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Adidas has always been popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but nothing has been as light and comfortable as the Adidas Deerupt models, which promise to give you an experience of comfort and freshness. We welcome and accompany you to review one of the most outstanding products of this German brand.

This version launched for the first time in March 2017 stands as one of the best sellers among the Adidas trends, thanks to its resistance and totally new design. They are characterised by a delicate but firm mesh lining that will make you recognise them from miles away.


  • Deerupt is a version of sports footwear created in 2017 by the multinational company Adidas, aimed mainly at athletes, runners and fitness enthusiasts. You can find them in different colours and they are characterised by being very comfortable and lightweight.
  • Unlike sports footwear from other brands, the Adidas Deerupt are characterised by their unique design and incredible comfort at a very low price. Its German manufacturing gives it quality and it has a sober and elegant appearance.
  • There are many options that you can see when we talk about Adidas Deerupt, so we invite you to know previously the designs that exist, the versions that you can find according to the user who wants to use it and the activities you can do with them.

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Adidas Deerupt: Shopping Guide

Our training needs maximum reinforcement to avoid unnecessary fatigue, pain and possible injuries. The Adidas Deerupt help us with this mission, so here we explain everything you need to know about them.

The Adidas Deerupt are ideal for your daily workouts, thanks to their maximum support. (Photo: Dean Drobot / 123rf)

What is the difference between the Adidas Deerupt and other brands?

Since the last century, the German company Adidas has been competing head-to-head with the shoes manufactured by the American brand Nike. And although both have a worldwide reputation, there are reasons to opt for the European brand’s Deerupt models.

For example, they are characterised by being highly flexible and comfortable, making them ideal for tennis, football, walking and a variety of sports routines. In addition, if you are one of those who prefer elegance above all else, these models have a minimalist and sober design to give you greater distinction.

Adidas Deerupt Nike shoes
Manufacture and design Germany United States
Appearance Elegant and minimalist Energetic and eye-catching
Feeling Very comfortable Comfortable
Feeling Very comfortable Comfortable

The Adidas Deerupt trainers feature a stretch mesh-look upper for a minimalist look and comfortable feel. (Photo: Pexels / Pixabay)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Adidas Deerupt?

The Adidas Deerupt has become a favourite for many, thanks to its quality for workout routines and its great comfort that allows for good cushioning and freshness on your feet for much longer.

They are much cheaper than other similar models, as they do not have Adidas’ Boost support system. However, this does not make them less comfortable than other options. Their mesh gives them a sleek and minimalist design, although they can be a bit uncomfortable to wash.

  • They are cheaper than other models
  • They are highly comfortable
  • Minimalist and elegant designs
  • They are very resistant
  • They include a cushioned insole
  • Cushioned interior
  • They do not have the boost support system of other Adidas models
  • They can be difficult to wash

Fun facts: what you didn’t know about the Adidas Deerupt

Not only their design is attractive, but everything that goes into these models: from their manufacture to their processes. Here are some facts you’ll want to know to make your final decision about the Adidas Deerupt.

Where are the Adidas Deerupt manufactured?

Adidas is a brand of German origin, and since 1949 it designs and manufactures its products in this country, which is renowned in Europe for dominating a large part of the footwear market and for having high quality standards. These models are characterised by their variety of designs and the use of technology to provide more comfortable products.

What is the warranty on the Adidas Deerupt, and how can I claim it?

If you need to exchange an Adidas Deerupt model, you can do so during the first 30 days after invoicing. You can go to an Adidas shop with your printed invoice or, if you have made an online purchase, you can contact Customer Service to find out the steps to follow.

Why are the Adidas Deerupt cheaper than other Adidas shoes?

Beyond the fact that it is a casual shoe, it has impressed that such a current design is cheaper than other discontinued or older models. The reason is the absence of Boost. This mechanism is used in almost all contemporary Adidas shoes to provide a more comfortable footprint, especially when running.

Adidas Deerupt shoes are really comfortable

And despite this reality, there are countless testimonials from users who claim that even without this addition, the Deerupt are really comfortable, providing a good support at the moment of each step, thanks to their innovative design.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Adidas Deerupt models

Keep your mind open to all the options the Adidas Deerupt has to offer. Here are 3 things you’ll want to consider before finalising your purchase. Take them into account to select the ideal model.

  • Design
  • User
  • Activity to do


Adidas Deerupt models are characterised by being minimalist and elegant, compared to other similar shoes. However, they have different designs that you can choose from according to your preference. Here are the most common options.

Neutral: If you like neutral designs that allow you to combine them with practically any colour and style, there are models that will help you with this mission. You can find all-white, all-black, grey and beige options.

2 colours: If you want a more attractive model or you want to emphasise a particular colour, you can opt for models with 2 colours. You will find beautiful models with combinations such as red – blue, grey – purple, light blue – black, white – black and similar.

Multicolour: If active energy is your mantra, go for the most colourful models of all. You can find black options with yellow, red and green; white models with pink and light blue; yellow with white, black and red; and others that you can buy in physical shops and online.


The Adidas Deerupt are designed for women, men and children. For this reason, you will be able to find the best models according to the user who is going to use them. We will tell you a little about each case and the sizes (American) that you will be able to find.

Men: You can find sizes from 4 to 14 for men, in a wide range of colours and designs. On the official Adidas website you can see 14 models to choose from, which will be the newest ones, but in shops you can find older models.

Women: The women’s Deerupt models tend to be a little more colourful, with a focus on pastel tones. Sizes range from 5 to 11, and you can find 9 models available on the official Adidas website.

Kids: These designs were also created for children and youngsters to enjoy. Although you will only find 2 models on the official website, older versions can be found in other physical shops and online. Sizes will vary from 3.5 to 6, to fit every possible size.

Activity to do

A shoe can be very comfortable, but it does not always adapt to the activity we are going to do. Here we leave you the options in which this model adapts in the best way, and that you will surely feel identified.

Light training or casual use: The Deerupt models do not have large platforms or large sizes, so they are ideal for those cases in which you want a trainer that is concealed, such as using them in your day-to-day life without the need to carry out a specific sporting activity.

When it comes to light training, these are ideal to accompany us to the gym and to our aerobics, yoga and cardio sessions. They are also ideal for travel, thanks to their flexibility that will help to make them take up little space in our luggage.

Walking and running: The Deerupt is perfect for running and walking sessions, thanks to its comfortable feel the whole time you’re wearing it. The lace-up closure allows for internal adjustment to avoid loose laces that can trip you up during your activities.

Their rubber outsole will give you a firm footing, and their OrthoLite insole is in charge of expelling sweat thanks to its perspiration system, so it will keep your feet dry and fresh for much longer.

(Featured image photo: Pavol Stredansky / 123rf)