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For his beard, every man deals with care products and among them also falls the beard breasts. Most men are proud of their beard and rightly so. However, the man should not forget one thing: the beard must be well-groomed. A beard brush is indispensable for the care of the beard.

With our big beard brush test 2023 we want to help you find the best one for you. We explain what you need to look out for when buying a beard brush. We also answer the most important questions about beard brushes. After you have finished this article, you will know everything you need to know.


  • Give your beard what it deserves, take care of it! It doesn’t matter what kind of beard you have, you can use the advantages of the beard brush for yourself. After a certain length, however, your beard brush also needs support from a beard comb, for example.
  • A lot of advantages for such a small tool. The brush helps to distribute the nutrients that do not reach the tip of the beard completely in the beard. Other benefits are that you massage your facial skin and promote blood circulation, as well as detangling and smoothing your beard.
  • Choose your bristles wisely, each brings its own benefits. You can choose boar bristles, horse bristles or vegan natural bristles. Or you can choose an electric version to smooth your beard. But also clean your brush properly, use lukewarm water and shampoo and let the brush dry properly.

The Best Beard Brush: Our Picks

Beard brushes: buying and evaluation criteria

Here are some important points to consider before buying a beard brush.

The topics we will now address are:

We will now go into detail and explain what you need to look out for.


If you are planning to buy a beard brush, you have a wide choice of bristles. In addition to animal bristles, there is also the option of using a vegan version. The hardness factor also plays an important role in the choice. The thicker your beard, the harder the bristles should be, as softer bristles don’t stand a chance against your beard and bend.

Boar bristles are one of the most popular types of beard brushes, and the reason is very simple.

Boar bristles are similar in structure to human hair. This is the reason why the bristles can absorb and release grease very well, which is perfect for distributing sebum and thus caring for the beard.

You can choose between boar bristles, horse hair and vegan natural bristles.

The wild boar bristles are hard and stable. If you do not apply too much pressure, your skin will not be damaged or irritated, but massaged. If your skin is sensitive and you don’t want to work with hard bristles, horse hair might be more suitable for you.

However, horse hair deforms more quickly than boar bristles because the hair is softer and therefore less stable.

The vegan variant is natural bristles made from agave leaves. The leaves, which come from Mexico, are processed into natural fibres, which are also called tambico fibres. Natural bristles have a similar hardness to boar bristles, often harder.


Brushes can be made of a variety of materials, examples include wood, metal and plastic. Most non-electric beard brushes are made of wood. We would also always recommend brushes made of wood, both appearance and handling are better.

Wood is the best choice you can make.

With wood, you have to be aware that it can soften. The danger is small, however, as the most commonly used types of wood, such as bamboo, walnut, pear and beech wood, are very weatherproof. However, it is important to dry your brush well after cleaning.

Next, let’s look at the appearance: bamboo and beech wood have a light colour, pear wood is reddish brown and walnut wood is usually dark brown or black.

The right shape

You can get a beard brush with or without a handle. This decision simply depends on what you prefer to work with. Most beard brushes are very small and round or oval in shape.

Now to the question of how many rows of bristles the brush should have. The optimal number of bristle rows depends on your beard. If your beard is a little thicker, then a few rows of bristles are better for you. As mentioned under bristles, the bristles should also be harder. Few rows of hard bristles make it easier to get through your beard. If your beard is softer, you can choose a brush with more rows of bristles.

Your beard type

Which beard brush suits your beard best depends on your beard. On the subject of the density of your beard, I already told you in the previous point what you have to pay attention to. Now let’s briefly say something about what you should generally look out for with your beard type.

Every bearded person can benefit from the advantages of a beard brush. Your beard type only plays a small role in this.

Let’s see which brush suits you if you have a full beard. I will discuss whether a beard brush is right for you if you have a full beard in the section “What alternatives are there to beard brushes?

If your full beard is not too long, we recommend a beard brush with hard bristles, i.e. boar or natural bristles. If you have a whisker, you can also choose a hard bristle type, such as boar bristles.

If you have a three-day beard, you don’t usually need very hard bristles, but can choose softer boar bristles or horsehair bristles. For a moustache and a goatee, we recommend the same bristles as for a three-day beard.

As you can see, there are only small differences here. However, there is one thing that is important in the whole subject of beard type. If your beard exceeds 5 cm in length, the bristles of the brush will usually not reach the skin and absorb the less sebum. In this situation, you usually need further aids such as beard oil, which you can distribute again with the brush.

Beard brushes: frequently asked questions and answers

Now let’s take a look at the most important questions asked about beard brushes. We have answered the questions so that you will know everything you need to know about beard brushes in no time.

Who is a beard brush suitable for and what are the advantages?

Is your beard important to you? I’m guessing the answer is a resounding “Yes!” otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

We say for a perfect beard, a beard brush is a must.

As we discussed in Buying and Evaluation Criteria, your beard type doesn’t matter. A short beard is much easier to maintain, but even then you can benefit from a beard brush. We will now tell you the most important advantages of a beard brush.

Use the beard brush to massage the skin under your beard. But why is massaging the skin on your face so good? You stimulate your skin and promote blood circulation, which ensures that your beard hairs can receive more nutrients.


Only the man in the picture has a well-groomed beard, and that’s how it should be. (Image source: Image by Gaetano Santo on Pixabay)

We just talked about nutrients for your beard hair and this leads us to the next advantage. With long beard hair, the problem is often that the nutrients cannot be completely distributed along the length of the hair. The solution to this problem is the beard brush.

Advantages briefly summarised at a glance:

  • Better blood circulation to the facial skin
  • Beard hairs are detangled
  • Your beard becomes softer
  • Nutrients for your beard are better distributed
  • Your beard will look neat and clean

What types of beard brushes are there?

We have already mentioned different types of beard brushes in our article. We will now list the mentioned types with their advantages and disadvantages so that you can see everything at a glance.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Beard brush with boar bristles Hard and stable bristles, structure resembles the structure of beard hair and thus optimal for distributing sebum Usually stinks for the first few weeks _COPY0
Horsehair/horsehair beard brush Softer bristles Bends quickly
Vegan beard brush No animal products contained, No stench Very hard bristles (Can be an advantage for you)
Electric beard brush Simply straighten beard hair faster Electricity necessary so not for on the go, Low risk of burns

How much does a beard brush cost?

It’s not always necessary to buy expensive products, because beard brushes are often top quality at low prices. When buying, however, you should take a close look at the materials chosen for the product.

Type Price range
Beard brush About 5 to 30 €
Electric beard brush About 15 to 100 €

How do I clean a beard brush?

Just as you take care of your beard, you also need to take care of your brush. As you learned in this article, the bristles, especially boar bristles, absorb grease and it doesn’t always get rid of everything. All the effort is also small, so don’t worry. We’ll give you the most important information now.

  1. Preparation: Remove hair from your brush, you can do this regularly without the next steps. Be careful not to pull out bristles or deform them too much
  2. Wash: Now use soap or shampoo, it should be ph-neutral so that you get your brush really clean and do not damage it. Now you can use the soap or shampoo to clean your bristles under lukewarm water.
  3. Drying: Dry the wood of the brush well. Now it’s time to clean the bristles. It is best to place the brush on a towel with the bristles facing downwards and wait until the brush is dry. If you need to do it quickly, you can use the hairdryer, but watch out for the high temperatures.
  4. Repeat: You can repeat the process every one to two weeks, depending on how often you use your beard brush.

It often happens in this situation that boar bristles now stink. However, this is perfectly normal when the bristles come into contact with wetness; as soon as they are dry, the smell goes away.

Proper and regular cleaning is important to remove dirt and bacteria from your brush.

What are the alternatives to a beard brush?

If your beard is longer than 5 cm, the beard brush is no longer optimal. The bristles of the brush no longer reach the skin and can no longer absorb and distribute sebum. In addition, the longer the beard, the more difficult it is for the brush to unknot all the hairs. This is where the beard comb comes in.

There are no other real alternatives, but there are many who think they don’t need a beard brush, that spreading beard oil by hand is enough. But that doesn’t always make sense. If you have a shorter beard, it is still easy to spread the beard oil. It also makes sense to use beard oil on stubble to soften it. Beard care for very short beards is relatively easy. The longer the beard, the more difficult it is to distribute the beard oil evenly, together with the beard brush it would be easier.

Type Description
Beard comb Due to its flat shape and usually sturdy construction, the comb can unknot your beard hair more easily and gently. The beard comb cannot take over the task of distributing the sebum, so it cannot completely replace the beard brush. The beard comb is only helpful for detangling the hair.
Beard oil Beard oil helps to make your beard softer and smoother through daily use. Especially if you have stubble, beard oil is very helpful in softening your beard. By using beard oil you protect your beard from drying out.

Now the first important question: brush or comb?

Use both, especially from a beard length of 4 to 5 cm. For us, a beard comb is obligatory from a beard length of 5 cm, for the reasons just mentioned.

Now we come to the beard oil. As already mentioned, it is recommended to use a beard brush and beard oil together. If you only have stubble, then beard oil is sufficient. If you have a longer three-day beard, you can use the beard brush alone.


Here is a classic barber set with beard brush, beard comb, Classic Pomeda and razor. Even profs use beard brushes. (Image source: Photo by ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash)

We recommend beard brush in combination with beard oil and beard comb.


With the help of a beard brush, you can care for your beard in a particularly gentle way. You not only protect your beard from dirt, but also give it a shine. When buying a beard brush, you have the choice between different bristles, whereby boar bristles, horse bristles and vegan natural bristles are the most important and not without reason. There is also the option of using an electric beard brush, which smoothes your beard with the help of heat.

Every beard wearer can and should get a beard brush, it doesn’t matter what type of beard you have. Depending on your beard type, you should go for the combination of beard brush together with beard comb and beard oil, for us this combination is perfect. After the purchase, the only thing left to consider is the correct application and cleaning. Nothing stands in the way of a perfectly groomed beard.

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