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What makes a cordless circular saw so special? The cordless hand-held circular saw is not only helpful when it comes to achieving clean results when sawing workpieces such as wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals. It also convinces with its flexibility.

Because it is battery-powered, it is easy to store and transport, so you can work from anywhere. With our big cordless circular saw test 2023, our aim is to help you make your decision so that you can find the best cordless circular saw for you. We have compared the different types of cordless circular saws (pendulum hood saw, dipping saw, mini circular saw) and worked out the advantages and disadvantages. We also provide you with valuable buying criteria to help you find the best cordless circular saw.


  • The cordless hand-held circular saw is ideal for all those who need a powerful saw for workpieces such as wood, plastic or non-ferrous metals that is easy to handle and transport.
  • Overall, you should decide between two or three types of cordless hand-held circular saw: the pendulum hood saw, the plunge-cut circular saw and the mini hand-held circular saw.
  • Depending on the quality and additional functions, cordless circular saws range from €50-600 at online suppliers as well as DIY stores.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a cordless circular saw

What do I need a cordless circular saw for?

Everyone who wants to work with wood, plastic or non-ferrous metals will sooner or later use a saw. In order to generate a clean and straight cut, the hand-held circular saw is often used. Thanks to the different saw blades, it can be optimally adapted to the thickness of the workpiece. The special advantage of a cordless circular saw is that craftsmen can work independently of location because they do not have to consider whether there is a power connection nearby.

Akku Handkreissäge-1

With a cordless hand-held circular saw and the right accessories, accurate cuts can be made in the workpiece.
(Image source: / George Pastushok)

Who is a cordless hand-held circular saw suitable for?

So is a cordless hand-held circular saw only suitable for professional craftsmen? The answer is clearly and unequivocally: No!

A cordless hand-held circular saw is aimed at all craftsmen, whether professional or private, who work with wood, for example, and want a professional end result. The cordless hand-held circular saw is therefore suitable for occasional users, for hobby craftsmen as well as for professional craftsmen. Its flexible use makes it ideal for transport. It can even be used on the wall or overhead – provided, however, that you already have practice in using a hand-held circular saw.

How much does a cordless circular saw cost?

This question cannot be answered directly. There is a price range between 50-600€ The first question should be: How often will I use the cordless hand-held circular saw and what is my budget. Overall, however, customers can be divided into three price categories based on how often they use the saw.

  1. The occasional user: This person wants to buy a cordless circular saw because he or she has a specific project in the house and needs to cut a wooden panel. It is not important to her that the end result is 100% smooth, but that everything works in the end. All in all, the cordless circular saw is only used occasionally, and when it is, it is for smaller tasks. This user should expect to pay around €50 for a cordless circular saw that meets the usual requirements.
  2. Thehobby craftsman: The hobby craftsman lives by the motto “Do it yourself”. His house and garden are full of projects that he has made himself. It is therefore important for him to buy a high-quality tool so that he can benefit from it in the long term. That’s why he will invest a few euros more than the occasional user, so that the cordless circular saw has even more functions. The hobby craftsman should invest about 100-200€ so that the tool meets his requirements.
  3. Theprofessional craftsman: The professional needs the cordless hand-held circular saw every day and it is therefore important to him that it is always ready for use everywhere. That is why the professional craftsman (for example, a carpenter) uses a brand-name product that he knows stands for first-class and long-lasting quality. The price can range from about 200-600€, depending on how much he is willing to pay in the end.

Here is a brief summary of the price categories:

Users price range
The occasional user approx. 50-100€
The hobby craftsman approx.100-200€
The professional craftsman 200-600€

Conclusion: Overall, the price range is very wide. It is nevertheless recommended to invest a few euros more to be able to use the product in the long term.

What alternatives are there to a cordless circular saw?

In addition to the cordless circular saw, there are of course other types of saws that are available as alternatives. It is important to be aware of what benefits you want to get from the saw and what skills you need from your saw. Because every saw has its own advantage.

Type Description
Jigsaw The jigsaw is characterised by the long, yet small saw. It is extremely popular among do-it-yourselfers because of its quick and precise usability. Nevertheless, it takes a certain amount of practice to use the jigsaw so that the sawn material is still usable in the end.
Table saw In appearance, it resembles a cordless hand-held circular saw. The big difference, however, is that the table saw consists of a stand, a worktop and the saw blade. The stand, which is usually made of steel or cast iron, is connected to the worktop. The worktop also has an opening for the saw blade. Depending on the saw blade, the circular table saw is used for precise processing of various types of wood, metal and plastic. However, it is not easy to transport compared to a cordless hand-held circular saw.
Chainsaw The chainsaw is probably the best-known saw. Not only does it allow you to cut wood, metal and even iron, it is also the most dangerous saw. It is therefore very important to always wear protective clothing when using a chainsaw.

Every saw has its advantages and disadvantages. However, compared to the other types of saws, the cordless circular saw is very versatile and can be used anywhere.

Decision: What types of cordless circular saws are there and which one is right for you?

If you decide to get a cordless circular saw, there are generally two different types you can choose between.

  • Pendulum hood saw
  • Immersion circular saw

All types of hand-held circular saws have advantages and disadvantages, which you will find more detailed information about in the next sections so that you can make up your own mind.

What are the features of a cordless circular saw with pendulum bonnet and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The “classic” hand-held circular saw is often associated with the pendulum hood saw. With this type of hand-held circular saw, the saw blade is fixed to the cutting depth and covered by a pendulum bonnet to protect the user.

This bonnet is automatically pushed backwards by the workpiece during sawing, exposing the saw blade. When sawing is finished, the pendulum bonnet is swung back over the saw blade by a spring.

  • Wide range of applications
  • Very robust and powerful
  • High cutting depth
  • A good view of the saw blade as well as the marking
  • Not very precise
  • Not as flexible as a plunge-cut saw
  • Protective bonnet does not close when chips get stuck in the saw blade
  • Despite not being used, the protective bonnet sometimes does not cover everything

What distinguishes a cordless plunge-cut saw and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Even though the pendulum hood saw and the plunge-cut circular saw look very similar, they differ greatly in their use. The saw blade of the plunge-cut saw is enclosed in a housing. The saw blade and the motor are firmly connected to each other, so that the saw blade is only exposed and “dives” when the motor is lowered from the housing. When finished, the saw blade is swivelled back into the housing.

  • Precise work with millimetre accuracy
  • Can be placed anywhere on the workpiece
  • Plunge cuts as well as panel cuts
  • Not as powerful as the pendulum hood saw
  • Preferably suitable for workpieces with a smaller cutting depth
  • Usually more expensive (due to the plunge cut function)

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages for both types. It is also interesting to know that the hand-held circular saw is also available in a mini format to master smaller projects. The mini hand-held circular saw is of course cheaper and more compact than the conventional hand-held circular saws. On the other hand, however, it is limited in its functionality. In the next section you will find out what criteria you should use when buying a mini circular saw.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate cordless circular saws

In the next sections, we will show you which criteria you can use to decide between the many possible cordless circular saws. The buying criteria that you can use to compare the cordless hand-held circular saws with each other include:


You should make sure that the tool is of good quality, because quality is everything. No one wants to use a cordless circular saw and at the same time find that the components are poorly made, so that the end result is distorted.

Cutting capacity & tilt angle

Even before making a purchase, it is important to consider which workpieces you want to saw later. Since there are different saw blades, the cutting depths – how deep you can cut with the cordless circular saw – also differ. Depending on the price range and model, the cordless circular saws have a cutting depth of 40-70 millimetres.

The higher the cutting depth, the more diverse the range of applications for the cordless circular saw. At the same time, there are various saw blades with different numbers of teeth. The number of teeth determines how cleanly the cuts of the various workpieces turn out. When buying a cordless circular saw, it is also important to know how easy it is to change the saw blades.

However, the depth of cut depends not only on the diameter of the saw blade and the number of teeth, but also on the angle of inclination.

The highest cutting depth is achieved by combining a large saw blade with an angle of inclination of 90°. However, the angle of inclination varies between 0-45° for normal cordless circular saws.

There are also some cordless circular saws on the market that are equipped with a scale for the angle of inclination so that it can be set precisely. Before you buy, check whether you can adjust the cutting depth and the angle of inclination of your cordless circular saw so that you have more options for use.

Idle speed & power

The idle speed is the number of revolutions a cordless hand-held circular saw makes in one minute when idling (in rpm). The power is given in watts. For more robust material, you will have to use a cordless circular saw with a higher wattage.

The following applies: The higher the idle speed, the power and the saw blade, the more perfect your end result will be.

Because a high power in combination with the right saw blade and a high idle speed will generate a clean cut in the end.

Battery capacity

An important aspect of a cordless circular saw is, of course, the battery capacity. It determines the service life. There is nothing more annoying than having to interrupt your work because the battery is empty and you have to find another way to bridge the charging time in order to continue working afterwards.

Two points are decisive: the battery charge (in Ah) and the battery strength (in V). The battery charge indicates how long you can work with the cordless circular saw. With a battery charge of 5 Ah, for example, this would be one hour. The battery power of the most common models is 18V. Overall, it can be said that the stronger the battery, the longer it lasts.


Akku Handkreissäge-2

The lighter the cordless circular saw, the easier it is to handle.
(Image source: / Cyril Saulnier)

Depending on the area of application, the weight of the cordless hand-held circular saw also plays an important role. If your tool is too heavy, you will have to take breaks more often and cannot be as productive as you would like to be.

Besides, crafting is more fun when it’s easier, isn’t it? Depending on the cordless circular saw, the weight is between 5-7kg. A mini version weighs about 3 kg. You have to decide for yourself how strong you are and which cordless circular saw offers you more added value.


A cordless hand-held circular saw can also have various accessories that can make your working life easier.

Special features of a cordless hand-held circular saw: hoover connection, LED function and safety functions

One of these is the hoover connection. Through this connection, a conventional hoover can be connected to the machine while working, so that no particles of the workpiece will fly through the air. This not only ensures cleanliness, but also protects against inhalation of such particles. Some cordless circular saws also have an LED function. This lets light shine on your work area so that you can still work productively in the dark. It also shows you where you need to cut to get a straight result.

A cordless circular saw with a rip fence allows you to cut several strips from your workpiece and is already included with classic cordless circular saws. Certain safety functions that some cordless circular saws have are also important. These are, for example, the overheating protection, the double switch and the emergency stop switch.

  1. The overheating protection: This ensures that the battery-powered circular saw does not overheat.
  2. The double switch: This function is there to ensure that the device is not switched on by mistake. It is necessary to press two switches to be able to use the cordless circular saw.
  3. The emergency switch: This button switches the tool off directly when pressed.

Facts worth knowing about the topic of cordless hand-held circular saw

What are the best accessories for a cordless circular saw?

In addition to the features of a cordless hand-held circular saw that we have described above, there are also accessories that make your working life easier.

The accessories that can save you a lot of work are, on the one hand, the guide rail and, on the other hand, a transport case to store everything.

Probably the best-known accessory for a cordless circular saw is the guide rail. This bar not only makes working with a cordless circular saw safer, it also helps to ensure a more precise and straighter cut. It is often not included in the purchase price. However, some suppliers also sell sets in which the cordless circular saw and guide rail are offered together. However, make sure that the material of the guide rail is robust so that it is not sawn through by the cordless circular saw. There is also a transport case that stores the accessories and the cordless circular saw safely and compactly.

However, you usually have to buy the case separately and the price is between 30-50€.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of?

Akku Handkreissäge-3

Before and during the use of a cordless hand-held circular saw, you have to pay attention to various safety measures.
(Image source: / Claudio Schwarz)

When working with the cordless hand-held circular saw, you should pay attention to certain safety measures in addition to being concentrated and attentive:

  1. Preparation: Before you start working with the cordless hand-held circular saw, you should check all the individual parts.
  2. Any anomalies: If you notice anything unusual during the check, you should have the tool repaired before using it again.
  3. Long hair: If you have long hair, it is important to tie it up before using the cordless circular saw so that it does not get caught in the saw blade.
  4. Loose clothing: The same applies to loose clothing. It is important to wear tight-fitting clothing, otherwise it can cause your clothes to get tangled in the saw.
  5. No gloves: You should also not wear gloves because there is a risk that they can also get caught in the saw.
  6. Safety goggles: Since many particles from the workpiece get into the air, it is important to wear safety goggles.
  7. Respirator: For the same reason, you should also wear a respirator to prevent particles from being absorbed through the airway.
  8. Hearing protection: Since a volume of 85 decibels or more is considered critical for humans and most cordless circular saws have a volume of 100 decibels, it is important to wear hearing protection.
  9. Unusual noises: If the device makes unusual noises, please switch it off immediately and, at best, have it checked by an expert.
  10. Safety features: You can also make sure when buying that you have access to integrated safety functions (as described in the point under Features).

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