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One of the first things parents buy when bringing home a new baby is a crib. Being the place where your newborn sleeps, it is a very important purchase. However, standard cribs are often too big for a small baby. Therefore, most parents opt for a lighter, smaller bed for those first few weeks.

This is why a bassinet is the perfect option. It is comfortable for the baby, while being light and easy to assemble. Bassinets are also great for rocking and cradling a newborn. In this guide, we have selected the best bassinets on the market, and have a few tips to help you choose the best option for you and your little one.


  • Normally, bassinets can support up to twenty pounds of weight and come with wheels so that they are easy to move around. They are also usually foldable and can be transported easily from place to place. Traditional bassinets are often made of wicker and are covered with padding that can be removed and washed.
  • Bassinets are not designed to be used in a car, as they do not have proper anchors and can move around if the car breaks suddenly. If you are looking for something to use in the car with your baby, look for an infant car seat.
  • Before buying a bassinet, you should take into account certain factors such as the type of cradle, the materials, safety, portability, size, ease of use, accessories and possible travel options. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about bassinets so you can make the best decision when purchasing one.

The best Bassinet in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

In this section, we have selected the best bassinets currently available on the market to help make your decision as easy as possible. We have also added a description to each one so you can fully understand the characteristics of each item, and decide which is the best option for you.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Bassinets

There are many types of bassinets out there. It is a fundamental product for the first few months of your baby’s life, and it ensures they will get a restful night’s sleep. But what should you look for when purchasing one? How long should you use one for? In this section, we will answer all of your most frequently asked questions about bassinets so you can have all of the information you need before purchasing.

A bassinet is a wooden or mesh basket with handles and usually a hood for a newborn baby to sleep.
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What is a bassinet exactly?

A bassinet is a plastic or mesh basket with handles and usually a hood, used for a newborn baby to sleep in. It is ideal for babies during their first few months of life. However, as the child grows, it is recommended that they be transferred to a crib in their own bedroom so that they can start to have more freedom.

What types of bassinets are there?

When bassinets first became popular, they were used to easily transport newborn babies. Back then, they were almost always made with handles. Nowadays, you can find a variety of models, with or without handles. On today’s market, you can find the following varieties of bassinets:

  • Portable bassinets: They are usually made of cloth and are foldable so they can be easily transported. These types of bassinets are designed to take up little space.
  • Bassinets with handles: They are designed to be easy to transport, and will usually be made out of wicker or mesh. You can find them with our without a support structure.
  • Bedside bassinets: These types of models are made to fasten right next to the parent’s bed, so that they do not have to get up at night to check on the baby. These are very useful for the first few weeks when the baby is first brought home and needs to be looked after very often.
  • Foldable bassinets: These fold very easily and take up very little space so that they can be stored away easily. They have two parts: the bed padding, and the frame.
  • Bassinet with a canopy: These have a protective hood over the bed area. In addition to being an aesthetic touch, they also keep the baby shaded from strong light, dust, or bugs at night.
  • Rocking bassinet: This type of bassinet uses a balancing system to cradle the baby when he or she is falling asleep. Once they have fallen asleep, you can remove the rocker with a locking system.
  • Bassinet with wheels: These are perfect for using around the house so that the baby can accompany you in different rooms. They also have breaks so that the bassinet does not move around on its own.

What should the bassinet mattress be like?

Most bassinets come with a small mattress pad, but not all of them will be suitable for your baby. That is why, before choosing a particular model, you should ensure that the mattress is the right size. If it is too small, the baby can get caught in the space between the mattress and the bassinet.

It should also be as comfortable as possible for your baby, so you should check that it is not too hard or soft. Normally, the mattresses that come with bassinets are quite thin, so it doesn’t hurt to get a thicker one so that your little one is more comfortable. The best bassinets will adapt to the weight and height of the baby, and can be used as they grow.

What measurements does a bassinet have?

The standard size of a bassinet is 21 (length) x 35.5 (depth) x 45.5 (height) in inches, although this can vary. Bassinets that have canopies or hoods can exceed these measurements. Some models that are designed to be folded down will be smaller. Keep in mind, the larger the size, the longer you can use the bassinet for.

What advantages does the use of a bassinet have?

Purchasing a bassinet is a great option for both you and your little one. Not only is it a safe and comfortable option for your newborn, but it offers several advantages for you as a parent. Here are just some of the many advantages that having a bassinet at home can present:

  • They take up very little space, so they are ideal for small rooms or apartment living. Because of the small size, you can place the bassinet next to your bed and have the baby close during the night. This is a definite advantage for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • A bassinet will help keep your baby calm, since some models can rock back and forth, and they will allow you to easily pick up your baby when he or she starts crying.
  • It is perfect for moving around different rooms in your house, so you can have the bassinet close, no matter where you are. Many people also take their bassinets out of the house, as it is very manageable to carry.
  • Bassinets help babies feel safe and comfortable, since their small dimensions feel like the mother’s womb. When your baby stretches, they should be able to touch the edges of the bassinet, and this will help them to feel calm.
  • Bassinets are essential during the first few months of life, since the small size prevents them from turning and feeling unprotected, like in a larger crib.

How long can my baby use a bassinet?

It is recommended to use a bassinet until four to five months of age, although this will depend a lot on the growth rate of the child. How do you know when it is time to change your baby over to a crib? When the child begins to try and turn around or is learning to sit down, it is time to stop using a bassinet.

A good method to use when changing the baby over from a bassinet to a crib is to leave the baby in the crib during the day, and have them sleep in the bassinet at night. This way, your child will become familiar with the new crib and it will not be such an abrupt change.

A good method is to leave the baby in the crib during the day so that the change from bassinet to crib is not so abrupt.
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How is a mini crib different from a bassinet?

Both are great options to use with your baby during the first few months. Whether you purchase a mini-crib or a bassinet depends on the needs and preferences of each family. For some, purchasing a bassinet is unnecessary, given the short amount of time the baby will use it. Other parents will use it to transport the baby easily. Here are some characteristics of each:

Bassinet Mini-crib
Size Takes up less space. It is a larger size.
Transportation The bassinet is easy to carry because it has handles. It is easy to transport because it has wheels.
Use Shorter usage time. Can be used for several months.

Shopping Criteria

If you are thinking of purchasing a bassinet, but do not know what to look for, then you are in the right place. In this section, you will discover everything you need to know to make the right decision when purchasing a bassinet for the first time. There are a number of essential elements to consider, including:

Type of Bassinet

You should consider the size of your space at home to help you decide which bassinet to buy. If your room is not very spacious, it will be harder to use a large bassinet. If you have a larger home, a bassinet with wheels is ideal for moving the bassinet around your home. In smaller homes, we recommend a folding bassinet.

You should consider the size of your home to know what type of bassinet to buy.
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Bassinets can be made of sturdy materials such as wood, which will make it more difficult to transport around the house. However, even though they are heavier, this type of bassinet is more durable and will last several months and even years. Wicker baskets are much lighter, but also more delicate.


The best-selling bassinets are made up of a bedding area and plastic or mesh sides. These materials are meant to be safe and cradle the baby. You should be sure that the bassinet has good ventilation and that the baby can breathe easily. They should be made from soft and breathable materials.

Use and Portability

It is important that the bassinet is easy to assemble and that its different parts (mattress, legs, hood, and net) can be assembled and removed easily. The bassinet should also be easy to transport from one room to another so that the baby can accompany you at all times. To do this, it should have either wheels or handles.


You should be sure that the baby has enough space to move around inside the bassinet, but that it is not possible to turn or lean over the edges. It is good to be aware of the height once the wheels are attached, because it will make a difference to how you use it in your home. For example, smaller sizes are easier to move around.


Bassinets should have everything necessary to create a comfortable environment for your baby. There are some that even include toys, and others that have a decorative canopy. A bassinet with additional accessories means that you will not have to purchase any extra toys. If it includes wheels, it is important that they have protectors to avoid the bassinet moving around on its own or rocking while the baby is trying to sleep.


Bringing a new baby home for the first time is a rewarding and special experience. And having a bassinet is an essential product to have during your baby’s first few months of life. They help to keep your baby comfortable and safe while they sleep.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing one, and we hope that this guide helped to answer any questions you may have had!

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