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Do you also remember your first toy doll and the wonderful time you spent with it every day? Do you now want to give your child the same pleasure and, because of the abundance of offers, are asking yourself which one is the most suitable?

This guide will show you what types of baby dolls are available, what criteria should be taken into account when buying such a toy, what price categories there are and from what age onwards which doll is best suited. In addition, it will be briefly explained in which areas such baby dolls are also used and what they do there.


  • Baby dolls come in numerous varieties and with a wide range of functions, which differ depending on the brand.
  • each brand produces special accessories for the baby dolls, which makes it a great play experience.
  • whether for young or old: everyone can play with baby dolls and these toys are now also used in certain forms of therapy.

The Best Baby Doll in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Depending on the age of the child and the demands it has on the baby doll, there are various criteria that should be taken into account before buying.

Buying and evaluation criteria for baby dolls

Every baby doll and every brand has its own special features and depending on the buyer’s imagination, other criteria are decisive.

Before buying, it is important to think about what the doll should be able to do, how it should look and to what extent the accessories should be available, because this is the basis for choosing the product.

(Interactive) functions

Especially the dolls from Baby born, Bayer and Simba have numerous functions, such as eating, drinking or even talking and are therefore very interactive. Zapf Creation dolls also have a few functions, but far fewer than the other brands.


Baby born, Bayer and Simba dolls each come in four different versions, as they are available as both girls and boys and in light and dark skinned versions. Zapf Creation only offers the doll as a light-skinned girl, but unlike the models described above, this one has a soft body. The dolls from Götz also have a soft body, but also still have hair, which is available in two different colours, blond and brown. These are also all light-skinned.

The big difference between the baby dolls described so far and the Reborn model is that this doll looks lifelike. She also has hair, but it is always brown and relatively short compared to the Götz dolls, so no hairstyles can be made.


Especially when a new doll is bought, it is usually available as a set with numerous accessories. The fewest accessories are available for Reborn dolls.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about baby dolls answered in detail

Of course, before you buy a baby doll, you may have some questions. The most important ones will now be answered in the following.

What is a baby doll?

A baby doll is a toy for children, mostly girls, but also for boys, which looks like a baby. Depending on the manufacturer, this doll has different functions that imitate the behaviour of a real baby. The appearance also depends a lot on the brand.

What age group is the baby doll best suited for and are there other areas of use?

The manufacturers usually give a recommendation from 1.5 to 3 years. There is no upper age limit, because adults can of course also play with dolls. Even if society may ridicule it, people have a natural instinct to play and it leads to more balance and has a positive effect on people’s psyche if they continue to play in adulthood.


No matter which culture and which century: people still like to play with dolls. (Image source: A P O L L O/ Unsplash)

Physiotherapists, for example, use such puppets to demonstrate certain exercises. On the one hand, from a therapeutic point of view, puppets have an effect on every age group. On the other hand, they can also serve as a human substitute through the image of the human being they represent. In psychotherapy, hand puppets are often used instead of words because it is easier to express what the client wants to say with puppets.

Especially with shy or autistic children, it is easier to establish a connection with the therapist. Diagnoses can also be made on the basis of the puppet’s acted behaviour, because what the puppet is not allowed to do, the child is also not allowed to do.

Dolls can also help adults with psychological problems because they have something they can take care of and are no longer alone with, which they can hold in their arms but also play with. That’s why dolls are also found in old people’s homes and especially in dementia.

What types of baby dolls are there?

There are models that are made entirely of vinyl and those that have a soft fabric body. They are equipped with different accessories.

How much does a baby doll cost?

You can buy a baby doll from around 20€. The average price is around 50-60€. However, reborn dolls in particular are often much more expensive because they are individual and handmade. Here it is often a price range of up to 450€ or even more.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (20 – 30€) Basic models with few/no accessories
Medium-priced (50 – 160€) Extensive model including accessories
High-priced (150€ and more) Individually made and handmade dolls


When buying a doll, it is particularly important to be clear about what you want from a baby doll and what functions it should have. The area of application should also not be ignored, because it plays a major role whether the doll is intended for a 2-year-old child to play with, is to be used in a therapeutic setting or is intended for an adult.

The urge to play is natural and adults also have it. It is perfectly legitimate to act it out, even if there are strange looks and negative comments, because in the end it is balm for the psyche, especially in stressful situations, and often helps more than any medicine.

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