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You want to take unique pictures of unique moments and that best from every conceivable angle? You don’t want to miss a single moment and keep unforgettable panoramas for eternity in high-resolution Ultra-HD quality?

Then a 360-degree camera is exactly what you need. Whether you want to take a beautiful panoramic picture of your next holiday or an all-round shot of your garden, the 360 degree camera promises a phenomenal visual experience for everyone. Without panning, it’s done with just one click.


  • 360 degree cameras are best suited for outdoor, indoor and sometimes also underwater activities to take undistorted panoramic pictures.
  • The most important buying criteria are excellent sound and image quality, ease of use, sufficient memory and long battery life.
  • The types of 360 degree cameras include: Clip-on cameras for smartphones, action cameras, panorama cameras, surveillance cameras and cameras for vehicles.

The Best 360 Degree Camera: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for 360-degree cameras

The most important buying criteria are listed here so that you know what to look for when buying. They should help you to select and compare the individual products.

The criteria include:

These criteria can make all the difference in whether or not you will ultimately be satisfied with your 360 degree camera. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take a close look at the buying criteria.

Picture and sound quality

When buying a camera, you should pay attention to the picture and sound quality. The “wow effect” of a 360-degree panorama can only be achieved if the resolution is right. For this reason, excellent picture and sound quality is a top priority. Most manufacturers promise this by equipping their products with Ultra HD and 4K resolutions.(1)

Of course, it is also important that perfect sound quality is achieved for the videos. Therefore, the 360 degree cameras are equipped with the latest technology in the field of sound recording (sometimes several built-in microphones).


360 degree cameras are suitable for young and old. Although the technology is highly complex, the operation is child’s play.

In most cases, the functions can be operated by a touch screen and sometimes also by voice control. So you don’t have to be a professional photographer to operate 360 degree cameras. (1, 8)


Since you want to take as many pictures as possible on holiday, during sports or simply in everyday life, it is absolutely important that a 360 camera has as much memory as possible.

For this reason, it is not only possible to use the internal memory, you can also insert an external memory card to take as many pictures as you want.(1)


So that you don’t have to charge the camera all the time, it is a great advantage if the battery has as long a life as possible. It is also a good idea if the recharging time does not take too long.(8)

Size and weight

A handy, lightweight and above all space-saving 360-degree camera can make the difference between being satisfied and dissatisfied. Since you can attach many of the cameras to a helmet, it is absolutely important that they are as light as possible.

This way, they won’t be a restriction for you during sports or other activities.

Frequently asked questions about 360 degree cameras answered in detail

To clear up any uncertainties, the most important questions about 360 cameras are answered here. At the same time, you will get an overview of the most important functions of the technology.

How does a 360 degree camera work?

In most cases, a 360-degree camera is equipped with two lenses, with each lens creating a 180-degree image. The two images are automatically stitched together to create a complete all-round photo.

Instead of panning the camera, this technique allows you to take a panoramic photo with just one click. This means there is no blurred or distorted image.(2)

What types of 360 degree cameras are there?

There are generally three different types of 360 degree cameras. The action cameras, the clip-on cameras for your smartphone and the panorama cameras.(2)

360 Grad Kamera

In addition to the conventional 360 degree cameras, there are also versions that are specially designed for taking underwater pictures. These are especially suitable for divers, but can very well be used for land-based and everyday activities as well. (Image source: unsplash / Jakob Owens)

You can take the action cameras with you on snowboarding or cycling tours, for example. The clip-on cameras turn your smartphone into a 360-degree camera and the panorama cameras are explicitly made for panoramas. (8)

There are also 360-degree surveillance cameras to keep an eye on an entire area. And 360 degree cameras are also being developed for cars in order to be able to park better and to protect against break-ins.

How much does a 360-degree camera cost?

Depending on which additional function you want, the prices for a 360 degree camera can vary greatly. The following table has been designed to give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (50 – 100 €) Mostly single devices, few functions
Medium-priced (100 – 300 €) Rarely cameras in a set, mostly already some additional functions
High-priced (from 300 €) Mostly high scope of delivery, waterproof, very high resolution, voice control, noble design

How does Area View work?

The Area View uses 360-degree technology and is installed in and on the car. It offers you, the driver, an all-round view that shows you the surroundings in front of, behind and next to the vehicle.(3)

This can prevent damage that can occur when driving or parking. Everything captured by the camera can be displayed on a monitor in the vehicle at any time.(9)


The new groundbreaking 360 degree technology opens up many possibilities for professional, everyday and leisure activities. The diversity of available 360-degree cameras and their functions means that no doors remain closed for amateur and professional photographers alike.

When buying a camera, it is important to have excellent image and sound quality, easy operation, a large data memory and a long battery life. In addition, a low weight and small size are advantageous for use in sports and leisure.

The 360 technology can also shine when it comes to security, at home or in the vehicle. New types of surveillance systems are already largely equipped with 360-degree cameras. In the car, a 360-degree camera helps to constantly scan the surroundings and can therefore prophylactically protect against break-ins and accidents.

Image source: unsplash / Robin Noguier

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