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A colourful mobile on a crib can illuminate a baby’s entire room. However, baby mobiles are more than just decoration: they provide many benefits for your child’s development and help your little one relax at bedtime.

Although it’s important to vary your baby’s position in the cot, your little tacker will spend a lot of time looking up, especially when falling asleep or resting. Baby mobiles will accompany your baby in these moments and contribute to their physical and mental stimulation. With this guide we will help you choose the most functional and, of course, the most beautiful mobile.


  • Baby mobiles are not only decorative, they contribute to the sensory and mental development of your baby in different ways and at every stage of early childhood. They also really help your baby relax at bedtime.
  • Battery-powered baby mobiles offer many functions beyond just spinning and singing: there are those with projector functions, lights, sound and much more.
  • You can find baby mobiles that fit your baby’s routine. The smallest and most convenient mobiles can even be carried with you to give your baby a connection to the home when out and about.

The best baby mobiles: Our Picks

When it comes to choosing a mobile, you’ll find a seriously wide range of brands, colours and shapes. Here we reveal the best options available on the market so you can select the ideal baby mobile for your little munchkin.

Shopping Guide: What you should know about baby mobiles

Before choosing your baby’s mobile, you should know how they function and the advantages of certain mobiles over others. In this section we will discuss the most frequently asked questions that parents ask when looking for a mobile.

Baby Mobile

Mobiles contribute to the physical and mental stimulation of your baby.
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Why is it important to buy my baby a mobile?

Baby mobiles are much more than just decoration. They offer different benefits to your child’s development and accompany your child through different stages of early childhood development that includes:

  • Sensory stimulation: Baby mobiles are eye-catching and their main function is to catch your child’s attention. The brighter and more colourful they are, the more they will attract your child’s attention. As your baby grows, baby mobiles help them distinguish distances better and develop their depth perception.
  • Relaxation: The movements and sounds produced by a baby mobile can relax your baby before they nod off to sleep. A soft tune is perfect for putting your baby to sleep.
  • Development of motor skills: Mobiles that stimulate and excite babies also encourage them to move about. Babies follow them with their eyes or extend their arms towards the mobile. Movements caused by mobiles contribute to the development of basic motor skills as well as coordination.
Did you know that baby mobiles stimulate your baby’s brain and arouse their curiosity?

Which is better: a battery-powered or an analog mobile?

It depends on how you want to use it. Either with batteries or a bit of wind, mobiles always spin around. The natural rotation of the analog mobiles will, of course, be much more subtle and relaxing for your baby. Also, a light breeze in your baby’s room keeps the room fresh and comfortable.

However the advantage of battery mobiles is that they are not dependent on the wind and and can be more stimulating. The rotating movement of the battery-powered ones is more obvious and they often have sounds or even lights.

Are baby mobiles safe?

Yes, but it is important to take certain precautions to ensure complete safety. Choose a mobile that doesn’t have lots of small parts as they may come loose, fall into the crib and become a choking hazard.

Small babies need mobiles that are close to their faces to be able to distinguish the features that the mobiles have. From about 5 months, your little one can lift his arms and legs and try to touch the mobile. We recommend that you move the mobile slightly away from your child when they reach the stage of grabbing and pulling to avoid accidents.

Baby Mobile

The swiveling movement of the mobiles helps to relax babies. (Source: Famveldman: 72028608/

Shopping Criteria

There are so many mobiles on the market that it’s easy to get lost in a multitude of fancy colours and shapes. When it comes to choosing a mobile for your baby, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:


Many manufacturers take into account that a baby does not always sleep in his cot. Portable mobiles, like the Shiloh Baby Nursery Mobile in our ranking, are perfect for those little ones who spend a lot of time in the car and need help falling asleep. A portable mobile should be small and be able to be hooked or attached to different surfaces.


Battery-powered mobiles can be much more than just colours and circular movements. Many mobiles, such as the Skip Hop Moonlight and Melodies Projection, can project stars or other relaxing images to accompany your baby at night. There are also many mobiles whose hanging objects can be unhooked so that the baby can sleep in another location but still have a few familiar objects nearby.

Attachment system

When choosing your new baby mobile, always check other parent’s reviews to make sure the attachment system will work with your baby cot. Most baby mobiles will adapt to most cots, but there’s no harm in checking that other parents haven’t had any issues.


As we have seen throughout the article, baby mobiles are not solely for decoration. However, we definitely understand that they are usually one of the focal points of your baby’s bedroom, so a nice design is important. If your baby’s room has a theme (jungle or marine, for example) it’s easy to find mobiles that will match it.

There are companies make a lot of effort to make quality and well-presented mobiles. It is worth keeping in mind that dull coloured mobiles will not capture a baby’s attention so easily, i.e. they will not do their job, so an exciting mobile is worth the extra buck.

Mobiles with colours that contrast well, especially black and white, are especially stimulating for really young babies. Keep this in mind if you want the mobile to start contributing your baby’s sensory development very early on.


Your baby will benefit greatly from a new baby mobile. These fantastic inventions contribute to their sensory, motor and cognitive development. A baby mobile with melody and soft movements can help them relax and fall asleep.

There are countless baby mobiles on the market, from battery powered to wind powered, either with or without built-in features such as lights and projectors. There really are designs to suits all needs. To give you a better chance of choosing the right one, it is important that you consider how your daily routine will be once your baby arrives. It’s also important to evaluate what functions you’re looking for in a new baby mobile.

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