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The need to shave often means that your skin ends up irritated or with small cuts that can cause discomfort and burning. For this, there is aftershave, a product that will help you after shaving, so we will explain it to you throughout this article.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of brands and presentations of this product, as well as the ingredients with which it is commonly manufactured. Knowing about aftershave in depth will make it much easier to know the benefits that this complement can provide you when shaving, as well as keeping your skin in perfect condition.

There are both balm and lotion aftershaves on the market and each one has remarkable characteristics that offer your skin unique results. In addition, they come in different presentations and are easy to use. Therefore, we will focus on their meaning, purchasing factors, where to get them and their value. We hope you find it useful.


  • An aftershave is made in both balm and lotion presentations, its composition is alcohol, water, different fragrances and moisturisers. It is intended to complement your daily cleansing after shaving. It is often used by men, although sometimes it is also used by women.
  • The most commonly used product types are both lotion and balm, and each one offers your skin results that exceed your expectations, making them distinct from one another. On the other hand, they are used according to the type of sensitivity you have in your skin, so it is essential to know their composition.
  • The purchasing factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying aftershave are: ingredients, skin type and fragrance. Finding the right one for you will ensure you have healthy skin free from irritation and at the same time give you a perfect shave.

The Best After Shave: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you are one of those who researches a product before purchasing it, as well as caring about your personal care, then an aftershave should always be among your facial cleansing accessories. An aftershave should always be among your facial cleansing accessories, as it will help keep your skin free from burning, irritation and discomfort after shaving. In this section you will learn more about this product.

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What is an aftershave and what are its advantages?

An aftershave is made of alcohol, water, different fragrances and moisturisers, and can be found in both lotion and balm form. It is intended to complement your daily cleansing after shaving, minimising burning and irritation. It is often used by men, although it is sometimes used by women as well.

Nowadays the availability of different aftershaves is so vast that there is the ideal one for your skin type. What is really important is to analyse the ingredients as well as the presentation to get the most benefit possible, especially for those who have to shave daily.

  • Feels fresh
  • Provides softness to the skin
  • Minimises burning and irritation caused by shaving
  • Combats dryness in the beard and moustache area.
  • Most products contain alcohol
  • Some presentations are expensive
  • The first contact with the skin can cause burning and redness.

Aftershave balm or lotion – what to look out for?

The challenge you usually face when buying a product is to find the one that suits your needs, in this case the frequency of use and the type of skin you have. So consider that depending on the aftershave you choose, it’s the improvement you’ll see after each shave.

Aftershave balm. It is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, menthol, natural moisturisers. Generally contains soothing and anti-inflammatory effects in low doses, giving a very distinctive thickness and colour to this product. It is ideal for daily shavers with thick beards and sensitive skin.

It has great penetration into the layers of the skin, leaving a refreshing and moisturising effect where it is applied. As a balm, it maintains the moisturising effect, minimising burning and inflammation for up to 8 hours. In addition, it helps hair grow properly without burying them in the beard and neck area.

Aftershave lotion. The predominant ingredients in this formulation are alcohol, water, fragrances and moisturisers. When applied, it stings because of the ethanol content in this type of aftershave. It is highly recommended for those with little beard, thin beard and normal skin.

The freshness and moisturisation is only noticeable at the moment of application up to 30 minutes after skin contact at the latest. However, the healing capacity is highly effective, eliminating up to 95% of the irritation and burning sensation caused by shaving, as well as obtaining pleasant fragrances.

In balm In lotion.
Physical state Thick and gel-like Liquid.
Product impact Up to 8 hours after application Up to 30 minutes after skin contact.
Usage For daily shaving, people with thick beard and sensitive skin Thin beard and normal or oily skin.
Effects Soothing and anti-inflammatory Moisturising and cooling.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different aftershave models

If we focus for a moment on the most important factors that make you choose a particular aftershave, you need to objectively evaluate and analyse the product to find the perfect one for you. Thinking at all times about how often you shave and your skin type.

  • Ingredients
  • Skin type
  • Fragrance


For this type of product there are so many ingredients used in its manufacture, so we will focus on the 4 most common and most impactful at the time of application. Therefore, we explain each one below.

Menthol. It is an ingredient that has the objective of providing a prolonged sensation of freshness after its application. We recommend it if you have sensitive skin or if you are constantly irritated.

Aloe Vera. It has the property of quickly regenerating the skin after shaving, as well as providing a pleasant scent when applied. If you commonly use the balm, we recommend aloe vera.

Alcohol. It has the advantage of healing and curing small injuries caused by the razor, as well as preventing infections. If your skin type makes you cut easily, we recommend aftershave lotion.

Moisturisers. Regardless of your skin type, including a moisturiser counteracts dry skin. If your skin is extremely dry after shaving, we recommend aftershave balm.

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Skin type

For this type of product, skin is a criterion you must take into account, so it is segmented into 3 different categories. Each one requires an aftershave with certain characteristics. Therefore, we mention each one below.

Dry skin. This skin type requires high moisturisation, as well as being able to minimise the effects of shaving. If you have dry skin, we recommend an aftershave balm with a menthol fragrance.

Combination skin. This is the most common and generally doesn’t require a complex treatment, but if you have this skin type and a thin beard, we recommend an aftershave lotion after your shave

Oily skin. The aim is to be able to give your face an aftershave with quick absorption and minimal moisturisation. If this is your case, a lotion aftershave with a neutral fragrance is ideal for you.


There are two scents that aftershave lovers generally look for, and each offers unique characteristics to your skin. Even though it’s just a scent, it can help your skin regenerate faster and more effectively.

Menthol. This is the most commonly used, as it is pleasant to smell and maintains freshness on contact with the skin. If you have rough, dry skin, a menthol aftershave balm is the one for you, and it tightens pores faster.

Lavender. A fragrance that appeals to all audiences, offering a sense of neatness and cleanliness. Helps keep your skin free of excess oil. If you have oily skin, we recommend a lavender-scented aftershave lotion.

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