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Hello, welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! Often left aside when buying products for the home, the bathroom rug is a very versatile and useful item on a daily basis. In addition to drying your feet when you get out of the shower and preventing slipping, this product adds a colourful and cosy touch to the bathroom, not to mention preventing the whole place from getting wet.

If you are interested in this item, you have come to the right place. In this article we will present all the information about bathroom rugs, teach you how to use them and show you how to choose the best model for your home. Let’s go?


  • There are many different models of rugs for the bathroom, but always give preference to those with anti-slip, since this is a humid room where it is easy to slip.
  • You can buy mats individually or in kits. Analyse the size of your bathroom to choose how many pieces you will use.
  • An average price for a bathroom rug is £ 1.34.

The Best Bathroom Mat: Our Picks

Tired of getting out of the shower and stepping on a floor cloth so as not to get the whole bathroom wet? Then keep an eye out because in this ranking we have selected some of the best rug models for you to start thinking about which one to buy.

Buying guide

A little forgotten when it comes to decorating, bathrooms can easily become more beautiful and cozy with just one product: the rug. Besides serving to embellish, this piece also has other functions and certainly some model will suit your needs. But if you do not know much about this product, do not worry. In this buying guide we will show you everything about it, from what it is to prices and where to buy it, just keep reading.

Na foto está uma mulher de costas dentro de uma banheira segurando uma taça olhando para uma parede de pedras.

One of the best ways to use the bathroom mat is at the exit of the bath or shower to dry your feet. (Robert Nickson / Unsplash)

What is a bathroom mat and what are its benefits?

Bathroom mats are very useful and versatile pieces, which have as main functions:

  • Decorate the environment
  • Dry your feet after bathing
  • Prevent slipping

They can be used both in front of the sink, at the exit of the box or shower, around the toilet and even inside in the bathing area, precisely to ensure greater safety for the elderly and children.

  • They are pieces that decorate bathrooms
  • They can help with safety
  • They prevent the bathroom from getting wet
  • Some fabrics may be slippery
  • The fluffier ones take longer to dry

What are the different types of bathroom mat?

There are different types of bathroom mats. With regard to the material, there are those made of fabric like cotton, those made of crochet and those made of PVC and polypropylene, which resemble plastic. With regard to the design of the pieces, most bathroom mats are rectangular, but it is quite common to find some that have a “U” shape to be placed around the toilet. In fact, if you are buying a kit, it is normal for it to be composed of a rectangular piece, one for the toilet and another for the lid.

Speaking of patterns, it is easier to find plain bathroom rugs than those with a variation of designs, especially if you think about those made of cotton. It is common to find printed models on the pieces that are developed for children and it is also possible to find pieces shaped like animals and the like just to entertain them. For adults the greatest possibility of seeing this product printed is in crochet models.

In other fabrics you can find some model containing flowers and others with the theme of animal print as jaguars, zebras and the like. But on the other hand, there is a wide range of colours, from neutral tones like white and beige to darker shades like wine, orange and dark blue.

How to use a bathroom rug?

Even if you’ve never had a rug for the bathroom, at some point in your life you may have placed a floor cloth in front of the box so that when you get out of the shower you don’t get the whole room wet. So even if instinctively you have hit on one of the areas to use this piece. It is also common to place this type of rug in front of the sink or toilet. And as we told you above, there are also models for the toilet seat. However, care should be taken with excess and not to fill the whole bathroom with rugs, especially if it is small.

Those who have smaller bathrooms may choose to use only a rectangular model in front of the sink or the box and a piece for the toilet lid, as long as both match.

Those who have more circulation space can use the three pieces together. However, remember to check that where the rug is, it won’t get in the way of opening the door. In the case of those that are placed in the shower area, the ideal is that they stay exactly in the position where the person taking a bath is.

After all, there is no point in having this piece if you don’t stand on it, right? If your bathroom is more neutral you can use and abuse of all colours and prints for the rugs. Those who have tiles or wallpaper should buy pieces that match the environment and decoration. The light colours can act amplifying the space and the dark ones give an aspect of diminishing it, think about it and adapt to the size of your bathroom.

Buying criteria: How to compare bathroom rug models

Now that you are already aware of the options that exist for bathroom rugs, we will detail below the main factors that you should take into consideration before choosing your rug. They are:


We told you above that it is possible to find bathroom mats made of cotton, crochet, PVC, and polypropylene. The models made of cotton are more delicate, with a soft touch and absorbent. They can be thicker or thinner, resembling bath towels, and are good for shower exit areas, preventing you from stepping directly on the floor.

In the case of crochet, they are a little harder to the touch, but precisely because they are handmade, they are available in various shapes, colours and prints. Regarding the polypropylene ones, this is a type of plastic material that absorbs water and can be soft. It should always be placed outside the shower area.

If you see an ad or packaging that says “Floor Towel”, this is also a type of bathroom rug.

If you are looking for something visually more decorative and delicate, the cotton, crochet or polypropylene models may be a good option. But if you’re thinking about functionality, without taking aesthetics into consideration, a PVC model can be very useful for you.

It is more directed to the area inside the box or the bathtub, because it can be widely wet. Some rugs made of this raw material have suction cups on the underside to fix well to the floor and prevent slipping. They are coarser and act more as a piece of safety than as decoration. In addition, some materials require a specific type of care, as explained below:

  • When you have polypropylene or textile mats, the ideal is to leave the bathroom as ventilated as possible. Always keep the window and the door open, and if the rug is wet, place it in the sun so that it does not get damaged.
  • Speaking of the PVC models that stay inside the shower box, after bathing just leave them stretched or standing that the water will drain and will soon be dry.


Especially for those who have children and elderly at home, falls are a concern. Therefore, regardless of the type of mat you choose, check if it has anti-slip or suction cups on the contact part of the floor, or if it is too smooth when placed on the floor. At this point the aesthetics should come second and the ideal is to give preference to a model that does not become a risk.

Na foto está um banheiro todo branco. Na esqueda uma banheira, no meio um vaso sanitário com um tapete a sua frente e na direita uma pia. A foto foi tirada da porta.

The floor towel models may be thin and slip easily. (Source: jeanvdmeulen / Pixabay)

Quantity of mats

You can purchase bathroom mats individually or in sets of two or three pieces. As we explained above, analyze the space you have in the bathroom so as not to pollute the place and fill it with unnecessary rugs. (Image source: AVANTECTURE/ Unsplash)