Last updated: 16/10/2022

Welcome to our large bathroom tile test 2023. Here we present all the bathroom tiles we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web. We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best bathroom tiles for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer you interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy bathroom tiles.


  • Tiles in the bathroom are an indispensable part of many households these days – and for good reason.
  • The different types of tiles can be adapted to your taste, so that nothing stands in the way of your feel-good moment and relaxation oasis.
  • Bathroom tiles in any design, look, colour, grain, etc. have a striking advantage over wallpaper, plaster or slats because they are water-resistant.

The Best Bathroom Tile: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying bathroom tiles

What exactly is the purpose of bathroom tiles and how can they be useful to me?

Practical, versatile and easy to clean – in the bathroom, it is a good idea to have floor tiles and wall tiles, as the bathroom is by far the wettest room in the living space. As is well known, moisture is pure poison for walls, which is why tiles serve as a preventive measure for mould in the masonry.

Many people think of bathroom tiles as the old green, brown or yellow worn-out tiles from the 70s and by no means associate them with a feel-good oasis. For this aesthetic reason, many people still prefer plastered or wallpapered walls and do not choose bathroom tiles.

In a stylish bathroom designed in earthy tones, the right type of bathroom tile can be the deciding factor for a stylish design. (Image source: / leffetto)

This prejudice is absolutely unfounded, as there are now a multitude of ways to visually accentuate tiles – size, shape, colour, grain and material, a wide variety of textures and mosaic tiles in many different variations are just a few aspects to mention.

These can be used in a targeted manner and thus aesthetically staged – a bathroom adapted to one’s own taste in the desired style is created. Designers, tile manufacturers and the like discovered the potential of bathroom tiles, as they not only provide the said protection for the house or flat against moisture, but can also be used as an effective style element and decoration.

Imagination and innovation are no longer limited, so there are perfect bathroom tiles for every taste.

How can bathroom tiles enhance the bathroom?

The bathroom is now one of the most used rooms in the house, which, in addition to everyday rituals, is primarily used for rest, relaxation and time for oneself.

A refreshing shower to start a productive day or an hour-long bath to relieve stress are just two aspects that intensify the spa moment- What must not be missing is the right ambience and so that every sense can enjoy the feeling of well-being, attention should not only be paid to the right smell and beautiful sounds, but also to the visual sense and the associated tiles that have a balancing effect and intensify the moment.

In this way, everyone can enjoy their personal wellness holiday day after day – be it in a salt cave atmosphere with natural stone or granite tiles, a sauna-like environment with wood-look tiles or a luxury ambience with high-quality and modern bathroom tiles. Take time out and regenerate in rest phases, as these are indispensable due to the dynamics of everyday life.

Stress relief in with the help of rest and relaxation or a space to recharge your batteries – you decide what is good for you and where your feel-good ambience is created and stress can be relieved. Small rooms seem larger with large bathroom tiles, and different colours can also visually separate different areas within the bathroom.

What characteristics can bathroom tiles have?

Inspired by your own ideas or tile manufacturers, the imagination for tiles in the bathroom is almost endless. Large-scale dark tiles for the bathroom work in combination with white wall tiles for a noble and modern atmosphere.

Tiles for bathrooms in colourful tones such as light green or red can be just as convincing, provided they are used in a visually appropriate way and, for example, incorporated into decorative objects and become an aesthetic eye-catcher. In addition to this design aspect, which can create an effective highlight in the bathroom, a point that should not be neglected is the slip resistance of the bathroom tiles.

Bathroom tiles set the atmosphere of the bathroom – fancy tiles can quickly create a certain theme for the room. (image source: / CyprusVillas)

Non-slip bathroom tiles provide slip resistance, especially in front of the shower and the washbasin, and should at least comply with slip resistance class R9, or even R11 in the shower area at best.

Tiles for the bathroom and wellness area usually have this slip resistance class and are therefore ideal for designing your feel-good oasis. It’s all about holistic relaxation, so the eye also contributes to the relaxing ambience and the regeneration process.

What needs to be considered when caring for bathroom tiles?

As already mentioned, the positive effect of tiles in the bathroom cannot be neglected, as it goes beyond the aspect of easy care and cleaning. Bathroom tiles in any design, look, colour, grain, etc. have a striking advantage over wallpaper, plaster or slats:

Due to their water resistance, bathroom tiles can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth and a little cleaner and additionally support the protection of the masonry. In addition, the different types of tiles can be adapted to your taste, so that nothing stands in the way of your feel-good moment and relaxation oasis.

How much do bathroom tiles cost?

Bathroom tiles are available in a wide range of price categories. The price usually depends on the material and the ease of installation. Simple tiles are already available from 3 euros / square metre. Of course, you can also spend considerably more and let the new tiles cost you up to 60 euros / square metre.

Decision: What types of bathroom tiles are there and which is the right one for you?

Depending on their appearance and effect, we distinguish between three different types of bathroom tiles:

  • Mosaic tiles
  • Tiles in wood look
  • Modern bathroom tiles

We will go into more detail about each type below, but first we have summarised everything clearly in case you don’t have that much time to read everything:

Type of bathroom tiles Aesthetic effect
Mosaic tiles Artistic, accentuating, colourful
Wood-look tiles Natural, calming
Modern bathroom tiles Timeless, simple, purist-minimalist

What distinguishes mosaic tiles?

An impressive bathroom design can be achieved with the help of mosaic tiles, as each individual mini-tile contributes to the big final picture and this effect cannot be staged with any other type of bathroom tile.

No matter how the mosaic tiles are placed on the wall or floor, the resulting pattern is always unique and can range from a minimal amount on the floor or wall to a completely mosaic-style bathroom. As tiles in the bathroom, they set great accents and convince with the design freedom for simple or sophisticated artistic creations.

Individual sections can be accentuated and parts of the room can be visually demarcated, and a colourful or subtle accent can add pizzazz to bathroom design, especially in plainly designed bathrooms.

The more different the colour and shape of the mosaic tiles are from the rest of the bathroom tiles, the more they are brought into focus. Of course, you choose which variant is right for you. The fact is that their effect is fully developed in the bathroom and this type of bathroom tile is a good way to expand the design of your bathroom with tiles.

What makes wood-look tiles stand out?

If you don’t like the colourful and extravagant design of mosaics and the like and prefer nature and the associated feeling of freedom and balance, wood-look tiles are a suitable alternative.

On the one hand, wood-look tiles inspire with their peaceful and natural appearance, and on the other hand, they are increasingly found as tiles in Germany’s bathrooms due to their insensitive material. If nature and relaxation are not terms that can be separated for you, then your choice of bathroom tile cannot fail to include wood-look tiles.

Real wood and real stones bear an unmistakable resemblance to these tiles and can be deliberately used in the feel-good bathroom.

The best thing about it is that the normally pronounced sensitivity of real wood is not to be found in the wet room bathroom with wood-look tiles.

What distinguishes modern bathroom tiles?

Particularly when it comes to tiles for the bathroom, modern bathroom tiles are increasingly used nowadays, as they not only make the bathroom look larger and more sorted, but also more timeless and, through personal staging, more individual – in keeping with modernity- Above all, tiles in purist design and in keeping with the motto of minimalism are preferred for modern bathroom design, and you have the guarantee that this trend will last for many years and remain with you for a long time.

Natural stone bathroom tiles are common, which not only bring a piece of nature and balance into the bathroom, but also have a very high quality. Natural stone bathroom tiles with a glossy surface and finish provide a modern touch.

Image source: / stevepb