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A picture is worth a thousand words. Can you imagine, then, if this image has high technology and resolution? That’s what you get when you buy the best 4k TV. This revolution will take your experience with movies, games and series to another level. However, taking advantage of this innovation includes evaluating the features of each device. That’s exactly what we’re here for! In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know before buying your new 4k TV. Follow along with us!


  • 4K resolution technology has more pixels per inch. So it delivers sharper images and more vivid colours.
  • By choosing the best 4k TV, you’ll be able to play or watch all the content produced in 4k with complete fidelity to the original quality.
  • The most sophisticated 4k TVs come with a remote control with high precision to ensure a better user experience.

Best 4k TVs: Our Picks

Buying guide: everything you need to know about 4k TV

Faced with so many options, added functions and variations in technologies offered, it may seem quite difficult to choose the best 4k TV on the market. For this reason, we have prepared this guide answering the most common questions from online shoppers. See if your question is among them!

Casal na sala assistindo a TV 4k

The 4K resolution technology provides sharper images and more vivid colours, which enable good visibility even at a distance. (Source: PAVEL MURAVEV/

What is 4k TV and why is it so desired?

A 4k TV is a television set which offers the so-called UHD resolution, from the acronym Ultra High Definition, which in Portuguese means “ultra-high definition”. Broadly speaking, this type of device offers higher video resolution because the image is formed by more bright points (pixels). With this, the 4k TV provides sharper and more vivid images, with more colour variation. It is this wealth of details that has transformed the device into a consumer dream. With it, it is possible to perceive the quality of the grass in a football match or to identify small imperfections in the actor’s skin, for example.

What is new about 4k TV technology?

Basically, the innovation incorporated by 4k TVs concerns image resolution. The arrangement and size of the pixels throughout the screen ensure more bright spots per inch, changing the composition of the images shown on the screen, which thus transmits high fidelity even at a distance. In addition, each manufacturer works to ensure even more advantages in their devices. Thus, it is possible to find devices with the most sophisticated screen format, sound quality and intelligent possibilities of user interaction with the TV.

What are the differences between 4k and other resolutions?

We talked earlier about the differentials that each brand can add to the 4k TV, but let’s focus, for now, on the image quality. Because it is a relatively new technology, it is common that questions arise about the difference between a TV 4k and devices of other resolutions. For this reason, we created the following table. Here, it’s easier to see the difference between the number of pixels that make up the image, remembering that the more pixels, the greater the colour definition and sharpness of the screen:
Resolution Amount of pixels
HD 1280 x 720
Full HD 1920 x 1080
2K 2048 x 1080
4k 3840 x 2160

Who is the best 4k TV for?

If you like to watch your favourite productions or play that “release of the year” game in the best possible quality, a 4k TV is for you! This type of device combines high resolution video with the most innovative audio effects for a unique experience. However, if your goal when buying a new TV is just to follow normal broadcast programming such as news and talk shows, you may have your expectations somewhat dashed. That’s because 4k technology is not yet present in all productions.

garota na sala assistindo a TV 4k

By choosing the best 4k TV, you will be able to play or watch all the contents with full fidelity to the original quality. (Source: Andriy Popov /

Does the 4k TV play any content?

As we said just now, not all content is produced with the technology that allows 4k resolution on the screens. However, this is no longer a problem and you can have at your disposal a lot of high quality content. Currently, 4k content ranges from series and films available on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to photos and videos recorded from smartphones with support for this type of resolution.
Some 4k TVs have upscaling technology , which optimizes the resolution of content produced in quality below 4k to improve the immersion of the viewer

What types of screens and how do they influence the quality of the 4k TV?

Unlike what happens in HD and Full HD televisions, the type of screen makes a lot of difference in a 4k TV. Nowadays, this feature is an indication of the picture quality. Generally speaking, screens are differentiated as follows:

  • LCD – liquid crystal display: does not have full colour fidelity, especially in black;
  • LED – light emitting diode: has LED as light source, consuming less energy;
  • OLED – organic light emitting diode: each pixel is lit individually;
  • QLED – light-emitting quantum dots: nanoparticles that ensure extreme precision in colour variation;
  • MicroLED – microscopic LEDs: they have high energy efficiency and emit more brightness.

Buying criteria: What to take into account when comparing 4k TVs

Now that you know more about this new technology, you should be ready to hit the shopping cart and secure the best 4k TV on the market, right? However, there are some factors that can be decisive when it comes time to choose. Check out what we highlight.

Operating system

With so much image quality, it is natural that you expect from your 4K TV the best functions of a smart TV. In this sense, the operating system can make a difference in the usability of the device. Some manufacturers, like LG and Samsung, have developed their own operating system. Others incorporate Android TV. The integration with Google favors the access to applications, which is an advantage. However, the browsing experience is not the best. Therefore, it is worth evaluating the use you intend to give the device to consider whether the variety of applications or ease of use is worth more.

Remote control

Tell the truth: how many times did you notice a remote control before you bought a TV set? We know most people never remember it! However, we’re talking about the best 4k TV, with access to the best features of a smart TV, right? So, keep an eye on the practicality that the control offers when it comes to use. Many continue with the configuration very close to the already known. Others, have a mouse function, which facilitates access to the applications you intend to use. When in doubt, opt for this model.

Controle remoto com uma TV 4k ao fundo

The most modern controls offer more precision and guarantee a better user experience. (Source: Maryna Riazanska/


Everyone agrees that what should catch the eye on a 4k TV is the picture quality. But – let’s face it – the finish of the device can be a determining point in the choice, right? You can, for example, choose a classic design, with wood and copper details. Not your style? Then look for a more refined finish, like a sophisticated black piano, for example. Whatever the choice, consider the decor, the space available and pay attention to the most appropriate dimensions for each room.


Remember when we said that if you’re looking for the best 4k TV, the additional functions also make a difference? For this reason it is important to evaluate factors such as the sound before the purchase. With a power of 40 watts, for example, the sound is clean, but does not reach the maximum volume with quality. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to this point. If possible, give preference to TVs with at least 5 surround channels and a subwoofer, the so-called 5.1 audio.


For a while, the TV almost stopped being the most important item in the living room! But new technologies have managed to reawaken the passion for this “magic box”. Now, the 4k TV offers much better picture and sound quality and the advantages of integration with other devices. In this guide, we bring you the essential information you need to find the best 4k TV on the market, according to your expectations and needs. We also give you some tips on the items that deserve attention when choosing. We hope this material has been useful for you. If you liked it, take the opportunity to share it with your friends and family. Best Regards! (Source of the highlighted image: Georgejmclittle/