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Among the different types of training benches, the adjustable weight bench is the all-rounder. With it you can train very versatile and optimise your strength training. Whether you already have dumbbells or want to set up a completely new one, the adjustable weight bench meets your needs.

With our adjustable weight bench test 2023 we want to give you comprehensive advice so that you know exactly what is important when buying. That’s why we have selected the best adjustable weight benches and compared them with each other. In addition, we have worked out the advantages and disadvantages for you so that your decision is easier.


  • The adjustable weight bench convinces with its versatile training possibilities. Especially the many adjustment possibilities allow for an efficient and extensive workout.
  • Adjustable means that you can adjust both the back and the sitting position to your needs. This is advantageous to make the best out of your strength training.
  • Another advantage is the easy assembly and space-saving design. With the right dimensions and durable material, you have a stable piece of fitness equipment for your home. Therefore, we recommend that you always consider this point when making your decision.

The best Adjustable Weight Bench: Our Picks

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Adjustable Weight Benches

When looking for the ideal adjustable weight bench, you will come across many different products in your search. To help you find what you are looking for, we will advise you and answer your questions.

For this reason, we have compiled the most important purchase and evaluation criteria for you. In summary, these are:

Now we will go into the points individually. Here you will find the most common topics of interest to customers.


Buying an adjustable multifunctional weight bench is a long-term investment. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you need an adjustable weight bench for.

This also depends on whether you already have dumbbells or are planning to buy new equipment. The adjustable weight bench is primarily designed for a workout with dumbbells.

An adjustable weight bench can be used as a classic flat bench. In addition, you can adjust the back and seat positions to suit your upper body workout.

Whether as an incline bench or negative bench, everything is possible. A varied workout helps you build muscles. Which dumbbells or weight plates are suitable?

If you train in your living room and do not have a suitable surface, then it is better to train with weight plates made of rubber or plastic. However, if you have a suitable and non-slip surface for your weight bench, you can also use weight plates made of chrome or cast iron.

Material and workmanship

The impression is also important, i.e. does the adjustable weight bench make a stable impression? The weight of the weight bench plays an important role because the heavier it is, the more stable it is.

In addition, pay attention to the legs of the weight bench. Check them for stability and slip resistance. If it does wobble, carefully tighten all the screws or contact the manufacturer.

Check the padding and foam covers more carefully as they wear out much faster than the frame itself. Does the stitching look durable? Are the foam covers easy to fit and non-slip?

Can you lie comfortably on the weight bench for an extended period of time during your workout? To ensure durability, we recommend that you look into possible care products and cleaning options.

Sweat should never be absorbed by the upholstery. The padding should be breathable and ideally sweat-resistant.


Make sure that the size or length of the backrest corresponds to the manufacturer’s specifications. Try out the bench and you will quickly see if it is too small or too narrow.

This is important because you want to work properly during strength training. This is only possible if the dimensions are correct for your physique. An adjustable weight bench makes this possible.

In addition, the right dimensions are also important for setting up your home gym efficiently and in a space-saving way. This helps you to purchase the essential training equipment and avoid overcrowding.

This also minimises the risk of tripping, for example. Therefore, take enough time to measure your room and the fitness equipment.


The assembly gives you a lot of information about the material and the workmanship. Here you will quickly notice whether it is a high-quality product or not.

The assembly must be easy. If you notice that you have to adjust the screws and holes first, contact the customer service immediately.

The same applies to the adjustments of the adjustable backrest and other functions. They should work perfectly. Go ahead and put your weight bench through a damage-free endurance test. Be sure to check the quality of the securing and connecting parts.

We recommend that you take the necessary time for assembly so that you can more easily recognise faulty construction, for example. The sooner you notice problems, the sooner they can be corrected.

The duration and difficulty of the assembly should be kept within manageable limits. This depends partly on the product, for example, a weight station takes much longer to assemble than a simple weight bench.

Additional modules

Consider the weight bench as the cornerstone of your ambitious workout. Therefore, consider which components you can easily add, e.g. a barbell rack for the barbell.

The weight bench is often offered as a set. This means you can buy weight plates, the right dumbbell bars and the right weight bench as a complete module.

It’s best to think about what you want to focus on during strength training.

If you already have that, then focus mainly on a good and versatile weight bench. For example, there are adjustable weight benches that are primarily designed for dumbbells. For this, a weight plate rack could come into question in order to always have the right plates at hand.

Other weight benches focus on the barbell, which is why the design of these weight benches tends more towards a classic press bench.

The barbell rack is also part of the basic equipment. However, you can also buy it separately. Furthermore, there are training aids, e.g. training gloves to prevent calluses and to stabilise the wrist.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an Adjustable Weight Bench

We recommend that you consider buying the right training equipment. To help you with this, we have compiled and answered the most important questions for you. This will give you comprehensive advice that will help you make your decision.

What is special about an adjustable weight bench and what advantages does it offer?

The adjustable weight bench offers you a variety of training possibilities. This is only possible because it has so many functions.

Especially for the gym at home, the adjustable weight bench has a lot to offer. It takes up little space and still allows you to do extensive strength training. You can train the upper body muscle groups in a targeted way.

For example, the adjustable seat helps you to perform the exercises cleanly. The angle settings ensure versatile strength training. In addition, in most cases you can fold and store the bench after training.

Another advantage is that you can train at home. This saves you the journey, unnecessarily long contract periods and overcrowded fitness studios. You can also train when you want.

What types of adjustable weight benches are there?

There are different types of adjustable weight benches. Each one focuses on specific exercises and is designed accordingly. We have compared the most popular ones for you.

The simple adjustable weight bench

We have summarised the most important advantages and disadvantages of the best all-round adjustable weight bench.

  • inexpensive and easy to assemble
  • adjustable back and seat posters
  • designed for extensive upper body training
  • moderate load
  • no dumbbell rack
  • not suitable for bench press

Keep in mind, however, that an adjustable weight bench is never designed for a pure bench press. The simple adjustable weight bench is suitable for beginners and advanced users.

The weight station

Another type is the adjustable weight bench including weights and/or additional training options. They are often referred to as a power station or adjustable incline bench.

In most cases, additional training equipment is included. These include curl racks and desks, leg curlers, dip handles and storage options.

  • extensive training in a small space
  • higher loads tend to be possible
  • dumbbells and integrated accessories e.g. dumbbell rack as well as versatile training equipment
  • much more complex assembly
  • tends to be more expensive than the simple weight bench
  • some functions may be too limited

The table shows you the most important advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for multiple training options, then the weight station is just right for you.

Who are adjustable weight benches suitable for?

If you enjoy ambitious weight training, then an adjustable weight bench is for you. An adjustable weight bench offers you many different training options.

You already have some weights, dumbbells and accessories and want to get more out of your own weight room with an adjustable weight bench?

Or you want to set up your own gym now? Then you will definitely achieve your goals with an adjustable weight bench.

It is versatile and can be combined with other training equipment, such as a barbell rack. You can train many muscle groups, because you can always adjust the weight bench to your individual training plan.

In addition, you can train in a more structured way thanks to a suitable fitness app. Thus, a good home workout programme can help you achieve your goals.

How much does an adjustable weight bench cost?

Especially compared to other types of weight benches. While you can find inexpensive options, don’t save money in the wrong place. Not all adjustable weight benches are high quality and stable. Especially in the first two categories, our recommendations tend to be in the more expensive range.

We have listed the possible price range of the respective versions of adjustable weight benches.

Type Price range
simple weight bench Approx. 60 to 200 €
Weight bench with shelf Circa 80 to 230 €
Weight bench as a set from circa190 to 1000 €

A good adjustable weight bench has its price, but it convinces with its stability and safety. In our opinion, the latter are the more important criteria when it comes to strength equipment in general.

What are the alternatives to an adjustable weight bench?

There are many alternatives to a weight bench, which are often characterised by their training focus.

For example, with a curl bench you can train your arms more effectively because it is designed exclusively for these exercises. A press bench is only suitable for training with barbells and is designed accordingly.

You can also look for a pure strength station. With this alternative you can train all important muscle groups.

The price range is about 200 to 3000 €. We recommend that you look for experienced and well-known manufacturers who are known for their good products.

Other options are the leg trainer and the back trainer. In most cases, the leg trainer is integrated into a weight station or an adjustable weight bench set. For the back trainer, there are special devices that are often listed under back extensors or hyperextension weight benches.


Buying an adjustable weight bench is not only an investment in your health. That’s why we’ve designed this guide to answer your most important questions. This way you have the necessary knowledge to be able to ask more specific questions when talking to the dealer.

The adjustable weight bench is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that you will not be able to do without in your strength training. Especially its adaptability to your training plan, body size and weight was convincing. That’s why we can give this product our recommendation.

Image source: Maslowski / 123rf