: The wood of the “German classic” is medium-hard, ring-porous as well as strongly structured. The colour varies from light to reddish grey to grey-brown.
  • Alder: The alder consists of a light to reddish brown, fine-pored and not very hard wood with a discreet grain.
  • Ash: The ash has a yellowish to reddish white colour. It is considered very robust and can be treated well.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood is a hard and at the same time elastic type of wood with a reddish-brown colour.
  • Walnut: The surface of walnut is easy to treat. As the name suggests, this type of wood captivates with its nut-brown colour.


To store your clothes in a practical but also attractive way, a bedroom wardrobe is indispensable. It not only stores your clothes, but also enhances the look of your bedroom. In addition to the main types consisting of hinged and sliding doors, there are also corner and folding door wardrobes as well as wardrobe systems with various advantages. In addition, the size, the material and the features are among the decisive purchasing criteria.

On average, we spend around 90 € on bedroom furniture. As our price table has shown, a bedroom wardrobe from the low-price segment is already available with this budget. However, if you’re looking for functional wardrobes, you should go for the mid-price segment, as you can already find decent quality here. We hope you enjoy your new wardrobe!

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