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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil! Today’s subject is airsoft masks. Are you thinking about practicing this sport that simulates combat environments and can be a lot of fun? Then you need to have all the protective gear that it requires!

Airsoft is a game that simulates shooting and combat operations in a very realistic way. Teams are divided up and have different objectives. As in a military situation, there is a lot of shooting and strategies for victory. The bullets are not real, of course, but they can still hurt. That’s why you need a quality mask for protection. But how to choose it? We will answer all your questions so that you can make an excellent choice, both to ensure your safety, and within the strategy of the game!


  • Even though airsoft bullets are made of plastic, they can hurt sensitive areas like the face and eyes if protective gear is not properly worn.
  • Don’t skimp: make a good investment in a durable, resistant mask that can guarantee your safety and comfort during matches. Breathability is also an important factor.
  • Some masks can also be part of the tactics during the game, with camouflage properties. If that’s your idea, choose a model that has that aspect in addition to protection.

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Why is it necessary to wear a mask when practicing airsoft? How does it ensure your safety? And why, in some cases, is it used strategically? Don’t worry: in the next lines of this article, we will answer all your main doubts about the product!

Imagem mostra um homem praticando airsoft com uma máscara de proteção.

The use of protective mask is mandatory in the practice of airsoft (Source: Specna-Arms /

What is airsoft and why it requires the use of mask?

Airsoft uses replicas of pistols, machine guns, rifles and other military equipment (obviously without real ammunition) to simulate combat situations. The objective can be to eliminate rival team members, capture territory, or something else to be decided before the match.

Airsoft ammunition is made of plastic and does not have the power to penetrate the body (with some exceptions), but its blow can hurt. In sensitive areas of the body, such as the face and especially the eyes, it is possible to generate serious injuries if the appropriate protection is not used. We can illustrate this need in practice.

Therefore, it is mandatory to wear a mask. It can be only a half-face mask, requiring a separate goggle, or a full one, protecting even ears and neck. There is also the option of adding tactical and strategic functions to this equipment. In the table below, we compare the two types:

Half-face mask Full-face mask
Protection Protects only half of the face, requires purchase of a separate goggle Protects the entire face, often has built-in glasses
Strategy It is inferior to the strategy: does not make the face uniform It is almost always designed for uniform camouflage of the face
Comfort More comfortable, usually allows better breathing It may be more uncomfortable, especially for beginners

Is the mask just for protection or is it also strategic?

Many airsoft masks have the words “tactical” or “strategic” in their description. What exactly does this mean? Because it is a combat simulation, airsoft often uses scenarios that seek to increase realism. Among them, desert regions, open woods, mountainous areas or abandoned urban places.

Among the main advantages that a player can have in such scenarios is the ability to camouflage. And the mask, when the colour of the environment or when easy to disguise, helps a lot in this mission. Knowing well what the combat scenario will be and adjusting your clothes to it can give you a good advantage in the practice of airsoft. It’s not something as necessary as protection, but it helps with the fun and competitiveness factor!

Did you know that airsoft took a long time to arrive in Brazil? Our legislation made it very difficult to practice this sport by prohibiting the trade and transport of objects that resemble firearms. It was only in 2010 that regularization made the practice easier: airsoft guns had to have their tips painted orange or red. Thus, the sport has spread and is increasingly becoming a fever in the country.

What are the differences between airsoft and paintball?

Before airsoft, paintball, another sport that simulates combat by shooting, was popular in Brazil. However, although they start from similar concepts, the two are quite different. To begin with, airsoft is much more realistic. Its combat formula is more reminiscent of real military operations, the shots make noises close to real ones and have longer ranges, and the scenarios are much better prepared.

Paintball is usually played in places designed for it, such as rented arenas. The objective is simply to eliminate the members of the rival team and the gun leaves ink stains, hence its name. We can define airsoft as being much more complex and elaborate, therefore, for those who are really interested in combat simulation. To have fun without compromise, it is better to choose paintball. See in the table the comparison between the two modalities:

Airsoft Paintball
Ammunition Plastic balls, without paint. It is necessary that the practitioner is honest and tells that he was hit Colored paintballs that mark the clothes of those hit
Realism Much more realistic: military simulation with many aspects that resemble real battle Simpler: just a quest to eliminate the opposing team
Indications People who seek a great game of military simulation People who want to have fun with friends in a game that involves shooting

Purchase criteria: what to take into account when choosing an airsoft mask

Now that you have a good idea of what your ideal airsoft mask looks like, we have a few more criteria you need to take into consideration before purchase:

Below, we talk a little about each of the items.


The airsoft mask needs to be well attached to your head. Besides having the ideal size, the regulation also plays an important role in this protection. Wide spaces or unprotected areas can cause accidents. Check how the regulation of the chosen model is made. Some have buckles, others buttons. The important thing is that it doesn’t come loose easily. It is ideal that you don’t even remember the existence of the adjustment during the airsoft game.

Imagem mostra uma série de equipamentos de airsoft sobre uma mesa.

Airsoft equipment can be camouflaged easily. (Source: Daniel 6D/


There’s no escaping it: your nose will be covered by the airsoft mask. Therefore, it needs to have good breathability, allowing the airflow to be continuous and breathing to be done in a natural, almost unnoticeable way. Almost all masks put in their description details about the breathability. Ideally, you should be able to try them on and see how comfortable you feel with each one, but if that’s not possible, check if the brand values this aspect of their product!


We’ve already talked about possibly opting for a mask that helps camouflage and strategy from its design. This is a good option to choose and will be an additional in your game tactics. However, it is not the only one. Many brands invest in their masks without tactical option to make them beautiful and attractive. They may have skull shapes, military shapes or other designs. Do you want to send a message with your face protection? Then pay attention to the design!


The airsoft mask serves to protect your face and eyes from possible injuries. That is why you cannot choose just any material. You have to pay attention to the resistance and the waterproofness of the composition of your protective equipment. Some great options are the metal grid, which will protect the nose and mouth area, the internal foam, which will reduce impacts, and very resistant plastic for the eye area. The fabric can be neoprene, widely used in diving suits, comfortable and anatomic.

(Source of the highlighted image: Specna-Arms/