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Football is the most popular sport in the world with 4 billion fans and Adidas football is the best known football. Hardly anyone has not heard of Adidas footballs, as they are also used in international matches. The quality of the football is very important for the game.

In our Adidas football test 2023 we take a closer look at Adidas footballs. We will answer any questions you may have, introduce you to different Adidas footballs and hope to help you choose the ideal Adidas football for you.


  • Adidas footballs are among the most popular footballs on the international market. They are of high quality and therefore always the official World Cup balls.
  • A distinction is made between Adidas training balls and Adidas match balls.
  • Many different variations of Adidas footballs are offered, as many groups of people use the footballs.

The Best Adidas Football: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying an Adidas football

What is the difference between an Adidas football and a football from another manufacturer?

A special feature of Adidas footballs are the seams.

Adidas balls have a unique panel structure.

As standard, most Adidas footballs are equipped with glued seams. This has the advantage that the ball is waterproof. In addition, the balls are rounder, which leads to a higher ball speed.

This is only used by Adidas. This is what makes the balls so unique. Some footballs also have a grip surface, which is supposed to provide better grip and a stable trajectory.

Did you know that the football is not really round?

Traditionally, a football consists of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. The correct mathematical shape is the icosahedron.

What alternatives to Adidas footballs are available?

Depending on the type of product you want, you can buy different alternatives to Adidas footballs. There are countless football manufacturers.

Adidas footballs are often compared to Derbystar footballs.

Renowned brands for training balls are, for example, Nike or Puma. The brands mentioned all place a lot of emphasis on quality and have a large selection.

Decision: What types of Adidas footballs are there and which one is right for you?

Adidas footballs can be roughly divided into two categories. There are match balls and training balls. While match balls (also called original match balls) are used almost exclusively for matches, training balls are suitable for frequent training. Below we explain the difference between the two types of football and list their respective advantages and disadvantages.

What are Adidas training balls and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Training balls are made for frequent (often daily) training. They are therefore very robust and have a long life. The surface is very stable. They are also much cheaper than the match balls.

  • More robust surface
  • Cheaper
  • No grip elements
  • Worse conditions

For the lower price, however, the training balls also have to do without some of the features of the match ball. In most cases, the ball acceleration is lower and there are no grip elements on the surface.

What are Adidas match balls and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Match balls are only used for the 90-minute game. They have better rebound properties, a higher ball speed and a more stable trajectory due to the grip elements on the surface.

  • Higher ball acceleration
  • More stable trajectory
  • Expensive
  • Low durability

The focus with match balls is on quality due to the short service life and the balls are therefore not particularly robust. Match balls are significantly more expensive than training balls and the shortened lifespan makes this even clearer.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Adidas footballs

Here we present individual aspects in which the Adidas footballs differ. The criteria you can use to guide your decision are:


Adidas makes different footballs especially for children and women. Of course, everyone can play with any football, but the special footballs cater to the individual needs of the group of people.

For example, women’s footballs are usually slightly lighter than regular ones and have a softer surface. Footballs for children have a smaller circumference and are even lighter. We will go into the sizes in more detail in a moment.


To meet the needs of children’s and youth football, Adidas makes footballs in different sizes. The footballs for the smaller players are smaller and lighter and the ones for the bigger players are also bigger and about heavier.

Adidas Fußball-3

There are extra smaller Adidas footballs for children.
(Image source: / bottomlayercz0)

The following table clearly shows the different age groups and the corresponding football sizes:

age group ball size weight
up to 8 years 3 ca.290g
8-12 years 4 ca. 290-350g
from 13 years 5 ca. 420g

For all players under 8 years, football size 3 (the smallest) with a weight of approx. 290g is best suited. For players between 8 and 12 years, the medium size 4 is suitable. From the age of 13, the little ones can also play with the original size 5.

Test seal

FIFA provides some footballs with official test seals. To receive this seal of approval, a ball must pass 7 tests. The tests include weight, circumference, rebound, pressure loss, roundness, water absorption, shape and size retention.

The following table lists the individual criteria for the FIFA Quality Seal:

Criterion Test Values FIFA Quality
Circumference Mean diameter 68-70
Roundness Maximum deviation from mean value max. 1.8%
Rebound Mean value after 10 times rebound 125-155cm
Water absorption Weight gain during test max. 10%
Weight(grams) Weighing as specified 410-450
Pressure loss Loss in 72 hours max. 25%
Shape retention 2000 shots at
50 km/h on a steel plate
max. 1.5cm


In addition to the FIFA Quality Seal, there is also the FIFA Quality Pro Seal. To obtain this, a ball is tested in the same 7 categories, but under tougher conditions.


Upon presentation of a copy of the original invoice or other proof of purchase, you can return your Adidas football within 2 years from the date of purchase in the event of a defect. The proof of purchase must show the item with the item number on it.

To claim under warranty, you must send photos clearly showing the defect and the item number to Adidas. If further investigation of the defect is necessary, you will receive a prepaid envelope in which you can return the item.

Special features

Adidas produces footballs in special designs. Every year there is a new official design that can be purchased. Since Adidas also produces the ball for the World Cup, official World Cup balls are also offered for sale in time for the World Cup.

Furthermore, there are special models that are not part of the normal match or training balls.

Another special feature is the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball.

This is equipped with an integrated chip that collects training data. The most accurate data on trajectory, speed and strength is collected and passed on to an app. This ensures optimal and accurate training.

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