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The subject of today’s article is the adult tricycle, an object that can have excellent functions both for urban mobility, and for those who still want to learn to ride a bike after childhood or just to exercise.

Do you want to know why having an adult tricycle would bring advantages to your life? If it is what you need? Or understand how to choose the ideal model, whether electric or kinetic? Then stay with us in the next few lines and learn everything you need to make the best possible purchase!


  • A tricycle can help a lot to get around the city, besides involving good physical exercise for the whole body.
  • Most tricycles have accessories such as baskets and small bins, ideal for carrying groceries and keeping the city clean.
  • Those who have locomotion difficulties or cannot pedal can opt for electric tricycles, excellent for people with reduced mobility.

The Best Adult Tricycle: Our Picks

Buying Guide

We imagine you’ve arrived at this article with a question hammering in your head: “Is it worth having an adult tricycle”?

Then get ready: You won’t finish our buying guide without knowing the answer!

Imagem mostra um homem pedalando um triciclo em uma rua.

Shopping and deliveries are made easier by the tricycles’ space. (Source: Elena Glushchenko/

Why buy an adult tricycle?

There are many possible reasons for buying an adult tricycle. It is an efficient and safe means of transport, capable of helping a lot in urban mobility. Easier to pedal than a bicycle, it also has a larger footprint and makes it easier to transport items or groceries.

However, it can also serve as a gateway for those who wish to learn how to ride a bicycle. Many of us did not manage to overcome such a challenge in childhood. Because it has two rear wheels, the tricycle does not require balance, making the only concern the pedaling.

Riding a tricycle is also a great physical exercise, helps those who work with transportation in cities and can be a simple leisure option. For people with reduced mobility, there is the option of electric models, which do not require the pedaling movement.

So, regardless of where you fit in, you can find a reason to buy an adult tricycle!

Did you know that the first tricycles were adaptations of carriages? Pulled by horses, they inaugurated the system of three wheels, one front wheel and two rear wheels. Such format was a success and started to be used in other means of transport!

What are the benefits of using an adult tricycle?

All tricycle models that use pedalling as a movement system are an excellent physical exercise. Just as with bicycles, the whole body is demanded during a ride, only on a smaller scale. For this reason, they can be ideal for those who are just starting to exercise.

Still in comparison with bicycles, tricycles have more space, which allows a larger quantity of things being transported. You can go to and from the supermarket without worrying if you will be able to carry all the groceries, for example.

The ease of movement, however, may be the biggest advantage: Almost anyone can use a tricycle because the effort required is lower and does not require balance. Thus, it is the easiest option for urban mobility.

And those who have more problems moving can still opt for an electric model!

The high price compared to a bicycle and the similarity of functions are the main disadvantages of a tricycle. But you can check all this out in the table below:

  • Great option for urban mobility
  • Very effective as a physical exercise
  • Has a higher transport capacity than the bicycle
  • Does not require balance to pedal
  • Serves as a commuting option for almost everyone
  • Prices are quite high
  • Can be redundant for those who already use a bicycle

In which situations can an adult tricycle be used?

But after all, in which situations can an adult tricycle be the best option? We have prepared a short list!

  • Who wants to learn how to ride a bicycle: Although it works similarly to a bicycle, the tricycle is easier to pedal because it does not require balance. Thus, it can be great for those without experience or confidence to ride on two wheels.
  • Those who want smooth urban mobility: This ease of use is also great for those who just want a simple way to get around within the city, shop, solve everyday problems and visit friends.
  • Physical exercise: The tricycle does not provide as complex an exercise as the bicycle, but it is already quite effective. Especially for those who are not used to exercising.
  • Delivery service workers: Because it’s less tiring than a bicycle and cheaper than a motorbike, the tricycle is a great option for those who work with delivery services. In addition, it has excellent space for cargo.

Manual or electric tricycle?

Regular tricycles, with pedals, are the most common on the market. They are excellent for all the options we mentioned above. However, you can also choose an electric model.

The electric tricycle is a great choice for people with great mobility difficulties. If pedalling is difficult or the energy required to move a model with pedals is lacking, why not let the transportation happen by electricity?

Obviously, the electric tricycle is more expensive and requires more care than a common model, such as constant recharging. But we are talking about a means of transport for a specific niche of people.

It is worth remembering that there are also electric tricycles that combine electricity with the power of pedaling for a better displacement, but they are a very specific choice.

We have put together a table that compares the two types of tricycles for adults:

Adult tricycle with pedals Adult electric tricycle
Way of locomotion Through pedaling Through electricity
Advantages Serves as physical exercise, is affordable Helps those with reduced mobility to get around
Recommended for Those who want comfort when moving around in the city, but still want to exercise Those who have difficulty moving, who just want to get around without any effort
Price Higher than a simple bicycle Much higher than an adult tricycle with pedals

Is it safe to use a tricycle for adults?

Using a tricycle is safer than using a bicycle because it does not require balance. The extra wheel ensures greater stability, allowing for greater peace of mind, especially for those who do not feel safe on a smaller means of transport.

Follow the same safety rules that apply to a bicycle with a tricycle.

Of course, you should not disregard the safety rules common to a bicycle: wear a helmet and, if possible, clothes in more eye-catching colours, able to highlight your presence. Other equipment such as knee and ankle pads should also accompany you frequently.

Also remember that tricycles do not belong in the middle of the street: whenever there is one, use the cycle lane. Respect the same rules that apply to bicycles, especially if you are on a non-motorised vehicle.

If all these guidelines are followed, riding a tricycle can be a lot easier!

Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing an adult tricycle

Decided to buy an adult tricycle? It’s time, then, to find the ideal model! We have selected four technical criteria that can help you a lot:

Below, we talk more about each one!


When buying a tricycle or bicycle, you will usually see some specifications about wheels. The main one is about the rim, which is the total diameter with tyre.

Rim variations on bicycles are larger than on tricycles. This is because the bigger and wider the wheels are, the better the wheels are for hilly or mountainous terrain. As tricycles are used more in urban terrain, the number is almost always the same.

Eventually, wheels may have some special features, such as traction system that facilitates the pedaling movement. This can be a good differential of some models.

Imagem mostra um triciclo com banco e cobertura.

Tricycles help a lot in urban mobility. (Source: ObeyGravity/

Colour and design

There is no getting away from wanting a mode of transport that has your face on it. Most people look for tricycles with colours that are their favourite, nice and pleasing designs and with customisations that make them more attractive.

There are good options for those who prefer both discreet and flashy models

Fortunately, the supply of tricycles is satisfactory. You will find them in many colours, with logos designed in different ways and even with unique stylisations on the accessories. Whether your preference is for something more flashy or discreet, you won’t have a problem.

You might just want a cheap model and not care about the design, but otherwise you can have a good time having fun with your choice!

Extra Accessories

For those who use the tricycle not only for rides, but also for shopping or even as a profession, it is important to have good accessories. The rear basket is the most important: Check the figures well about size and capacity.

Many models also have a bin on the front, ideal for keeping the city clean. If you are interested, you can look for tricycles with lights, increasing the night safety, or accessories like padlocks and trunks.

Weight supported

Another important question for who uses the tricycle for shopping or deliveries is the maximum weight supported. Check the model you choose is capable of carrying everything you need without any problems!

If you carry a load that, together with its weight, is greater than the specified value, it can cause serious damage to the vehicle. It is important to pay attention to this before the purchase to increase the durability of the tricycle.

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