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Finally order in the bathroom, enough storage space for towels and sufficient freedom of movement? Do you also want to organise your bathroom sensibly and use the space optimally? We explain to you what is important when buying a bathroom shelf so that your bathroom becomes an oasis of relaxation and a feast for the eyes.

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the entire home, so it’s not so easy to find the ideal furnishings. You can start measuring and shopping in a moment. But before you take the tape measure in your hand, we have summarised the most important things to consider when choosing a bathroom shelf.


  • The right place in the bathroom and the intended use of the bathroom shelf are the be-all and end-all in the decision-making process. The question of what should be stored in it and which places in your bathroom are suitable must therefore be answered first.
  • There are bathroom shelves to simply stand on, lean against, hang on or even glue on so that no drilling is necessary. So there are different ways to flexibly place shelves and ways to securely fix your shelf.
  • Bathroom shelves come in a variety of designs. This makes it easy to add your own personal touch to your wellness oasis.

The Best Bathroom Shelf: Our Choices

What will the bathroom shelf be used for?

First of all, you should think about what exactly the bathroom shelf is needed for. It makes a difference whether you want to store towels or hang them up to dry or whether you are looking for a small corner shelf for the shower to keep shampoos etc. within easy reach.

Other important functions are the storage of cleaning utensils and detergent, of toilet paper, but also the collection of laundry. In addition, a clothes rack, a mirror, a cosmetics and medicine cabinet can sometimes be put to good use in the bathroom.

What materials are bathroom shelves made of on the market?

Bathroom shelves are available in a variety of materials on the market. Metals such as stainless steel, chrome and aluminium are usually rust-proof for bathroom shelves. Wipe-clean and moisture-resistant glass panels are used as shelves.

Wooden shelves are dominated by natural bamboo and lacquered MDF wood material. The lacquering gives the bathroom shelf an easy-care and mould-resistant surface. Designer models use solid wood, driftwood or wood species such as acacia. It is important that the materials neither rust nor mould in the humid bathroom air.

How is the bathroom shelf attached?

In addition to free-standing shelves, there are floor-standing shelves with rubber feet that are attached to the wall with an anti-fall strap for safety. The biggest challenge with hanging shelves and mirror cabinets is attaching them securely to the wall. It is recommended to attach them to the wall above the tiled area.

The required fixing material for drilling is usually included in the scope of delivery. If you want to attach a bathroom shelf without drilling, you should choose one with an extendable telescopic rod, with strong adhesive hooks or with vacuum attachment. You can attach these three variants flexibly wherever you need them.

In which designs are bathroom shelves available?

When furnishing your bathroom, you can choose between many styles. The product range extends from simple wooden designs to purist industrial style and vintage furniture. If you prefer a down-to-earth or rustic look in your bathroom, shelves in country house style would be suitable. Maritime worlds with boat shelves and lighthouse decorations can also be found. They will make you dream in the bathroom.

How flexible is my bathroom shelf?

If you want to have your towels ready to hand quickly, a light towel rack that can be adjusted or has castors is a good choice. This way you can carry or move it to the right place at any time. Shelves are usually height-adjustable or their number can be varied.

If you want to assemble your shelf quickly without drilling, we recommend shelves with telescopic rods or with adhesive and vacuum attachment. In most bathroom shelves, you can flexibly place baskets to organise your care products and cosmetics.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bathroom shelves answered in detail

Sometimes it’s not so easy to find the right piece of furniture for your bathroom. Perhaps you are wondering which shelf is best suited to your needs. To help you decide, we have put together a few basic considerations and recommendations for you.

Ablage für Handtücher im Bad

Storing towels in the bathroom or hanging wet towels in the bathroom is not so easy, especially in small bathrooms. Fortunately, there are many different types of bathroom shelves to find an optimal solution. (Image source: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels)

What types of bathroom shelves are there?

If you want to buy a bathroom shelf, you have the choice between numerous different models. Since many bathrooms are relatively small, the shelf should take up as little space on the floor as possible. To reduce the space problem, there are tall narrow shelves, washbasin base units, washing machine or dryer cabinet add-ons, toilet shelves, hanging shelves, corner shelves and folding shelves on the market.

Ladder shelves that narrow towards the top or flexible roll-up shelves are also an alternative. For almost all models with shelves, you will find open, closed and combined versions. With some hanging shelves or closed high shelves, the door also serves as a mirror. A special form are the maritime shelves in the shape of a boat and the slim bathtub trays, also called bathtub bridges. They offer you a shelf for drinks or a book.

How much do bathroom shelves cost?

Bath shelves are available in all price ranges. Here you will find a list of the individual price segments for bathroom shelves:

Price range Available products
Low-priced ( 5-10 €) Corner shelves and open wooden shelves
Medium-priced (from 11-30 €) Vanity units, closed shelves, hanging shelves or tall narrow shelves with drawers or doors
High-priced (from 50-200 €) Bathroom shelves in industrial or vintage style, solid wood shelves, designer models

Which places in the bathroom are best for a shelf?

Especially for small bathrooms, this question is crucial in order to make the best use of space and gain freedom of movement. It is therefore recommended to place the shelves above or below the basic bathroom fittings. Base units with special recesses for pipes can be placed very well under the washbasin. Above the washbasin, on the other hand, a wall cabinet with mirror is a good choice, as the space would not be free for a standing shelf anyway.

Top units or over-the-counter shelves are useful for toilets, washing machines or dryers located in the bathroom. For the shower and bathtub area, we recommend space-saving corner shelves with telescopic rods, adhesive or vacuum mounting. For free walls, you can let your imagination run wild.

Make sure that there is enough room to move around when drying off after a bath or a little space for blow-drying. Ladder shelves that narrow towards the top are ideal for this purpose. In the end, the bathroom should not be too cluttered. If you like to rearrange things, foldable or quickly adjustable ladder shelves may be suitable. [/kb_faq]


So if you are still unsure about buying a bathroom shelf, you should first and foremost consider where in the bathroom it will later be placed, which things should find space in the bathroom shelf and which materials are suitable for a piece of furniture in humid room air.

Whether closed compartments or open shelves, the various models on the market also offer combination options. How to place the shelf securely or attach it to the wall must be taken into account when buying. In addition, personal taste and one’s own design preferences play a central role in the furnishing. Because: The eye also takes a bath!

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