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Today we are going to talk about a piece of equipment that can revolutionize your cardiovascular workouts or be a great option in your gym: The airbike! Increasingly present in the fitness world, it brings incredible benefits to everyone who uses it frequently!

We can say that the airbike is an evolution of the exercise bike, since it provides much more complete workouts. But, after all, what are the advantages it offers? And how do you choose the perfect model for your home or gym? We will talk about all these subjects in the following lines!

The most important facts

  • Having an airbike is an excellent option for those who wish to exercise indoors. It allows the whole body Summaryto be moved simultaneously.
  • In addition to cardiorespiratory benefits, with the airbike it is also possible to train specific parts of the body, burn calories, gain speed and explosion.
  • For the perfect use of an airbike, you may need the help of a professional capable of making the correct adjustments and defining the ideal exercise programme.

The best Airbike: Our Picks

Buying guide

The buying guide is the main section of our article: In it, we offer answers to the most common questions from the public about the airbike.

Stay with us to learn about the advantages of this equipment, differentiate it from others, know the best way to use it and much more!

Imagem mostra uma mulher se exercitando em uma airbike.

The airbike is excellent for several types of exercises. (Source: ammentorp/

What is an airbike and what is it used for?

Cardiovascular workouts are very popular within gyms. As the name implies, they have as main benefits the improvements that lead to respiratory and vascular systems, and usually use equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills.

The airbike is a piece of equipment which helps to take cardiovascular training to another level. It allows you to work arms and legs alone, or the whole body at the same time, with variations in intensity and speed, and the effort can be controlled according to the practitioner’s needs.

Whether in gyms or for personal use, the airbike is a great option for cardiorespiratory and vascular improvement. Most models are very similar to an exercise bike, including the information provided on the monitor, but they have more functions and possibilities.

Did you know that crossfit is one of the great responsible for the popularisation of the airbike? Known for its intense workouts, this style of exercise sought equipment that allowed for wider and more powerful movements.

Thus, crossfit replaced the exercise bike with the airbike, a movement that is increasingly seen in regular gyms as well!

What are the advantages of an airbike?

When we see an airbike, we notice that it allows exercises to be done with the arms. We see its differential right away: the possibility of moving all parts of the body at once, generating immediate results that are not just in one place.

However, the main advantage of the airbike is its technology: The more intense the rhythm imposed by the user, whether with the legs or arms, the more resistance the equipment imposes. This makes the challenge always increase and the exercise never becomes easy or trivial.

The airbike allows trainers or users to choose different types of exercises, each time focusing on a muscle or a part of the body. It is not a repetitive piece of equipment, nor does it restrict training options.

It is compact, fits inside the house and allows a wide range of exercises and benefits. The only negative point is the price, which is a bit too high.

See the table below for the main advantages and disadvantages of airbike:

  • Allows exercises for the whole body
  • Increases the intensity according to the user
  • There are several possibilities of workouts with only one piece of equipment
  • Compact: Fits even in a flat
  • Price is usually quite high

What are the greatest benefits of an airbike for the body?

We have spoken a lot about the benefits that exercises done with an airbike can bring, but we have not yet given more practical demonstrations of this. It is time to list the systems, characteristics and parts of the body that are most benefited by this equipment!

  • Respiratory and vascular system: The body’s capacity for breathing and oxygenation, as well as blood circulation, are among the main benefits of an airbike. Frequent workouts lead to a constant feeling of well-being and greater longevity.
  • Slimming down: To lose weight using an airbike, you need to focus on constant training of moderate intensity. Together with a good diet, the results in burning calories should bring great results.
  • Defining muscle groups: The airbike allows legs, arms, back or chest to be trained in isolation. With good sequences, it is possible to gain muscular mass and resistance in these regions, eliminating fat and generating good results both for aesthetics and quality of life.
  • Speed and explosion: Constant training with great resistance on the airbike makes the user’s speed and explosion increase a lot over time, which can be ideal when practicing certain sports.

Airbike or exercise bike?

The physical difference between an airbike and a stationary bike is quite clear: the former also has handles that allow the arms to move along with the traditional “pedaling” movement. This also leads to differences in the exercises.

A stationary bike is already a very efficient piece of equipment for cardiovascular training, since it allows an intense movement and several effort adjustments. What changes is precisely the fact that the airbike is more complete, working more parts of the body.

In case you want to do simple exercises indoors, just to keep active, spending less and getting an exercise bike may be a good idea. However, for those who want more possibilities and more complex workouts, the airbike is the best option.

Gyms, without a doubt, should offer both options, thus allowing a wider range of equipment for users.

We compare the two devices in a small table:

Airbike Exercise bike
Exercises allowed Cardiovascular, legs, arms, back, chest Cardiovascular, legs
Own characteristics Allows a wide range of exercises, technology increases resistance according to the user Serves as traditional and effective cardiovascular training equipment
Price High Affordable

How to use an airbike in the best possible way?

You can choose between many possible exercises on an airbike: pedalling in a simple way, like on an exercise bike, moving only the arms, doing “rowing” movements, opting for a more complete sequence capable of having effects on the whole body, among others.

You should always know your main objective with the airbike

To know which is the most recommended sequence, you must know your objectives well: Improve vascular capacity? To define specific parts of the body? To lose weight? Gain speed? Knowing this answer, you will be able to take advantage of everything that airbike offers.

The best way is to have access to a personal trainer, capable of putting together exercises that suit your needs. This can be done in a gym, via the internet or even with specific apps.

There are still some important adjustments that need to be made, such as the height and distance of the bench, besides the alignment of the knee. To help you with this, we’ve selected a video from the Crossfit City Wolves channel:

Purchase criteria: What to pay attention to when buying an airbike

We have brought above the advantages, benefits and differentials of the airbike. If you are convinced to buy one, you now need to know how to differentiate models. What are the most important technical features for your choice? We have selected four!

Below, you can learn a little more about each of them!

Training programmes

Technology is a big highlight of airbikes. They have very good panels, often in LCD, capable of showing important features and information, as well as allowing different training programmes to be included.

The workout programs can be set on the monitor and show different types of exercises, time counting, calorie counting and other valuable information. So you have a real accessory on the dashboard that helps you during your workouts.

Comparing what the airbike models offer in terms of training programmes can help you a lot to choose the best model!

Imagem mostra um homem pedalando em uma airbike.

Airbikes offer training programmes with various functionalities. (Source: Aleksey Satyrenko/

Possible adjustments

We mentioned earlier that you need to make correct adjustments to your airbike to get the most out of it: Issues such as seat height and distance between seat and pedals are quite important.

Height, tilt and distance adjustments are important on an airbike

If you want to get the most comfort and efficiency out of your airbike, you need a model that offers various height, tilt, distance and pressure adjustments. The more you can tinker, the more you can put the equipment at your disposal.

We can also mention some ergonomic adjustments that may be desired by some people, such as flexible handlebars and foot straps. If these are essential for you, look for models that offer them!

Display functions

On equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills and, of course, airbikes, the display is one of the user’s best friends. It displays a lot of important information that allows you to understand the real efficiency of your workouts.

Look for airbike models that are capable of reading a satisfactory amount of information. A good differential is the pulse rate, which requires a special accessory, but helps in the understanding of cardiovascular activities.


Investing in an airbike means allocating a significant amount of money to your body. And you certainly want to make good use of it, with a durable, resistant piece of equipment which will allow you to exercise for many years.

Check out what the airbike is made of: Carbon steel for the body, chrome-molybdenum for the pedals and quality foam for the seat are the best choices. Also demand quality paint and finish, preferably with anti-oxidation features.

(Featured image source: Olena Kachmar/