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Bathroom sets change the style of your bathroom and at the same time come with numerous useful functions. Cold feet are a thing of the past. The specific placement of the bathroom set, which consists of several rugs, gives you a soft feeling of warmth at all times.

They are particularly suitable in front of the shower and the bathtub and allow the tiles to stay dry. The non-slip base of the bathroom sets, which are available in various colour, motif and shape combinations, provides the necessary grip.

With our large bathroom set guide, we want to help you design your bathroom impressively. To help you keep track of all the different bathroom sets, we have compared the sets with each other and listed their advantages and disadvantages. This will make your purchase decision easier.


  • Bathroom sets consist of two or more carpets of the same kind that match each other. They prevent wet spots on the tiles after showering and also ensure a pleasant feeling underfoot in front of the washbasin or toilet.
  • Bathroom sets are available in square and round shapes of different sizes. Various colours and motifs are available.
  • A distinction can be made between high and flat bathroom sets. In addition to natural and synthetic fibres, sets with material combinations are offered.

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Bathroom set: buying and evaluation criteria

In this section, we show you the criteria by which you should evaluate a bathroom set. Overall, you should consider the following features:

We will now explain in detail what is important for each criterion.


Bathroom sets are made of different materials. The following upper materials are available:

  • Microfibre (polyacrylic, polyester or polyamide)
  • Cotton
  • Cotton-microfibre combinations
  • Pile material

Pile material is a special textile technique in which fibres protrude from the fabric. The structure runs perpendicular to the surface. So-called high pile sets are often offered.

The underside of the sets can have a non-slip latex coating.


First of all, the individual carpets of the bathroom sets have to be differentiated. There are rectangular, square, circular, semicircular and oval ones as well as those with rounded corners and a cut-out for the toilet. Occasionally, the sets also include toilet lid covers.

Many manufacturers offer quite different dimensions. For example, rectangular bathroom sets can measure 55 x 65, 60 x 90, 70 x 120, 80 x 140 or 90 x 160 centimetres. The diameter of round sets can be up to 80 centimetres.

Tall bathroom sets can be between 15 and 50 millimetres high.

Colour and motifs

There are no limits to the choice of colour. There are single and multi-coloured bath sets, but also those with a specific look.

You can choose between the classic colours white, black or grey.

If you like it more colourful, the colour palette leaves nothing to be desired. Colour combinations are also available.

Bath sets with holiday associations such as beach, palm or anchor motifs are also popular. Animal motifs can also be found in the range of some manufacturers. The bathroom sets with rhinestones or Swarovski elements are extravagant.

Storage location

There is no place in the bathroom where a bath set carpet does not find its place.

Bathroom sets can fulfil their function almost anywhere in the bathroom

Whether in front of the shower, the bathtub, the washbasin, the WC or in the middle of the room – the various shapes mean that very individual solutions can be found.

In addition to use on the floor, toilet lids can also be covered with a set.

This adds another level to the game. It is even conceivable to place it as an offshoot in front of the door.


Bathroom sets always consist of several rugs. If you have a large bathroom, then you can definitely look at sets with up to 5 different rugs. This way, you have the option of filling your bathroom in a uniform way.

There are also bathroom sets with 2 bases. Of course, you can combine them much more easily and plan the space more simply. However, you only have a few shapes at your disposal.

In the end, you have to weigh up the positions where you want to cover the surface and then decide how big your set should be.

Bathroom set: frequently asked questions and answers

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about bathroom sets. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know everything you need to know about bathroom sets.

What is a bathroom set?

A bathroom set is a set of different matching bathroom rugs. They range from two-piece, uniform sets to multi-part carpet groups in different sizes and toilet cut-outs.

With them, you not only give your bathroom a style all of its own, you also create a pleasant, warm feeling on your feet.


You can create a very special ambience with unusual bathroom sets.
(Image source: Białasiewicz/

In addition, you prevent a wet floor after showering. This means there is no danger of slipping on slippery tiles.

What types of bathroom sets are there?

If you want to buy a bath set, there are 2 alternatives you can choose between: high bath sets and flat bath sets. We have compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of both types below.

High bath set

  • very fluffy, warm feeling
  • cosy
  • good room divider, binds dust
  • unsuitable for washing machines
  • susceptible to germs
  • risk of tripping
  • weight

Flat bathroom suite

  • easy to clean
  • dries quickly
  • suitable for full-surface solutions
  • absorbs moisture less well
  • returns little feeling

With a high-woven bath set, you definitely create a highlight in your bathroom. You create an incomparable, fluffy, cosy feeling that cannot be surpassed in terms of comfort. The high-low effect, which leaves a footprint on the set, is also popular. However, it becomes difficult in small bathrooms. These could quickly look too cluttered with the bulky-looking sets.


White bathroom sets look particularly good on dark floors.
(Image source: Erika Wittlieb / Pixabay)

Flat bathroom sets are suitable for both spacious and smaller bathrooms. They can be used more flexibly and are the less fancy option. On the other hand, they make it easier to combine colours and styles. Of course, they create a different feeling on your feet.

How much does a bathroom set cost?

There is a wide price range between the different bathroom sets. The range goes from about 3 to 150 euros. Inexpensive sets are of much poorer material quality than the expensive models. The prices often apply only to individual elements of the entire bathroom set.


Fluffy bathroom sets with high fibres look much better.
(Image source: 99.films / unsplash)

It is not possible to say across the board that sets with a high pile are more expensive than those with a flat pile or made of other materials. Prices depend too much on other features such as motifs, anti-slip function and shape.

What are the alternatives to a bathroom set?

Bathroom sets always consist of several rugs or mats. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right combination of large and small rugs. If you have an individual bathroom design in mind and like to combine colours, you can use the following overview of alternative floor designs as a guide.

Type Description
Bathroom rug Bathroom rugs allow you to combine colours, patterns and fabrics in your bathroom. In addition, you can design the free floor space more flexibly.
Wooden bath mat Compared to textile mats, wooden mats are much more hygienic. They give the room a very special ambience, but have to be set up to dry after each use. Bamboo is often used.
Underfloor heating With underfloor heating, you don’t necessarily need a bath set. You can keep your feet warm and make the room look more open without carpets

Each of the alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages. However, with a bath set, you can set accents in your bathroom from a functional and stylistic point of view.

How do I clean a bathroom set?

You should wash your bathroom set regularly to avoid germs. As a rule, all sets are machine-washable. However, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You should be particularly careful if the back of your bath set has a rubber anti-slip coating.

It is always advisable to shake out the bath set before washing. You can reliably kill germs with the boil wash programme from 60 degrees. High temperatures do not harm natural fibres. However, sets made of synthetic fibres such as polyacrylic, polyester or polyamide can often only be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees. The material of your bath set therefore determines the washing cycle and hygiene.

To prevent uneven fading, we advise you to always wash the entire set.

Bath sets lose a lot of lint, dust and hair during the wash cycle. You should clean the lint filter regularly.

Can bathroom sets be used on heated floors?

If you do not want to do without a bath set despite underfloor heating, we advise you to use heat-resistant carpets.

There are specially coated bathroom sets for use on heated floors

These have heat-resistant undersides that do not dry out or crumble. In any case, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the meantime, you can assume that bathroom sets made of high-quality material are also heat-resistant. However, the base material is always decisive for suitability. You should read more carefully about rubber coatings.


A bath set not only gives your bathroom the necessary warmth, it also provides a water-absorbent surface after showering and washing. Bath sets are available in various sizes and colours. Special cuts for toilets are also available. The main differences are in the material, which can be made of natural or synthetic fibres. Sets made of high pile are very popular.

Large bathroom sets are particularly suitable if you like to go barefoot. You should bear in mind that the sets require a lot of cleaning and that each model has its strengths and weaknesses.

Image source: Białasiewicz/