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Fruit contains important antioxidants that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and even have a preventive effect against cancer and other diseases. People who eat fruit and vegetables several times a day are less likely to get sick. Berries in particular contain numerous vitamins and strengthen the immune system.

The aronia berry, which originates from North America, has also been on the rise in Europe for several years. Because of its healing effect on health, it is considered a power berry and, with its rich nutrients, competes with superfood berries such as açaí and goji. In the following we have worked out everything important about the aronia berry, the different products and their effects.


  • Aronia berries can be eaten fresh or processed in many ways and are sold as tea, powder or capsules. How you want to take it depends on your personal preference.
  • The most conventional variant is chokeberry juice, which you can use as a cure or drink long-term.
  • Aronia contains many important ingredients, vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on health and are said to protect against several diseases.

The Best Aronia: Our Picks

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Buying and evaluation criteria for chokeberry

If you are thinking about giving chokeberry a chance, we have worked out the most important buying criteria so that you can find the best products for you. The criteria are as follows:

Now we will explain what to look for in each of the different criteria so that you are sufficiently informed and can make a careful decision.

Form of use

There are different ways to consume chokeberry. For example, you can eat the berries fresh in small quantities. However, they taste quite tart raw and are rarely sold in this form.

But if you freeze them, they lose some of their tartness after thawing and you can eat them in moderation. Or you can eat them dried as a snack, together with oatmeal or as an ingredient in baking.

Probably the most traditional use is chokeberry juice

, which you can drink either year-round or as a cure.
If you want to get the full effect of chokeberry, make sure it is a direct juice or mother juice. Since it is not filtered, it contains all the natural nutrients and is pure chokeberry. Instead of juice, you can also take chokeberry tea.

As a spread, the berry is also very popular in the form of jam, marmalade or jelly. It is often mixed with other fruits such as elderberries or blueberries.

If you buy chokeberry powder, you can use it in baking, cooking or as an addition to muesli, oats and shakes. Otherwise, chokeberry is also available as a dietary supplement in the form of drinking ampoules or capsules, which are taken daily after meals to ensure a balanced diet.


Each chokeberry product is available in different quantities. If you are unsure whether the tart taste of the berry or the product application appeals to you, you can buy smaller quantities to try at first. Alternatively, you can also find test packages that contain different products in trial size.

The juice is often available as a single bottle of 750 ml or as a monthly package of up to 5 litres, if you want to start your juice cure right away.

Shelf life

When buying, you should always consider the shelf life. It usually depends on the type of product and can be found on the package. Of course, fresh berries will not keep for more than a few days.

Aronia juice from the bottle should generally be consumed within 10 days after opening and stored in a cool place. The juice packs, on the other hand, can be kept unrefrigerated for about 3 months. Dried chokeberry powder, for example, will keep for at least 2 years.

Country of origin

Aronia berries originated in North America and spread to Russia and Eastern Europe over time. In the meantime, it is also increasingly cultivated in Germany and Austria.

So you can avoid long transport routes and keep your ecological footprint low by supporting regional farmers. Especially in Bavaria, Saxony and Brandenburg, the aronia berry is mostly grown organically. There are more online shops and shops in Germany where you can find the products.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about chokeberry answered in detail

In this section, we answer the most frequently asked questions about chokeberry to make your purchase decision a little easier.

What is chokeberry?

Aronia is the dark purple chokeberry. It belongs to the rose family and resembles a small apple when cut open, which is why it is also called black chokeberry.

Aronia can also be added to smoothies or breakfast bowls in various forms. (Image source: Jannis Brandt / unsplash)

What types of chokeberry are there?

A distinction is made between pure chokeberry products and those that contain portions of chokeberry. Pure products consist of 100% chokeberry berries and thus contain all natural nutrients. With this type of product, however, the tart taste is more pronounced and the tannins can cause stomach aches. Therefore, this variant can only be consumed in moderation.

Products containing chokeberry have been further processed and no longer consist only of chokeberry, but have been supplemented with other minerals and vitamins. This applies to most juices, food supplements and jams. The taste is much more pleasant, but they may also contain undesirable added sugars.

How long can chokeberry be taken?

Since chokeberry is a food and does not have the same effect as medicines, there is no prescribed time for taking it. However, it takes time before the effect becomes apparent.

You should therefore give it at least 28 days to take effect in your body. You can take the juice every now and then for 4 – 6 weeks as a cure with about 50 – 100 ml daily or all year round.

What does chokeberry do in the body?

Aronia berries contain a variety of valuable ingredients such as anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals, magnesium and iron, which have a positive effect on health. They strengthen the immune system, have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect and help the body fight off infections.

Aronia is said to be helpful for numerous complaints such as cardiovascular diseases, high or low blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. In many cases, the actual efficacy should be viewed with caution, as there is no concrete clinical evidence. However, it is clear that the berry promotes health through its valuable ingredients.

Aronia also has some side effects. If the dosage is too high, the tannins in the berry can cause abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Those who suffer from iron deficiency should also not drink chokeberry juice, as the substances contained bind iron and excrete it.


The aronia berry does not have any magical healing powers, but it does contain a lot of rich ingredients and vitamins that have a largely positive effect on your health.

There are numerous uses for the berry. You can eat it fresh or enjoy it as a processed product in the form of juice, jam or powder. Here you can choose according to your personal taste.

In addition, there are numerous other ways you can use the berry in cooking or baking. If you are unsure about the tart taste, there are tasting sizes that you can use to slowly get to know the berry.

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