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Want to spice up your living room with a new eye-catcher or maybe even furnish it for the first time? A 2-seater sofa is not only a practical interior design must-have, it can redefine a room. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a 2-seater sofa. In order to find your ideal seating furniture from the gigantic selection, you need a good plan for orientation. We have therefore compared the options for you and come up with criteria that will help you.


  • No household should be without a 2-seater sofa. They are ideal both for relaxing alone and for cosy get-togethers.
  • When choosing your seating furniture, also consider where it will be placed in the future. Special outdoor sofas can also be an eye-catcher on balconies.
  • Cleaning your 2-seater sofa depends on the material. Different methods are available for fabric covers, natural leather and imitation leather.

The Best 2-Seater Sofas: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for 2-seater sofas

When looking for the perfect 2-seater sofa for you, you should know exactly what you want your sofa to do. Solid criteria will help you to do this. In the following, we have put together a selection that you can use for this purpose:

You can use this list to compare the individual 2-seater sofas with each other. Afterwards, you will find out all the important details that make up the respective criteria.


This criterion is probably the most important when choosing a 2-seater sofa. In the long run, the comfort when sitting will determine how much you enjoy using your sofa and thus whether the purchase was worthwhile. Therefore, don’t just look at the appearance, but always keep this criterion in mind. Ergonomic models are particularly gentle on the back and promise a particularly pleasant sitting experience.


The material your 2-seater sofa is made of has an influence on many factors. In addition to its appearance and resilience, the ease of care of your furniture is also affected. If sustainability is important to you, you can also pay special attention to this.


You don’t want any unpleasant surprises when assembling your new furniture. When choosing your 2-seater sofa, make sure that you have to assemble it yourself or that it comes already assembled. It would be a shame if you were only supplied with individual parts without being properly prepared.

Additional functions

Nowadays, a 2-seater sofa is by no means just a simple piece of seating furniture. Many sofas offer additional functions such as a sofa bed, extra storage space or the advantage of being electrically adjustable.

Future space

The space you have planned for your 2-seater sofa should definitely be taken into account when making your decision. The shape and design will be different if you are looking for furniture for a small children’s room or a chic, open-plan living room. If you are looking for a sofa for the balcony or garden, it should also be suitable for outdoor use.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about 2-seater sofas answered in detail

You now know the most important decision criteria, but you probably still have a few questions. Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about 2-seater sofas in our guide.

Who is a 2-seater sofa suitable for?

The sofa is a piece of furniture that no household should be without. It conveys a feeling of cosiness and invites you to relax together, whether with your family or when visiting friends.


Your 2-seater sofa has to withstand a lot of stress in everyday life. It is important to know exactly how to care for each material (Image source: Phillip Goldsberry / unsplash).

Your 2-seater sofa becomes the centre of your living room. But a 2-seater sofa is also ideal as a cosy retreat after a long day.

What types of 2-seater sofas are there?

When looking for the perfect 2-seater sofa, you can choose from a wide range. Countless colours, materials and styles are now available. Some models are completely covered in fabric, others have a visible frame and overlaid cushions. While classic versions are designed for sitting only, sofa beds are particularly versatile.

What does a 2-seater sofa cost?

The price of a 2-seater sofa depends greatly on the materials used and their workmanship. To give you a good idea of the price range, we have put together a comparison table for you:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (150 – 200 €) Simple 2-seater sofas
Medium-priced (200 – 300 €) More solid models (some already with sleep function)
High-priced (from 300 €) Wide range of models

As you can see, many 2-seater sofas are available for a low price. Medium-priced models are usually of better quality and come in many designs.

How do you clean a 2-seater sofa?

The material is crucial for the ease of care of your furniture. For conventional fabric upholstery, you can use a hoover for rough cleaning. Soda can also help against odours and stains. Special steam cleaners are not necessarily required. For leather sofas, a damp cloth with a little curd soap will help against superficial dirt. You should also distinguish between genuine leather and imitation leather sofas.

Imitation leather sofas can also be wiped with a little washing-up liquid and are therefore very easy to clean. Sofas made of smooth genuine leather are usually impregnated and can therefore be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can use special leather cleaners for stains. Suede sofas, on the other hand, require special care, for which a suede brush is suitable.


2-seater sofas come in all kinds of shapes and designs and yet always provide cosiness. They are practical and define the room, whether it is a living room, a youth room or even a balcony. When choosing your 2-seater sofa, pay attention to both visual and practical criteria. In addition to comfort and possible additional functions, you should pay attention to the material and also consider the future storage space. You should also find out about the necessary installation in good time. You should be able to optimally determine the requirements for your perfect 2-seater sofa.

(Cover photo: Croissant/ unsplash)