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We humans need an average of 7-8 hours of sleep to wake up rested and refreshed. Our bedroom and especially our bed has a great influence on our quality of sleep. The bed frame is usually the focal point of the bedroom and should be a comfortable retreat for us. While we humans are social beings, each person needs time to themselves and a place to relax.

Nowadays, bed frames are much more than just the frame for slatted frame and mattress. In order to satisfy people’s individual sleeping needs and preferences, there are a large number of bed frames with different functions and features. So that you don’t lose track of the variants, we have summarised the most important aspects of the bed frame for you.


  • The bed frame forms the basis of our bedroom and thus of our quality of sleep. On the one hand, it supports the slatted frame and the mattress, and on the other, it impresses with its functions and design options.
  • There is no such thing as the perfect bed frame. Every individual has his or her own needs. Therefore, before buying, you should think about criteria (such as size, material, functions, etc.) to find a suitable bed frame for you.
  • Classic bed frames made of solid wood or metal are timeless variants that are suitable for everyone. Nowadays, box spring beds are also becoming increasingly popular, as they often score points with their extravagant designs.

The Best Bed Frame: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for bed frames

Buying a bed frame can be more complicated than you might think at first, as you should pay attention to much more than just the appearance. In order to make the right decision, various aspects play an important role.

In the following, you will find purchasing and evaluation criteria that you can use to guide you when buying a bed frame.

Dimensions (width, length)

Who is the bed frame for? Depending on whether it is intended for one or two people, you should first pay attention to the dimensions of the frame. But the size of the room also plays a decisive role.

Single beds usually come with a standard size of 90×200 cm and are suitable for any average single person and room size.

If you want it to be even more comfortable and the room size allows it, the width can also be 100 cm or 120 cm. Double beds are for two people. They should be at least 140 cm wide, but at best they are 160 cm or 180 cm wide (with a standard length of 200 cm). You can even find variants that are 200 cm wide and thus offer a lot of freedom of movement.

When it comes to length, your own body size plays an important role. The rule of thumb is: the mattress (and therefore also the bed frame) should be 20 cm longer than your body.


You should also pay attention to the height of the bed frame when buying. The average height of a bed frame is 40 cm. Higher beds, also called comfort beds, are 50-60 cm high and are particularly suitable for older people or people who suffer from back problems.

Comfort beds make it easier for them to lie down and get up. Low bed frame of less than 40 cm are in vogue nowadays, especially among younger generations.


Bed frames are available in numerous materials, so there is something for every taste. However, the material also has an influence on the lifespan of the frame. A common material for bed frames is solid wood, such as oak or walnut.

Bed frames made of solid wood are durable and robust.

There are also bed frames made of upholstered fabric (e.g. box spring beds), whose outer sides, head and foot sections are covered with fabric. These offer a high level of comfort and can be a real eye-catcher! Last but not least, metal frames are also very popular. A metal bed frame is robust and durable, especially if it is made of quality metals such as copper or chrome.


A bed frame should first of all fulfil its function as a frame for a mattress. However, nowadays they can also offer other functions: A bed frame can be foldable or integrated into a wardrobe if you need more space in the room.

The frame can also offer more storage space by installing drawers underneath the frame. Depending on the size of the room, extra storage space in the bed can be very helpful.


Your bed frame should match the rest of the furnishings in your room or home. You can find bed frames in country house style, retro style, vintage style and many other design options. When it comes to design, you can let your preferences guide you. There is something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about bed frames answered in detail

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about bed frames. We answer these questions to give you a deeper insight into the subject.

What are bed frames?

The answer is simple: a bed frame is a frame for your mattress. To be more precise, it is a construction (made of wood, metal, etc.) that supports a slatted frame on which a mattress lies. The conventional bed thus consists of a bed frame and a mattress.

A bed frame is an important (perhaps even the most important) piece of furniture for us humans. Because it ensures that we satisfy our vital need (sleep).

What types of bed frames are there?

There are many types of bed frames to match your preferences and needs. First of all, you should decide what size bed you want and whether you want to buy a single bed, a double bed or a cot.

Then you can look at different types of bed frames. The most popular types are: Box spring beds, functional beds and solid wood beds.


A deep bed frame is very popular, especially among the younger generations. If you don’t have any problems getting up or lying down, it can be a real eye-catcher in the room! (Image source: Pexels / Dmitry Zvolskiy)

The box spring bed is so popular because it does not have a slatted frame, but consists of a top and bottom mattress. These make for a very comfortable lying feeling and is therefore also known as a luxury bed. In addition, box spring beds also score points with their design, as they look very classy and high quality.

Functional beds are ideal for smaller living spaces as they can save a lot of space with their functionality and storage spaces. They can offer everything from drawers and under-bed chests to a second pull-out mattress.

With solid wood beds, the natural look of the wood plays an important role. This gives the bedroom a cosy touch. They are also known for their durability and stability.

This was just a small insight into the types of bed frames. Before buying, you should inform yourself well about all types and their advantages and disadvantages with the seller.

What does a bed frame cost?

Bed frames are more or less expensive depending on the manufacturer, material and design. The following table should give you a rough overview:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (50 – 150 €) Simple and classic bed frames made of metal, wood, or similar. (but mostly only single beds)
Medium-priced (100 – 1000 €) High-quality single beds or classic double beds of any kind can be found in this price range
High-priced (from 1000 €) High-quality and exclusive bed frames (such as box spring beds) are very often in the four-digit range

Which bed frame is suitable for allergy sufferers?

If you suspect you have an allergy, you should pay attention when buying a bed frame. It is better to avoid upholstered beds if you have a dust allergy, for example.

Allergy sufferers should rather opt for metal or wooden beds, as these offer hardly any retreats for house dust mites. With box spring beds, you should go for particularly breathable materials. In general: The correct and regular cleaning of the bed is the be-all and end-all for allergy sufferers.

If you are sensitive to dyes or chemical adhesives, for example, you should also be careful with metal or wooden beds and opt for quality workmanship.

What to do if the bed frame makes noises?

If the bed frame squeaks, creaks or creaks, this can quickly lead to sleepless nights. First of all, it is important to know where the noises are coming from. If you know where the squeaking is coming from, you should tighten the screws (if any) at that spot and in the surrounding area. Most of the time, the screws in the connecting parts of the frame cause the noise.

If the squeaking continues despite retightening the screws, the affected bed area should be smeared with lubricant (such as candle wax, multifunctional spray or soap). If the bed frame still makes noises, you should check whether the noises have another cause.


Aspects such as the size (of both the frame and the room), the material and the style play a significant role when buying a bed frame. In general, it can be said that solid bed frames of all types can be found in every price range.

Every person has their own preferences and needs. For this reason, bed frames come in numerous variations, colours and shapes. Before buying, you should inform yourself well about the options, because you use a bed for years and it is the basis for a restful sleep. Restful sleep, in turn, is the prerequisite for a good and energetic day.

Picture source: Pexels / Vlada Karpovich