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The arc lamp is a timeless furnishing classic that fits into any style and creates a cosy atmosphere. It is named after the curved frame that allows a cone of light to fall directly from above onto the desired spot, thus providing very soft and pleasant light.

But the choice of models and variations is huge. There is something for every taste and purpose. You can therefore get an overview in our large arc lamp guide. We have compiled everything you need to know about arc lamps. What types there are, where the advantages and disadvantages lie and what you should look out for.


  • Arched lamps are characterised by their curved frame. The lampshade is mounted at the end of the frame and emits soft light.
  • Arc lamps can illuminate specific areas of a room locally. In this way, they create a cosy and homely atmosphere.
  • Arched lamps are ideal for creating a pleasant reading or working light that comes directly from above and does not cast shadows.

The Best Arc Lamp: Our Picks

Arc lamps: buying and rating criteria

The choice of arc lamps is almost endless and the range is huge. Before you buy an arc lamp, you should think about some important criteria. To help you keep an overview and find the perfect arc lamp for your home, we have summarised the most important evaluation criteria here.

Functional area

Arched lamps can be intended for different positions in your home. Before you buy an arc lamp, you should be clear about where exactly you want it to stand.

Where your lamp should be placed determines which one you need.

If you want to set up a cosy reading corner on the sofa, the lamp should emit just enough light to illuminate the seating area. If you want your arc lamp to illuminate an entire room, it should have a correspondingly large shade and great luminosity.

If, however, you only want to illuminate your desk, a table lamp with a relatively small beam is sufficient.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is measured in energy efficiency classes. These classes range from E (very bad for the environment) to A++ (very good for the environment).

Basically, the higher the energy efficiency, the more energy-efficient the lamp.

The higher the energy efficiency class, the less electricity the lamp consumes, the better it is for the environment. And of course, lower power consumption is also better for your electricity bill.


Arc lamps can be equipped with some extras. A dimmer is particularly useful. It allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your mood and situation.

Dimmer, foot switch and height variation make life easier.

The switch is also an important factor. Arc lamps can be operated either with a toggle switch or a foot switch. Your personal preference is decisive here. However, it is important that the switch is easily accessible and easy to operate.

Some models are even height-adjustable and can always be adjusted to the level of light needed.

Arc lamps: frequently asked questions and answers

Arc lamps are very popular furnishing items and the selection is correspondingly large. So that you can find your way through the forest of offers and know your way around better, we have summarised the most important questions and answers on the subject of arc lamps.

What is an arc lamp?

The curved frame of the arc lamp gives it its name.

An arc lamp always has a base, a lampshade and a long frame that runs in an arc. The frame is flexible and can be aligned as desired.


An arc lamp illuminates locally from above, so there are no annoying shadows. LED light bulbs even save electricity. (Image source: Unsplash / NeONBRAND)

Arched lamps are popular interior design classics that can be integrated into just about any style of furnishing, because they come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, colours and styles. So they fit in the country house kitchen just as well as in the modern loft flat.

An arc lamp can be placed and adjusted as desired, so that it illuminates a special place or a larger area. Its light comes directly from above and therefore does not cast any shadows. Because the light is warm and pleasant, arc lamps can create a cosy and calm atmosphere, especially in the evening.

What types of arc lamps are there?

First of all, arc lamps can look very different. They can be very high or very small. They can be modern, classic, playful, clean or extravagant. They are made of wood, stainless steel or plastic. The colours range from discreet, single-coloured, gold or silver to colourful and themed. The variety is limitless; what they all have in common is the curved frame.

However, two basic types of arc lamps can be distinguished: Floor lamps and table lamps.

Type Description Advantages Disadvantages
Floor lamp A floor lamp stands on the floor with its large base. It can vary in height and shape and can be placed where desired Illuminating seating areas and larger spaces, Cosy atmosphere for relaxing, High stability More expensive
Table lamp Table lamps can be placed at a workstation or on the nightstand to provide local light Cheaper purchase, Local illumination, Bright light Smaller circle of light, Less stable

So which type is suitable for you depends on where you want to place your arc lamp and what purpose you want it to serve.

For which areas is an arc lamp suitable?

An arc lamp can provide a lot of cosiness with its warm, rather local light. It can be placed wherever a certain place needs to be staged and illuminated.

Arc lamps are placed where cosiness is to be created.

You can place them in the corner of your sofa, next to your reading chair, at the dining table, your desk or next to your bed. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Arc lamps are even suitable for outdoor use. They can be placed next to garden furniture or on the balcony. However, you should make sure that your desired model is explicitly marked for outdoor use.

What does an arc lamp cost?

Arc lamps can vary greatly depending on size, manufacturer, energy efficiency class and appearance. We have compiled the prices you can roughly expect here:

Type Price
Floor lamp 50 to 400 euros
Table lamp 30 to 150 euros

What alternatives are there to an arc lamp?

Besides the arc lamp with its curved frame, there are other classic floor lamps that can be an alternative:

  • Classic floor lamp: A classic floor lamp has a straight base on which the lampshade is mounted. It creates an island of light that can be very cosy and homely. However, it is not flexible and can be directed as desired. It mainly shines on the floor.
  • Ceiling floodlight: A ceiling floodlight also has a straight frame, but the lampshade is open at the top and casts its light onto the ceiling. This creates pleasant, indirect lighting. Ceiling washlights can provide cosiness and ambience, but they are not flexibly adjustable and do not provide cosy, local reading light.

How do I dispose of an arc lamp?

If your arc lamp is no longer functional, you should dispose of it. Bulky waste is a good place for this. You can either arrange a collection appointment or drive directly to the recycling centre and dispose of the lamp there.


An arc lamp can also create a feel-good atmosphere at the workplace. Thanks to its practical size, it can even be easily moved and placed in many places. (Image source: Unsplash / Justin Kaufmann)

If you want to buy a new arc lamp in a shop, the dealer can also take your old lamp and dispose of it.


An arc lamp always fits. No matter how your flat is furnished or where the lamp is placed, an arc lamp brings cosiness and creates a feel-good atmosphere in which you can relax or work more productively.

If you pay attention to some criteria and think about where your arc lamp should be placed and what purpose it should serve, you can enhance your interior and improve your mood with an arc lamp.

Photo source: Oleksiy Boyko / 123rf