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A bathroom without a bathroom mirror is almost unthinkable. Nowadays, the bathroom mirror not only serves a useful purpose in most cases, but also enhances the overall atmosphere in this room. That’s why there are now several variations of bathroom mirrors that make your time in front of the mirror something very special.

With our large product comparison, we want to help you find the right bathroom mirror for you. We have compared 6 different bathroom mirrors from different manufacturers and listed the respective advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision easier.


  • Bathroom mirrors not only serve a purpose, but can also transform the bathroom into a wellness oasis.
  • Important purchase criteria are lighting, light switch, light placement & light colour, size as well as mirror thickness.
  • Bathroom mirrors come in different types and price ranges. Even in the lowest price range, there are already some mirrors with additional functions to buy.

The Best Bathroom Mirror: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for bathroom mirrors

In the following, we would like to show you which criteria you can use to compare and evaluate bathroom mirrors. This will make it easier for you to decide which bathroom mirror suits you best. We have focused on these factors:

The following paragraphs paint a precise picture of what is important in the individual points.


Once you have decided on lighting around your bathroom mirror, it should not only be functional but also have a relaxing effect on you. With a bathroom mirror with lighting alone, you can create an oasis of well-being in your bathroom. In addition, everything you look at in the bathroom mirror is very well illuminated.

The lighting can either be integrated into the bathroom mirror or hang externally on the bathroom mirror. To save energy, LED lighting is most efficient.

Light switch

You can switch the lighting on your bathroom mirror on and off in different ways. Many manufacturers offer the following options as light switches:

  • Bathroom mirror with toggle switch
  • Bathroom mirror with infrared switch
  • Bathroom mirror with WLAN switch
  • Bathroom mirror with touch switch
  • Bathroom mirror with gesture control

Which light switch is the right one for your bathroom mirror depends on your wishes and budget.

Light placement & light colour

The positioning of the lighting and the colour of the light are very relevant to the activities performed in front of the bathroom mirror. It is best to place the lighting on the sides or above the bathroom mirror to avoid shadows.

For precise work in front of the bathroom mirror, neutral white (3300 – 4000 K) or cool white (4000 K and above) light is ideal. To create a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom, warm white (2700 – 3300 K) light is recommended on the bathroom mirror. You can also switch between the two light colours by choosing dimmable lighting.


Of course, you can choose any size for your bathroom mirror. However, there are a few points you should bear in mind when making your choice. The bathroom mirror should not be too small, but also not significantly larger than the washbasin. However, these are purely optical conditions.

The number of lights also plays an important role in the size of the bathroom mirror. In addition, large mirrors are very advantageous for making small bathrooms look larger.

Mirror thickness

The bathroom mirror is more robust if the mirror glass is thicker. For free-hanging bathroom mirrors, a mirror thickness of 6 mm is recommended. Bathroom mirrors that are glued to a base should have a mirror thickness of 4 mm.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bathroom mirrors answered in detail

In the following, we have summarised the answers to the most frequently asked questions about bathroom mirrors in a guide. You will then have a good overview of the topic.

What types of bathroom mirrors are there?

Besides a simple bathroom mirror without accessories, there are many other types of bathroom mirrors that offer a few extras around the mirror. Below we have compiled a brief summary of these types of bathroom mirrors:

Type Note
Heated bathroom mirrors Prevents the mirror from fogging up after showering or bathing. Direct airing afterwards is no longer necessary. A very big advantage, especially in cold winter months.
Bathroom mirror with integrated socket If you use many technical devices in the bathroom, the integrated socket in the mirror cabinet is ideal for you. Especially with the otherwise sparse number of sockets in the bathroom.
Bathroom mirror with storage For small bathrooms, an additional storage surface on the bathroom mirror or a complete mirror cabinet is advantageous in order to be able to store as many of your things as possible.
Bathroom mirror with Bluetooth Bluetooth speakers provide great variety in front of the bathroom mirror.
Bathroom mirror with TV The built-in TV in the mirror provides even more entertainment. So you don’t have to miss your favourite programme at any time.
Bathroom mirror for sloping ceilings bathroom mirrors have been specially developed for flats with sloping ceilings and can be customised.

The type of bathroom mirror that is most suitable for you depends above all on your wishes and your budget.

How high should a bathroom mirror be installed?

The height at which your bathroom mirror is mounted depends on your height and the wall conditions. You should be able to see yourself well in the mirror. For most people, a good reference value is when the lower edge of the bathroom mirror is between 1.15 m and 1.25 m high. The top edge should be between 1.90 m and 2.00 m.

If you want to mount your bathroom mirror on tiles, you should note that the holes may only be drilled in the joints or in the middle of the tile. (Image source: 123rf / rido)

If this is not possible, the bathroom mirror can alternatively be glued to the tiles. Otherwise, it is advisable to fix the mirror to another wall.


There are many ways to create the perfect bathroom mirror for your bathroom. On the one hand, you have the choice of keeping your bathroom mirror simple and only equipping it with lighting. On the other hand, you can have your bathroom mirror custom-made and add various additional functions. This will turn your time in front of the mirror into something special.

You should keep in mind which main function your bathroom mirror has for you, so that you choose the right light colour. The size of the bathroom mirror is also a decisive purchase criterion.

Picture: 123rf / 89827406