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When a baby is about to arrive in a home, a lot of things need to be bought, a long list of accessories, furniture and baby clothes. Of the latter, what can never be missing are the nappy bags, a bodysuit that will become an ally during the first months of life of the little one, they are used as t-shirts and also as little jerseys.

These tiny and tender t-shirts are used during a long phase of the baby’s early childhood, in a single day you may need several of them.

They are so important that ReviewBox has decided to give them their own space to learn more about them and show you what options are available to you and how to choose the right ones for your little one.


  • Nappy bags are garments for little humans that are worn as T-shirts or as jerseys. They are an essential part of a baby’s outfit. Although there are several types, one of the most important ones has a pleated design that helps parents to change the baby easily in complex situations.
  • There are several types of nappy bags according to their design, for example: the snap nappy bag, with American collar, with side buttons, with straps or with buttons at the back. Each design has a specific purpose, but all are dedicated to protecting the baby’s skin.
  • In order to go out to buy the necessary nappy bags it is essential to keep in mind that there are a couple of tips or criteria that help us to make better decisions, we are talking about points such as sizes, fabric, models and quantities.

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Buying Guide: what you need to know about nappy bags

Such an important garment that comes into contact with baby’s skin should be bought with the same character.

For this reason, below we provide you with relevant information about the product where you can solve any doubts and learn more about it, so that when you go to buy what you need for your baby, you will be satisfied.

The structure of the nappy bag was designed and developed so that mums can easily dress or change their little ones. (Photo: Anna Kraynova / 123rf)

What is the purpose of the pleats on the shoulder part of the nappy bag?

Although some nappy bags have buttons on the shoulder part to make it easier for the baby’s head to enter, most nappy bags come with pleats on the top. Its use has been thought for those accidents that the little one may have when pooping, having soiled the nappy and the garment.

The folds that the onesie has make it easier to get out

In those moments where the baby has soiled possibly up to the back, we want to avoid soiling it when removing the garment by the head, therefore the folds extend the onesie, to remove it by the feet instead of by the head.

Diaper bag with snaps, with American collar or with side buttons- What should you pay attention to?

As we said at the beginning, the variety of nappy bags that the market offers to its customers is very wide. You can choose between options for boys, for girls, unisex, colours, models, etc. The offer is unlimited. But which nappy bags are the most suitable for the baby?

Diaper bag with snaps. Its design is a shirt with 3 sides, the one on the back, the one on one side that is attached to some internal snaps and the one on the other side that is placed on top and held by another external snap. They are used when the newborn does not hold its head upright and it is easier to put the garment on as a shirt and not over the head.

Nappy cover with American collar. This is the most classic version. The design includes folds in the shoulders so that the garment can be opened more if it needs to be pulled out from the bottom instead of the head. They are available in many presentations for use as a T-shirt or as a T-shirt.

Baby bodysuit with side buttons. This is a onesie with one or two buttons on the right shoulder that can be unbuttoned so that the baby’s head can be put in and taken out with greater dexterity. Useful when the baby’s head is larger than the width of the neck of the garment. It makes it easier to dress or undress the baby.

Snap nappy bag American neck nappy bag Side button nappy bag
Differentiator Shirt design with snaps inside and out Has pleats at the top 1 or 2 buttons on the right shoulder
Utility Makes it easier to dress babies who do not support their head Allows the garment to be removed from underneath if necessary Gives width to the neck to allow the head to enter or exit
Average age Newborn to 3. 5 months Newborn onwards From 3.5 months onwards

What other models or styles of nappy covers are there?

In addition to the main types of nappy covers, brands have innovated and are always trying to be at the forefront and according to the time or occasion they produce new garments with slight changes in their structure or design.

Strapless nappy covers. These are garments that do not cover the shoulders or arms, they only have straps on the shoulders to support them. They are very much used in spring and summer when the heat is present. There are models for girls and boys.

Diaper bag with button at the back. Probably the least common of all the options. They are bodysuits that have a button or clasp at the back that, once placed on the infant’s body, can be fastened at the back. The design may include a polo neck. They are most often seen on girls.

Why nappy babies?

When babies are born they come from a very different environment where they did not wear clothes and now they have to adapt to the world around them.

The founder of the Sprout shop says that one of the main objectives of using nappy covers is to prevent their body, whether it be their back or stomach, from being exposed.

The snaps at the bottom of the onesie make it easier to change the baby without having to undress them, again preventing them from getting winded or cold. Also, depending on the season, it is possible to use one with long or short sleeves.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and qualify the different models of nappy bags

We are sure that as soon as you set foot in the first shop you will fall in love with more than one nappy bag option, but before the emotion gets the better of us, know the following criteria that will help you to choose correctly the ones that are most suitable for your little one

  • Sizes
  • Fabric
  • Models
  • Quantity


It is important to know that at this stage the sizes go according to the age of the child, although sometimes some brands have smaller or larger garments, the base of the age is the main reference to decide the size we need to buy. Let’s look at the following table.

Age Size Length Width
Newborn 0 to 3 months 32 cm 20 cm
3 months 3 to 6 months 34 cm 21 cm
9 months 9 to 12 months 40 cm 24 cm
1T 12 to 24 months 42 cm 25 cm
1. 5T 18 months 44 cm 26 cm


The baby’s skin is very sensitive at this time, remember that it is just adapting and we must be careful with what we put on it, and even wash the clothes with soap suitable for babies that does not contain essences. An unsuitable fabric or soap, or even the label, can cause reactions in his body.

Cotton. The most recommended fabric to buy nappy bags will be the one made of cotton, it is a textile with positive characteristics as it is soft to the touch, it absorbs humidity keeping the baby dry and it is hypoallergenic.

Organic cotton. When they have the organic quality, then we are talking about a crop that has been treated responsibly without pesticides. Among its benefits are ultra-soft, natural, beautiful, comfortable and reasonably priced fabrics.


We have seen the classification of nappy bags from which you can choose. In the shops you will find different designs in colours, prints, options that you can use as a T-shirt without wearing them, just to cover the baby’s skin and others that are made to be used alone and show them off.

With drawings. Familiar characters from cartoons or films. Themed on cars, sports, animals, objects. Available in colour combinations and available for boys and girls, as well as unisex versions.

Seasonal. A drawing, a message or even a costume; designs for national holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Easter or to celebrate the months or birthdays of the baby or special dates such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.


When we have our first baby we parents tend to want to buy everything, the excitement and ignorance floods us with items that unknowingly quickly fall into disuse. Buying nappy bags in large quantities for a specific stage can lead to unnecessary expenses.

It is certainly one of the items they use the most, especially during the first months when they have reflux or when they spill milk, etc., but it is also true that they grow so quickly that sometimes they don’t get to use everything for the first time.

We recommend having between 5 and 7 pieces, especially if you buy a newborn size.

(Featured image photo: Mon Petit Chou Photography /unsplash)