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Whether it’s a small or large balcony, we all want to get the most out of our balcony. Inviting balcony furniture plays a particularly important role. Besides being comfortable, it should also be practical. That’s why small, foldable balcony furniture sets are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only easy to store, but also offer enough space on the balcony to let your creativity run free.

Balcony furniture sets are particularly desirable. These are compact and complete, offering a table and at least 2 seats. Before buying your balcony furniture, you should only be aware that there are different materials, such as rattan/polyrattan, wood and aluminium, and these can also be combined. Therefore, we have compared popular balcony furniture made of different materials for you here.


  • The materials and their durability are crucial, as they will be at the heart of the quality of your balcony furniture. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between rattan/poly rattan, metal or wood.
  • Individual pieces of balcony furniture can be very beautiful and trendy, but balcony furniture sets are ideal for a compact product. Not only do you find a large selection, they are also usually cheaper.
  • Balconies can vary greatly. There are large, oval and small balconies. However, there are also balconies where you not only want to put balcony furniture, but also decorate it. Therefore, small balcony furniture sets are always suitable, ideally they are foldable or come with a cover.

The Best Balcony Furniture: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for balcony furniture

To help you find the right balcony furniture, here are the most important buying criteria. These should not only make your decision easier, but also ensure that you have purchased the perfect items for your balcony in the long term. The following criteria may help you to compare the different products:

The perfect design for my balcony

Whether narrow, square or oval, we all want to get the most out of our balcony. The design, i.e. the size, handling and appearance of our balcony furniture set, plays a particularly important role.

Small, foldable balcony furniture tends to be popular because it is easy to store. But robust lounge sets for square and oblong balconies are also increasingly in demand.

Therefore, my tip is to take a close look at your balcony and try to find a functional balcony furniture set with the right size and a chic design for you.

Stability and weather resistance

One of the most important criteria when buying balcony furniture is the resistance of your furniture to rain, moisture, strong winds and UV radiation. Will my balcony furniture set change colour in the sun? Will the furniture be tossed around in the wind and rain?

Can it withstand a lot of moisture in the long term? Is it relatively easy to care for, so can I leave my furniture on my balcony all year round or do I have to store it in a dry place? You should keep all these questions in mind when deciding on a balcony furniture set.

Material for balcony furniture


Wooden sets are and will remain timelessly chic, as is one of the most popular materials for balcony furniture. Especially acacia wood and teak have established themselves among garden and balcony furniture due to their weather resistance and stability. When choosing wooden balcony furniture, it is also important to consider whether it is easy to care for in the long term and therefore resistant to fungus, mould and insects.


Whether aluminium, stainless steel or iron, metal balcony furniture sets tend to be durable and very easy to care for. Nevertheless, when deciding, you should make sure that your balcony furniture set is of high quality, therefore rust-free and has a stable design.

Rattan and polyrattan

Rattan is often also referred to as polyrattan, but these terms differ from each other. Rattan is a fibre obtained from rattan palms and is therefore a natural material that is not always easy to care for. Since this material is not water-resistant, your rattan balcony furniture should be stored in a dry place during the winter months, otherwise it can even develop mould.

Polyrattan, on the other hand, is synthetic, i.e. made of plastic. Balcony furniture sets made of polyrattan are not only easy to care for and durable due to their weather resistance, but are also becoming more and more trendy.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. More and more sustainable products are also being launched on the market for balcony furniture. For wooden furniture, look for the FSC certificate, and you can generally assume that Made in Germany articles are a guarantee of sustainability. Above all, make sure that your balcony furniture is recyclable if you choose polyrattan or aluminium.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about balcony furniture answered in detail

To give you a comprehensive insight into balcony furniture, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What types of balcony furniture are there?

There are many different balcony furniture materials and product types. I have already listed the most popular materials in the buying criteria, but here again in compact form: Wood, rattan, polyrattan and metals such as aluminium, stainless steel and iron. The type of material used for balcony furniture is particularly important, as the furniture should be able to withstand the outdoor conditions permanently or temporarily.


A balcony should offer you a little piece of paradise. The right balcony furniture will help you achieve this. (Image source: unsplash / jisoo kim)

In addition to various materials for balcony furniture, there are also many types of products. From individual pieces of seating to beach chairs and Hollywood swings, a variety of items can be considered for your balcony. The choice is up to the size of your balcony and your wishes. However, the balcony set offers an all-embracing product. A balcony set always consists of 2 to 4 chairs, or seating furniture, and a table.

Which furniture is suitable for my balcony?

If you are creative and like to invest time and effort, you can build your own balcony furniture to suit your balcony. Otherwise, it is advisable to look for small balcony furniture sets. On the one hand, there is a very large selection in this field, and on the other hand, small or foldable or interlocking furniture offers space for decoration and/or for growing plants on the balcony and you can still give free rein to your creativity.

What should my balcony furniture cost?

Of course, the price also plays an important role. The decisive factor here is the price-performance ratio. The following table should give you an overview of the different price categories. It also shows what you can expect from the products:

Price class Available products Features
Low-priced single pieces of furniture, simple balcony furniture sets, mostly only made of wood waterproof, simple design, low to medium stability
Medium-priced medium selection of balcony furniture and sets, mostly made of wood and/or metal weatherproof, larger selection of designs, good stability, durable with little maintenance
High-priced large selection of balcony furniture and sets made of wood, metal, rattan, polyrattan weatherproof, good to very good stability, sustainable selection, durable

Even in the low and medium price range, you will find a good selection of articles and usually everything you need for your balcony. However, if you want your balcony furniture to be particularly durable and sustainable, a small tip would be to opt for the high-price variant.

To what extent can balcony furniture be water, frost and rust resistant?

Well, water and frost resistance is essential for balcony furniture and is what makes it special. Therefore, most balcony furniture also has this quality to some extent. The decisive factor is the material and care. With wooden balcony furniture, it is often important to wipe the furniture dry again after a rain shower. Wooden furniture can often be varnished again so that the wood remains beautiful and durable for longer. If you have foldable or stowable items, you can also simply store your wooden furniture in a dry place.

Polyrattan is water, frost and rust resistant and can be left outside all year round.

Rattan, on the other hand, requires a lot of care to be durable. So should be wiped regularly when the weather is damp or rainy. Since rattan is a natural product, it needs proper care, while polyrattan is made of plastic and is thus very weather-resistant and easy to care for. The rust resistance of metal balcony furniture should be checked before buying. If this is not the case, there are still various paints to protect the metal from corrosion.


There is a large selection of balcony furniture. Whether you want lots of pieces, few pieces, foldable or sturdy furniture on your balcony is up to you. In the end, we all want to have inviting and practical balcony furniture. Small city balconies benefit the most from foldable and small furniture, while medium-sized and large balconies can also use the very comfortable balcony lounge set.

However, in order to avoid buying new furniture every year, care should be taken to purchase high-quality materials. There are various options, as described in this article, and often there is also a combination of different materials. However, the same purchase criteria should also be observed.

Image source: unsplash / SOCIAL.CUT