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Any one of us has been captivated by cinema. Especially when we get caught up in action movies, which are a prominent genre nowadays. That’s why today at Monederosmart we will talk about this attractive trend that surrounds us, as if it were a true story.

Scenarios, heroes, victims and villains. These are four of the factors that give life to the plot, without leaving aside the joint story with other sub-genres. The best part? In this text you will find out which are the best box-office suggestions of the year, so that you don’t miss any of the films that cinema has to offer.


  • They are story-driven films that include sets and special effects that appeal to a particular type of audience. Action films are made up of intriguing plots, explosions, fights and debates between life and death, based on the duality between heroes and villains.
  • The pieces of this genre respond to a classic or contemporary trend. Which one catches your audiovisual sense? We know that deciding on a particular one is a challenge. So, below you will find out what they are based on and you will choose whether to go for a few of them.
  • Finally, we have compiled several factors that deserve your analysis and in-depth study, just before you finally click on the buy button. Look at the type of technological format, age classification, edition, sub-genre and narrative. There is no doubt that these criteria will enrich your comparative ranking.

The Best Action Movies: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about action movies

Why do action films stand out from the crowd? To help you answer this question, we have prepared a buying guide where we will define the most outstanding qualities of this genre. You will also be able to access useful content on prices and physical and digital stores.

Enjoy a movie night in the company of your best friends. (Photo: Antonio Guillem/

What is an action movie and what are its advantages?

It is a film based on action cinema, a film genre where the audiovisual spectacularity is of vital importance, thanks to the application of special effects, chases, combats and shoot-outs, based on a usually fictitious plot that gives rise to the story between heroes and villains.

But it is not all about the use of brute force. The truth is that these films are combined with other sub-genres such as adventure, comedy, martial arts and romance. Since they tend to have a wide audience, producers and directors dedicate themselves to the creation of one or more sequels that are transcendent in time.

Do you want to experience a moment of deep disconnection? It’s time for you to choose the action film you like best. You’ll be able to get your mind off the action thanks to its plot and the smooth flow of events. Moreover, it is the ideal way to connect with your emotions. You will find that you will feel love, happiness or anger, when you perceive the events.

  • They have a recreational function
  • they are powerful distractions
  • they come in different formats
  • they help to connect with emotions
  • they sometimes provoke reflection
  • they allow you to appreciate cinema as an art form
  • They are sold illegally
  • some are sold at high prices
  • some films are in poor condition
  • they are exposed to censorship
  • some films only reach specific countries

Classic or contemporary action films – what to look out for?

Visual conventionalism or special effects? Which option you choose will help you to distinguish between the types of films we show you. In any case, here you will understand the cinematic concept of each one so that you can choose the one that best suits your cinematic tastes.

Classics. These films emerged during the 1950s. They fuse values associated with the work as art in itself, with the traditional strategies of cinema. For example, a film of this style is set in typical Wild West settings, where historical events between cowboys are popularly developed.

As you can see, they are classic action films, whose special effects are not yet digitised, as today’s technology did not exist at that time. Finally, this style respects visual, ideological and sound conventions. There are no factors that abruptly break into the narrative.

Contemporary. These are diverse productions in which the roots of action are combined with other sub-genres. Likewise, a variable amount of effects created by digitalisation are introduced, ranging from the creation of environments, planets and situations that do not exist in reality, to the exaggeration of what we do know.

Today this mix is indispensable. However, it was not until the year 2000 that it was put into practice. Thus it became clear that action has become the ultimate goal of the film, rather than a component that characterises it. It is precisely for this reason that every year there are more and more alternatives at the cinema box office.

Classical Contemporary
Emergence 1950s Since 2000
Effects Analogue Digital
Trend Traditional Modern
Concept Action as a component Action as the ultimate goal
Plot Linear Sequential

Purchasing criteria

You have reached the last section of our article. From this point on, you will know what criteria you should consider before buying a ribbon. It is important that you pay as much attention as possible to each of these details, as they will influence the degree of satisfaction you have with your piece.

Technological format

The market offers you different alternatives to enjoy your favourite action movie. Each one works with different devices and quality standards, so you will have to make sure you choose the right one. Take into consideration that the value of the product will vary depending on the format you choose.

DVD. If you have a simple TV and are not interested in a top-notch audiovisual experience, invest in a film made for this player. It reaches a maximum resolution of 720 x 480 pixels, which is perfectly adapted to the capacity of a small TV. Please note that it is an old-fashioned format.

Blu ray: Are you a lover of HD images and intense sound? Take pieces with you with this presentation. It is one of the most popular nowadays, designed to enjoy the function on high resolution TVs with an advanced audio system. Its resolution reaches 1280 by 700 pixels.

Blu ray 3D. Enjoy all the action of your movies in a versatile way with this format that takes advantage of the phenomena of human vision to show the images in 3D. However, keep in mind that you also need to invest in a TV compatible with this technology.

Ultra HD Blu Ray: Thinking of equipping your home for the ultimate cinematic experience? Products in this format are for you. Its resolution of 3840 and 2160 pixels means you won’t miss a single detail of the show. Just remember that you will need to purchase specially recorded tapes in this configuration.

Digital. If you like to save space and make the most of your electronic devices, this option is the one for you. You won’t need a player or physical disc, just access to a subscription streaming service or the digital archive. Make sure you have an internet connection, otherwise you won’t be able to use it.

Age rating

Not all action films are suitable for general audiences. Therefore, it is important to assess what the rating is, who you want to watch it with and whether they are in the recommended age range. For example, remember that children should not be exposed to explicit violence.

Children: Are you going to share an afternoon at the cinema with the youngest members of the family? Make sure the film is rated AA or A, which contain scenes that can be seen by children from 6 – 11 years old in Mexico. However, take into consideration that due to this very circumstance, they are probably children’s productions.

Teenagers. If you want to be entertained with more complex plots and a certain level of violence, look for B-rated or B15 films. These are completely suitable for teenagers between 12 – 17 years old, in the company of an adult. We recommend films related to superheroes because they fall into this category.

Adults. Perfect for fans of films with an explicit level of violence, sex, uncensored language and complicated plots. It is usually rated C or D and is suitable for those over 18. This suggestion involves viewing alone or in company, outside of a family environment, as not everyone would feel comfortable.


When purchasing your tape, editing is one of the elements to take into account. Some are even marketed for large sums of money. To choose one version over another, evaluate your budget, as well as the final quality you wish to obtain from the audiovisual product.

Standard. This is an edition similar to the one that was first broadcast in cinemas. Take it home if you want to have in your library the best classics of action movies, which may no longer appear on streaming services. It’s a great tip if you’d like to watch them with your family and friends.

Special: Are you a film buff and collect everything related to your films? Stretch your budget and buy these sometimes limited special editions. They include never-before-seen scenes, interviews with the main characters and complementary accessories to take your film experience to new levels.

Director’s Edition. A special value format, especially for collectors. These are structured versions by the director, before they are reviewed and approved by the studio producers. Seek them out if you want to appreciate various pieces the way their principal director conceived them.

Get ready to get your adrenaline pumping by watching your favourite action film. (Photo: Mohamed_hassan/


The universe related to this genre is very broad. In fact, each subcategory has its own characteristics that allow you to predict its plot. Get to know the styles and choose the ones that suit your tastes and that will entertain you the most, from the beginning to the end.

Adventure. Travel the world in eye-catching settings, protagonists who specialise in hand-to-hand combat and missions that seem impossible. Do you identify with this description? Then get your hands on films that belong to this action sub-genre, well represented in sagas like Indiana Jones, for example.

Comedy. Action and humour are perfectly combined in these films in which you will laugh more than once. Recommended to share a pleasant time with the members of the family, regardless of their age. Some martial arts, black humour and super heroes fall into this category.

Martial Arts. Honour, great hand-to-hand combat and actors specialising in self-defence techniques. If you are passionate about these disciplines and the values they promulgate, buy a classic saga that has up to six collectible CDs. Also look for films featuring stars known for their prowess.

Sci-fi: Are you drawn to dystopias where plots focus on the struggle between good and evil? Include in your collection dual films that showcase the qualities of both villains and heroes. The last two years have seen the release of a few of these films, so check out the list of top-grossing films.

Superheroes. Action, comedy, great lessons and special effects. If you want a movie that will entertain kids and adults alike, buy one of this modern genre. Plus, you’ll find great stories like those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Generally, stories within this genre are not developed in a single production. Studios exploit different approaches in order to offer fans a broader, and sometimes modern, plot development. Depending on your taste, choose the type of story you prefer.

Saga: Are you captivated by stories where the main plot revolves around a family or several recurring characters? You will undoubtedly enjoy these productions, which have captivated so many generations in the history of cinema. For example, the collectible classic action sagas about contact sportsmen.

Sequel. Continue the narrative of your favourite action movie characters in films that take place at a later time, mostly tying up any unfinished business. Clear examples: Rocky II and all subsequent instalments.

Remake. Some of the best pieces are old and perhaps little known to younger audiences. However, remakes will allow you to enjoy these adventures in an updated format, sometimes better than the original. Research on the internet which are the most famous ones and delight yourself with their audiovisual production.

Spin off. Learn much more about the universe where your favourite action films take place with these films that arise from the original plot, almost as a complement. That way your knowledge will expand thanks to the new adventures.

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