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Technology today has become part of the routine, and there are certain elements that have become indispensable for work or living together in the current era. The mobile phone is one of them, and because of this, there are several brands, such as Alcatel, that have come up with innovative proposals. Learn more in this article.

Phones, nowadays, are a tool that works more than just for calling or messaging, and the more time goes by, the better qualities are obtained in them, from the camera to an endless number of applications. Alcatel is one of the brands that is currently showing the best in this niche, so you should consider it among your options.

Chances are, if you don’t know about this brand, or the essential features that make a phone fully functional today, you may find yourself at a loss as to what to buy. If this is your case, you don’t have to worry too much, as through this article you will learn everything you need to know.


  • An Alcatel phone is, in short, a mobile phone manufactured by the French company Alcatel, currently manufactured in China. These mobiles are characterised by good resistance and durability, as well as powerful batteries. They are among the cheapest on the market with Android technology.
  • Within the current market there are several brands that offer products similar to the Alcatel. However, it is clear that there will always be differences that make the brand stand out, and with Alcatel, the highlights are their high resistance and durability.
  • Before you make your final decision, it is important that you take into account certain factors that work to compare one model with another, making the purchase selection process easier for the customer. Aspects such as battery, form factor, system and camera are very important.

The best Alcatel Phone: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about the Alcatel Phone

After getting to know the three best Alcatel phone models, you may have a clearer idea of what you need and want to buy, the qualities it has, and even the price. However, before you make your choice, it’s best to know certain terms about the product that we’ll teach you in the buying guide.

With the right Alcatel phone model, you will be able to keep in touch and entertained at all times. (Photo: Josep M? Suria /

What is the difference between Alcatel phones and other brands?

It is quite normal that, during the selection process, you will come across other phone brands, which are directly competing with Alcatel in the market. While all phones tend to offer broadly the same, there are factors that will always differentiate them, and that is the key to making a choice.

One of the characteristics that make this brand so acclaimed is the resistance of its mobiles, as they are more durable than other phones on the market, and even last longer in terms of falls. Another highlight is the price, which is extremely affordable compared to others.

Alcatel phone Generic phones
Drop resistance High Medium
Price Affordable compared to others Usually expensive.
Camera Good for its price, 13 mpx Depends on model
Screen resolution Full HD 1080 Some are HD
Battery saving Power saving and ultra-battery saving Power saving only

What are the pros and cons of Alcatel phones?

As a product, you may at this point in the article consider them to be perfect or something very similar, and in truth they are a very good option in the phone market. However, like any product, they have advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of, as it will give you more confidence in your purchase.

The quality of Alcatel phones is indisputable, and their price is also a very important aspect when buying them, as they are affordable for a very wide market. Their durability and resistance is excellent, but they have some elements that detract from their advantages over other brands.

  • They are drop resistant
  • They are very economical
  • They have compact designs
  • They are durable.
  • The system may be a little less comfortable than the more popular ones
  • It may be a little thick.

Fun Facts: what you didn’t know about Alcatel phones

In this section we will show you some interesting facts about Alcatel phones and the Alcatel brand, so that you can familiarise yourself with it before you consider making a purchase. This will give you more security and confidence when the time comes to purchase the equipment.

Where are Alcatel phones made?

The popular phone brand manufactures its phones in China, where it originates. From there it takes them to all parts of the world, especially Spain, where they tend to be very well marketed. Although there may be a certain stigma attached to the fact that they are manufactured there, the quality of the models is indisputable.

How long is the warranty on Alcatel phones?

As a brand, Alcatel offers a one-year warranty on its phones in any model, so if there is any manufacturing fault, it will be repaired within this time, which is considered prudent to evaluate the equipment. The brand is not liable for damage caused by misuse or unauthorised maintenance.

Did you know that although Alcatel is manufactured in China, it is French in origin? The company combined with TLC to create Alcatel as a mobile company in 2004

Purchasing Criteria

As a last section, it is good that, before you make the final decision, you know certain aspects that allow the comparison between several options of the same product and brand, so that you can choose the best one according to your main need. It is important that you always consider the main reason for the purchase, so that it is the right one.


The type of Alcatel phone format may vary according to your needs, and this may or may not be beneficial for the investment you have to make in the purchase of the equipment. For this reason it is very important that you take into account the main need that leads you to purchase such equipment.

SMS/Call format

This is the oldest type in the available Alcatel models. As the name says, it works only for sending messages and calling, so they are of basic use. They are very inexpensive, small and practical. If you are looking for a phone for these functions only, this is your best option.

Smartphone format

The newest and most modern form factor, currently used by the majority of Alcatel users. These phones have more functionalities than the basic ones, so they function as a work tool. If you need a multifunctional device, this is the right type for you.


In the Alcatel, the system that they have and manage is important, because depending on them there will be greater or lesser ease in working with certain functions and applications, because of this, before buying, you should ask what version of system handles the team.

  • Below Android 8: These are the older Android versions, the closer to Android 8 they are, the more new applications and updates they will receive. From 4.2 onwards you will receive basic apps, such as whatsapp, but bear in mind that you will have limitations in terms of the new functions they have. They tend to be cheaper.
  • Android Oreo 8.1: The newest and fastest version of Android, it can support current apps with their latest versions. It allows a fast and comfortable handling of the phone through the operating system and its interface. It is excellent if your work depends directly on this device, as it will give you the necessary speed for it.


The camera in the Alcatel is of a very good and interesting level, since, even with its low cost, it is still of very good quality and definition. It is true that it does not have a full professional quality, but for casual and everyday pictures, it has an excellent quality.

8 MXP camera

Medium resolution, not excellent quality, especially if you plan to print the photo. However, they are good for casual photos. If you are not looking for a professional camera in your device, but something ordinary, you can go for this option, as it will be cheaper.

16 MXP camera

This is Alcatel’s highest resolution so far. With good definition, you get high quality results from the phone, both front and back. They’re perfect if you want to achieve top-notch pictures with the device. The price is usually higher, but not an exaggerated investment.


It is important that you evaluate the battery

As a final point, it is important that you evaluate the battery, because depending on the power it has, it can be more or less durable. If you are not too concerned about the power of the phone, either because it has a powerbank or you will not use it too much, this point will be good for the price to be more economical.

  • 2,400 mAh battery: These are the shortest lasting batteries, at most half a day without too much use. They do not last very long if you use multiple applications, therefore, it is usually recommended to use the energy saving mode with them. These models are more economical. Perfect for infrequent use.
  • Up to 4,000 mAh battery: These are the highest capacity, and come in the newest models. They last up to a full day, so if you leave the house with 100% battery life, you won’t have to worry about low battery until you get home at the end of the day. It’s great for daily and frequent use.

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