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On this occasion, we will talk about bathroom accessories, those useful complements for this room in the house, including soap dishes, towel racks, toilet roll holders, toothbrush holders, shelves, and toilet brush holders, among many others.

These accessories allow you to keep your bathroom organised, while also helping you to create a beautiful, comfortable and functional environment, thanks to their practical and aesthetic designs. Besides, there is a great variety of models, formats, materials, sizes and brands to choose from according to your style.

In this article we will tell you about the main features of these accessories, their advantages, and the aspects you should take into account when buying them in order to choose the most suitable products according to your tastes, needs and budget. Don’t miss it!


  • Bathroom accessories are used to hang, support or hold the different elements that you use every day in this space, such as towels, soaps, bathrobes, toilet paper rolls, perfumes, deodorants, creams, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.
  • There are different types of bathroom accessories, including towel racks, soap dishes, toilet roll holders and shelves, among others. Although each element has a specific function, sets of several accessories with the same design are also sold.
  • Among so much variety and assortment of bathroom accessories, it is important to take into account certain factors to make the best choice to buy, such as materials, installation system, location, and prices, among others.

The Best Bathroom Accessories: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about bathroom accessories

The main purpose of this buying guide is for you to learn about the most important features of the product you are thinking of buying. Therefore, we will tell you about the main features of bathroom accessories, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Bathroom accessories are comfortable and functional (Photo: VereshchaginDmitry/

What are bathroom accessories and what are their advantages?

Bathroom accessories are designed to create a comfortable, practical and beautiful environment in the bathroom. Among these main accessories are soap dishes, toilet brush holders, towel racks, toilet roll holders, shelves, baskets, toilet brush holders, etc.

Bathroom accessories are made of different materials, and there are different sizes, formats and models. In addition, some of them are screwed, others are glued with adhesives, and others simply stand, allowing them to be easily moved.

The main advantage of these elements is that they allow you to keep the bathroom organised, offering a functional and at the same time aesthetic option, since there are an infinite number of designs on the market, adapted to every style, need and budget.

  • They help to keep the bathroom organised
  • There is a wide variety of models
  • They are comfortable and functional
  • There is a wide range of prices
  • They are eye-catching and decorative
  • Some accessories are complicated to install
  • Some materials are very expensive
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find accessories compatible with the bathroom
  • It can be difficult to find spare parts

Towel rail, soap dish, toilet roll holder or shelf – what should you look out for?

There is a wide variety and assortment of bathroom accessories. Here are the main features of the four most common ones for you to compare and evaluate when buying the right accessory for your bathroom.

Towel rack. The most common towel racks are the ones that are attached to the walls, either as a bar or a hook; but you can also find them standing, or in the shape of a ladder to lean on a wall (these are the most modern models).

Soap dish. Soap dishes can also be screwed or glued to the wall, or simply placed on the washbasin. They can be made of metal, wood, porcelain, ceramic, glass, plastic, acrylic, etc.; and they come in different sizes, formats and designs, according to each style of bathroom.

Toilet roll holder. The traditional toilet roll holder is the aluminium or plastic one screwed to the wall; however, in recent years the market has launched new portable models, which offer the possibility of moving them from place to place several rolls of paper inside them.

Shelving. Shelves are one of the most versatile bathroom accessories, as they serve to support an infinite number of elements and come in a wide variety of models, materials, sizes, textures and formats, adapted to every taste, style, need and budget.

Towel holder Soap dish Roll holder Shelf
Size Medium Small Small (if individual) Medium to large
Format Bar or hook Oval, rectangular, square or round container Square, rectangular or oval Square or rectangular
Materials Metal, plastic, acrylic Metal, plastic, acrylic, ceramic, porcelain, etc. Metal, plastic, acrylic Metal, acrylic, plastic, plastic, wood
Installation Screwed to the wall Screwed or supported on a base Screwed or attached to the wall Screwed or supported on the floor

How much do bathroom accessories cost?

There is a very wide price range for bathroom accessories, as you can go from small items to shelves. Another factor that significantly influences the costs of these products are the materials, as they determine the quality and durability of these objects.

For you to have an estimated reference of the prices, you should calculate that the most basic accessories (soap dishes, for example), start from 100 MXN, and the most expensive ones (furniture or complete sets of stainless steel accessories), can reach 5,000 MXN, or more.

Where to buy bathroom accessories?

Bathroom accessories are essential elements for this space in the house, which is why you can find a wide variety and assortment of these products in specialised shops such as Valmar, Gersa, Hygolet, The Home Depot, and Artexa, among others.

You can also find bathroom accessories online, through websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Linio and Mercado Libre, among others. The separate online shopping system gives you the added advantage of ordering from home, where you can also receive your order.

Purchasing criteria

In this last section, we will talk about the most important aspects to consider when buying the right bathroom accessories, because with so much variety and choice of models, materials, formats and sizes, it can sometimes be difficult to choose.


Materials are extremely important when selecting bathroom accessories, as you will be in a humid space, with frequent and pronounced temperature changes. It is therefore important to choose good quality pieces, to ensure their resistance and durability.

Metal. The classic materials for bathroom accessories are shiny or chrome-plated metals such as aluminium or stainless steel. Although they are much more expensive than the other materials, their quality is excellent and you will be guaranteed their useful life for many years.

Plastics. Within the plastics and acrylics there are different qualities, although they will never be similar to the metallic materials. However, they are easier to install, as in most cases they come with an adhesive system that avoids breaking the walls and leaving holes.

Ceramic tiles. Ceramic materials, such as porcelain, are characterised by their delicacy and beauty. They are usually used for soap dishes or toothbrush holders and are very durable, as long as they are not knocked, as they can break easily and lose their charm.

Wood. Many modern bathroom accessories are made of wood, as it is a very attractive material, and gives a warm and rustic style to this part of the house. It is important to protect it from excessive heat and humidity, as they can ruin the material.


Before buying bathroom accessories you should know where you want to place them and what space is available, as the size or proportions of the bathroom often do not match the size or proportions of the bathroom with the accessories, such as shelves for example.

You must first consider the accessory you are going to incorporate, so that you are clear about whether you need to clear the floor, some walls, or the top of your sink. Once you know in detail the space you have at your disposal (with exact measurements if possible) you can start considering options that will fit there.


Next we will discuss the possible installation methods, so that you can evaluate which one is more comfortable for you, as sometimes the accessory may be beautiful, functional and practical, but when you are going to install it, it creates a problem for you.

Screwed. Traditional bathroom accessories have always been screwed or embedded in the wall. The most modern accessories offer other installation options, as this system can be somewhat difficult.

The main problem with this installation mechanism is that water pipes or electrical cables pass under the walls, so you must know the location of these elements very well in order not to break or puncture them with the drill.

Another disadvantage is that the bathrooms have ceramic tiles, so you have to use specific drill bits and be very careful when drilling holes, because if the tile breaks you have to look for a replacement, which is sometimes difficult to find. On the other hand, this system is the one that best secures the fixture to the wall.

Glued. An alternative installation system is the double-sided adhesive that sticks to the wall. This method is simpler and does not leave a hole in the wall when the piece is removed, although the fixture is not as firm as with screws.

Supported. This is the simplest method, as they are portable accessories that simply rest on a base or the floor and can be moved from place to place. They are usually soap dishes, light shelves, and baskets, among other items.

There are many practical and decorative accessories for the bathroom. (Photo: serezniy /

Other bathroom accessories

In addition to the accessories mentioned throughout the article, there are also other useful and, above all, beautiful bathroom accessories. Below we will mention some of them and their main uses:

Organiser baskets. These beautiful baskets of different sizes are extremely useful for storing all kinds of accessories, especially small ones, as they have interior compartments for organising different objects. They come in fabric, wicker and bamboo, among other materials.

Mirrors. The mirror is an element that cannot be missing in the bathroom, that is why the market offers a great variety of designs and sizes, from the classic wall mirror to the one that has magnification and also has hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets, and other beauty items.

Trays for accessories. Trays are widely used to place soap, cream, shampoo, etc. in the bathtub. They have different dimensions, to adapt to the measurements of the shower, and they come in a great variety of sizes, formats and materials.

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