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The traditional bar stool was developed to save space. At some point it turned out that the elevated position both gives you a good overview and allows you to meet people quickly. Even if you sit alone, you won’t be noticed so quickly at a bar.

But for some time now, the famous bar stool has not only been available for the bar, but also for the home. We’ll tell you what types of bar stools there are and what criteria they have to fulfil for your needs.


  • Important purchase criteria are dimensions, material, functions and special features.
  • They are not only used as seating for bars. Because they are height-adjustable, many bar stools can be adapted to almost any table height.
  • Bar stools are available in all price ranges. Good models are available for as little as €60.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for bar stools

Finding the right stool is no easy matter. To help you decide, here are a few of the most important buying and application criteria for finding the right stool:


Since the height of your bar stool determines its possible uses, the dimensions are a very important purchase criterion. However, functions such as height adjustability allow you to adapt the height to several areas.

The width also varies with many stools. The perfect width depends on the space you have available. Bar stools with armrests or backrests are, of course, only suitable if you have enough room to move around and use them.


The material determines the durability, colour and weight of your bar stool. For example, if it is intended to be moved around a lot, it can be annoying to have a stool made of pure steel. Bar stools that are intended for the home and usually for a longer period of time can also be covered with leather.

Wooden or plastic stools, on the other hand, are practical for places where there are a lot of people because you don’t see the signs of use so quickly, you can clean them quickly and they are not too expensive. If you need the stools outside, they should be adapted to the weather conditions, i.e. they should not be made of wood or leather.


Depending on your taste and needs, your stool can also have some functions. For bar stools in private use, it is often practical if they can rotate 360°. This way, you can easily communicate with everyone in the room and even play around.

If you are looking for the right stool for your establishment, there is also the possibility, through the right accessories, to fix the seat to the floor to avoid potential accidents.

The most common stool function is height adjustability. This means that the stool can be adapted to different uses and can also be quickly converted into an additional dining chair.

Optional extras

Optional extras such as back and armrests, footrests or beautiful upholstery can turn an uncomfortable stool into a real feel-good armchair.

In this way, you can sit for much longer and save yourself backache. If you need a stool that is intended for frequent movement, there are of course also models with castors. If you need a stool for on the go, you can of course also fall back on one that is foldable.

Additives such as covers and foils can of course also contribute to the longevity of your bar stool.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bar stools answered in detail

In order to clarify even the last important questions, here are a few of the most common ambiguities on the way to your dream stool:

Who is a bar stool suitable for?

Due to the clear term, bar stools are often only associated with bars. Even though their original purpose was unmistakably to sit at bars, the possible uses today are much more extensive.


Bar stools are a constant companion in our everyday lives. They come in all colours, heights and variations. Therefore, there is something for every taste. (Image source: Denisse leon/ Unsplash)

Bar stools can be a beautiful adornment to a kitchen island or function as an office chair. Since they are usually easy to transport, they are also the perfect substitute chair for guests. The wide range of height adjustment options means that the right bar stools can also be adapted to suit just about any table height.

What types of bar stools are there?

Bar stools differ most in the amount of special features they have. A typical wooden bar stool has four legs and a seat. But for everyday use, there are also some with armrests or backrests.

The footrest is now part of the basic equipment of a bar stool, even if it is only offered in the form of a single bar.

What does a bar stool cost?

The price range for bar stools is very high. Good models with several functions are available for as little as €50. However, there are also designer models that can cost several hundred euros.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 – 50 €) also available separately, mostly without upholstery or backrests, with footrest
Medium-priced (50 – 100 €) with upholstery, available with backrests, with footrest
High-priced (from 100 €) with upholstery, available with arm and backrests, with footrest, very robust frame

What does a comfortable bar stool need?

That depends entirely on the request. A stool for the kitchen island is not badly served with arms and backrests, as it is also comfortable to eat on. A bar stool for a bar counter, on the other hand, is usually more comfortable without armrests because it gives you more freedom of movement and allows you to interact better with people.

All in all, any bar stool with good upholstery is comfortable, but there is nothing wrong with a nice backrest, unless you want to spin around in circles all the time.


Bar stools have been around since ancient Egypt. Over the millennia and cultures, a practical utilitarian object, which in the 18th century was even used to show who did not belong to the nobility, has developed into a fashionable seat for the development of one’s personality.

The variations of bar stools are practically unlimited with so many shapes, numbers of legs and different colours.Nowadays, the bar stool is no longer necessarily a space-saving utilitarian object but can also be a beautiful and thoroughly comfortable accessory for the home.

Image source: Nathan Dumlao/ Unsplash