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On this special occasion we will share with you exceptional content about beard dye. Often used to dye and enhance the image of male representatives. Cheer up and find the best options to choose from in this new installment.

A beard dye is a paint made just for dyeing this area of the face. Lately this product has become very popular, as more and more men want to take care of their personal appearance. And in addition to improving their look they also receive additional benefits to their self-esteem.

Do you want to buy a beard dye? At ReviewBox we will give you all the essential information about this product. So before you make a final purchase decision, you will already know all the details about it. Best of all, from that moment on you will feel confident to make further purchases.


  • When we talk about beard dyes we are referring to a paint that is used exclusively to dye men’s beards. This is in order to bring about a positive change in their appearance, which will impact their self-esteem and mood.
  • Market trends are leaning towards the manufacture of organic or 100% natural dyes and dye products with chemical components. However, regardless of their origin, they all serve the purpose of dyeing a man’s beard.
  • Before making a final decision you should evaluate what the labelling information is, what colour you should use, what the application method is like and what additional accessories are provided by the manufacturer in order to enhance your experience.

The Best Beard Dye: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about beard dyes

In a society used to buying women’s beauty cosmetics, it’s difficult for men to buy beard dyes. Why is that? Well, they need more expert information on how to make a final decision based on their needs. Fortunately, we’ve put together this buying guide to help them through the process.

For men, it is important to use quality hair dyes that will help them to have an attractive beard. (Photo: Gleb TV /

What is a beard dye and what are its advantages?

Let’s say that a beard dye represents the solution to grey hair. The dye allows to colour the facial hair in order to improve its appearance, according to the client’s perspective. It is made to penetrate the hair and remain for a reasonable time until it grows out and requires a new colouring process.

Although the market for men’s beauty products is small compared to women’s, you will find various colours and brands of beard dyes. You should also be aware that there are both chemical and natural alternatives to dyeing, which can influence the final colouring result.

Regardless of your reasons for dyeing your beard, it is best to buy a quality cosmetic at a competitive price. Remember that your skin will be more exposed to the effects of the dye, so covering grey hair, changing your look and even adding density to your beard should be an enriching process.

  • They generate changes in the tone of the beard
  • They have a permanent effect for a moderate time
  • They provide volume and density
  • They do not use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia
  • There are several options on the market
  • They cause allergies and redness
  • They cause dryness
  • The colouring is lost over time
  • Some chemical dyes contain ammonia
  • They require a low investment that becomes constant with time of use

Natural or chemical beard dye – what should you look out for?

At first glance, which do you feel more comfortable with? You’ll probably go for one of these two options, as both are good. But first, you need to know the details that go into each of them. Dare to investigate, learn what the benefits are for your beard, and of course, for the delicate skin underneath it.

Consider that your degree of satisfaction will depend on the final result. However, during the dyeing process there are other determining factors, such as the reaction of your face to the product. This, in particular, makes the difference between a good or bad experience, so we invite you to find out which dye is right for you.

Natural hair dye. It is one of the favourites for those who follow the trend in favour of preserving the environment. It is made with 100% natural materials that ensure a satisfactory experience and the results you expect. It is especially recommended for men with allergies or sensitive skin.

Chemical-free hair dyes have several functions: they can be used to cover grey hair or change its appearance, homogenise the colour, avoid irritation and nourish facial hair. You can find a variety of natural dyes on the market, as there are now companies adapted to a more artisanal process.

Chemical dyes. Unlike the previous case, there are dyes whose raw material is composed of chemicals with great potential for permanence in the beard. That is to say, they last longer, achieve an attractive appearance, are effective and easy to acquire in any over-the-counter shop or on the Internet.

They are applied as a gel or aqueous solution so that they can be fixed to the beard without running off or staining other areas of the face or clothing. Depending on the manufacturer, different elements, preferably non-toxic, are added to the chemical dyes. These act by removing the natural colour to make way for the new colouring.

Natural Chemical
Duration Reduced Prolonged
Application Simple Simple
Intensity Moderate Strong
Toxic No Some
Price Moderate Low

How much does beard dye cost?

There are three factors that influence the price of a beard dye: which brand makes it, where you buy it and whether it is natural or chemical. However, before choosing the dye you need, we suggest you evaluate what you want to achieve. For example: a total or partial change of look, just covering grey hair or trying something new.

If you want to invest a small amount, there are several inexpensive chemical beard dye options on the market. Prices range from 110 MX to 150 MX. Unless you have a very long beard, you will only need to buy one box of dye to paint it completely.

Do you support the organic trend and want a chemical free dye? Then you should consider that your initial investment will be a bit higher. You need to have at least MX 275 to buy a 100% natural, organic-based hair dye with a low risk of irritation or redness. Precisely these characteristics increase its value.

Finally, before making a final decision, consider what you are most comfortable with. When it comes to beauty products, it’s important that they meet your expectations, while allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free process. After all, the idea is to improve the appearance of your beard.

Remove pesky grey hair from your beard by using a dye that’s right for you. (Photo: Maxim Lupascu /

Where to buy beard dye?

Fortunately, the options are many and varied to suit your lifestyle. Nowadays, buying beard dye is easy because there are shops that sell them. Just go to the store closest to your home and locate the men’s department and you will find what you are looking for, without any hassle.

If you prefer to shop online, check out Amazon, Mercado Libre, Just for Men Mexico, eBay and Walmart. Now, in case you like to visit a physical shop, you have several alternatives: Superama, Casa Barba and Casa Barba Miramontes offer products just for men’s grooming.

Enjoy an attractive beard by using the right beard dye for you. (Photo: Pexels / Pixabay)

Buying criteria

We will end this special edition on hair dyes by sharing with you exclusive and valuable information about the aspects that you should not lose sight of when choosing this cosmetic for men. Take note and pay attention, as they are very important for you to make the ideal choice.


The first thing you should look at when you pick up the hair dye box is the label. There you will find indispensable information about the product and the manufacturer. Focus on the country and date of manufacture, who the producer is, the amount of content and the ingredients it contains.

Materials. Show what ingredients the beard dye was made from and in what proportion. It is important to verify this information to avoid exposure to chemical materials that may cause allergies or adverse reactions on your face.

Not tested on animals. This means that no life-threatening tests were performed on animals in the production of this cosmetic. With this label, buyers are assured that it is not necessary to test male grooming products on animals.


The method of application depends on the manufacturer’s suggestion based on the consistency of the male hair dye. Not all options on the market are applied in the same way, as each has its own procedure, appropriate to the length and density of the beard.

With foam. This consists of rubbing the dye with your hands over your beard, as if you were shampooing your hair. This method generates a thick foam that is removed after the 30 minutes recommended in the instructions.

Gel. Its shaving gel-like consistency allows it to be evenly distributed over the face with the help of a small brush. It is currently one of the preferred presentations for applying the product in specialised barbershops or at home.

Increase the density of your beard with the right professional colouring. (Photo: Toa Heftiba /


Usually creators include two common accessories within the colouring kit. These are used in order to facilitate the application process. In order for you to use them repeatedly, you must follow certain care instructions, which are provided in the instructions inside the box.

Gloves. Imagine how stained your hands would be if you don’t wear gloves during dyeing. To prevent this from happening, manufacturers have included disposable gloves inside the dye box. This is to protect the consumer from possible paint smudges.

Brushes. On the other hand, they add one or two brushes to apply the dye to the defined area of the beard. In addition to avoid the runoff that occurs when you use too much product, or distribute it badly on that small part of the face and neck.


When it comes to these dyes, the range of colours is reduced, because it is not hair dye. Choosing the colour you really need is essential to obtain satisfactory results. Remember that this area of the face is exposed all day, every day, and if you buy the wrong colour, you may regret it.

Blonde and light brown. Before moving on to a stronger shade, manufacturers recommend starting with a light colour. So that there is the possibility to cover it or replace it if the end result is not to your liking or is insufficient. Blonde and light brown are suggested for gentlemen with fair complexions.

Dark brown. It is ideal for maximum coverage of grey hair, only if the client has light hair, because this is a darker shade. It is completely contraindicated for cases where the hair is black, because the dyeing does not guarantee an optimal result.

Black. This colour can be used regardless of the original shade of the hair. In fact, it is one of the most sought after by people with or without grey hair due to its high effectiveness. In any case, it ensures a neat, attractive beard with a vibrant colour that adds style to the wearer.

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