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Gone are the days when anal sex was taboo. Today it is already known that the anus is a point of the body full of nerve endings capable of generating much pleasure and can be stimulated in men and women, alone or during sexual activity. One of the erotic toys used for this is the anal plug.

Come with us to learn how to use this accessory and leave your relationship with two even more intense!

The most important facts

  • The anal plug is an erotic toy that can be used by anyone. It is suitable for masturbation, foreplay or couple relationships. In other words, an accessory to spice up any pleasurable activity.
  • The anus is an erogenous point with thousands of nerve endings, being one of the areas of the body that offer more pleasure.
  • It is formed by a base, body and neck. It is important that the base facilitates its placement and removal.

The Best Anal Plug: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about anal plugs

The anal plug is the perfect toy to spice up your relationship, as the anus is full of nerve endings. It is a versatile accessory that can be used by both men and women. But before you go out buying any, we prepared this article for you to choose the ideal model and use the plug safely.

Come with us to clear all your doubts about this erotic toy small in size and giant in pleasure.

Mulher segurando plug anal com cara de surpresa

The anal plug is a small and discreet accessory (Source: Mikhail Reshetnikov /

What are the parts of an anal plug?

Some erotic toys are quite similar. It is often difficult to recognize them in the midst of so many options and offers. But the anal plug has its own characteristics that can be observed for differentiation.

You can find plugs of different sizes, shapes, materials and styles, but it should consist of base, neck and body.

  1. Base: This is the part that gives support for the plug to remain inside the anus. It is the base that allows the removal of the toy, being an essential factor for safety.
  2. Neck: Thinner than the other parts, it is in the neck of the plug that the muscles of the anus will contract.
  3. Body: It may have different shapes, but almost always tapers from the bulb (near the neck) to the end of the tip, so it is easier to insert it. This is the part responsible for the anal stimulation, bringing pleasure.

Now that you already know the structure of the anal plug, know what it can do:

  • Can be used to stimulate the prostate
  • Brings more pleasure in the sexual act
  • Offers new possibilities and fantasies for the couple in the relationship
  • Serves for mastrubation
  • Great for beginners to get used to anal penetration
  • Can cause discomfort
  • Needs sanitization

How to use the anal plug?

Before you go out using the anal plug in any way, we want to give you all the tips you need to do it safely and maximize pleasure with this accessory.

It can be used for foreplay, making the couple even more excited. Still, some people prefer to use it for double penetration, that is, insert it in the anus during vaginal penetration.

And of course, it can also be used alone during masturbation. Whatever your choice, take these precautions:

  • It is worth starting by remembering that the toy needs to be sanitized. Always leave it clean after use. A good tip is to use a condom on the accessory.
  • To insert, you must use lubricant both in the plug and in the anus. This way, it slides more easily, reducing the initial discomfort.
  • The position of four, which leaves the anus more open, facilitates the insertion of the toy.
  • To avoid a tense moment, stimulate other areas of the body while placing the anal plug slowly and gently into the anus. Start at the tip and insert it little by little. If you feel no pain, continue until you feel that your anus has hugged the neck of the plug.
Extra tip: You can use lubricating gel that heats up and cools down to experience different sensations

Anal plug or anal dilator?

The anal dilator is actually a set of plugs of different sizes. The dilator kit may have three or more pieces, which gradually increase in size, possibly reaching a size bigger than the penis.

The objective is the same, to cause pleasure in this region of the body. The dilator is great to gradually accustom the anus to real penetration, starting with the smallest until you reach the maximum size, only taking care not to progress too fast.

Plug anais um ao lado do outro

The anal dilator is a kit composed of plugs of different sizes (Source: Dainis Graveris /

How to sanitise the anal plug?

If the anal plug does not have vibration, it is very easy to sanitise it. Simply wash it with mild soap and water, scrubbing well with your hands under running water after use. As most are metal or silicone, after cleaning just dry with a clean cloth and leave stored for next use.

An interesting tip to avoid getting the anal plug dirty is to use a condom on the toy, especially if it will be used by more than one person in the relationship. In this case, it is necessary to change the condom to each partner.

If the plug has vibration and make use of battery or battery, cleaning needs to be done carefully not to damage this function of the toy.

Did you know?

The prostate is a source of pleasure for men. It can be stimulated both from inside the anus and with touches between the anus and the testicles

Purchase criteria: What to take into account when comparing different types of anal plug

You already understand everything an anal plug can do for you and your relationship. Now, we want to bring you some final tips to help you choose the best model for you.


You may have noticed during your research that there are different types of anal plug. In fact, the types are a kind of ornament for different fetishes.

There are plugs that look like jewellery, imitating a diamond at the base part. So, when the plug is inserted, the gemstone is embedded in the entrance of the anus.

In other models, this part of the stone is replaced by an LED light, which can be changed colour during intercourse with the aid of a control. For sexual fantasies there is no limitation.

There is also a model that has a tail, imitating the tail of an animal, such as the cat or the fox. It is perfect to complement animal fantasy. This model usually has vibration.

Mulher de lingerie vermelha sobre homem

The type of anal plug can be chosen according to the couple’s fetish (Source: Dainis Graveris /


In relation to size, it is necessary to separate into two points: length and thickness. In general, the anal plug is divided into P, M and G. The size P is smaller and thinner, gradually increasing to the G, which is larger and thicker.

Be careful not to make a mistake with the image when buying online, always read the product description, where the measurements are stated. The small ones are ideal for beginners, the medium is for progressing the sensations, and the large is for those who are already very experienced.


Just like the size, the shape may vary. While some imitate a drop, other models have little balls of different sizes along the body of the plug.

They can be very round, straight or more curved, the latter being perfect for stimulating the prostate. Just make sure the product has a good base.


The most common models are made of metal or silicone, the two types give different sensations as well as advantages.

Silicone brings a touch more similar to the skin, being softer and more flexible. The metal one is colder, however, it can be easily washed.

Check if the product has good quality. One way to do this is by reading the reviews on sales websites.


The anal plug is one of those small erotic toys, but that require intimacy and breaking some taboos for its use. It is the perfect accessory to increase pleasure in the relationship, since it must be introduced in the anus, an erogenous point with thousands of nerve endings.

We hope we have cleared up your doubts. And if you are ashamed to buy an erotic toy because of the building’s doorman, remember that a common practice is the disguised packaging, which does not indicate what the product is about. Leave the taboo aside and go be happy!

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